J & B, Still on the Rox


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  1. Gareth Branwyn says:

    Yeah, I have (and cherish) a bunch of the VHS tapes too, but have no machine to play them on.

  2. Crawford Tillinghast says:

    Last time I picked up a VHS deck I was forced to get one with a DVD player built in (this was immediately after dropping $100 on a new DVD player).

    If I’d had the scratch for it then, I’d have picked up a DVD recorder instead and that’d all be on disc already.

  3. Crawford Tillinghast says:

    Heh…LML, I wasn’t dogging you for any delays in the DVDs or anything, just mentioning that the guys were in the process of trying to get it out there eventually.

    I remember the plastic seesaw show too. And “Pots, Pans and Pot”, “Raw Shorts”, “Booby Hatch”, etcetera, etcetera.

  4. Takuan says:

    no thrift stores where you live?

  5. Crawford Tillinghast says:

    A few, but I don’t exactly trust used equipment (and got burned last time I took a VCR in for repairs).

  6. Takuan says:

    hmmmph, to think of how many I broke up to make things.

  7. Arsnof says:

    Is it irony that I now want to try Boboli’s?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I lived in Btown for five years and watched J&B on public access for much of that time. If you watch the shows and are familiar with the town, you can see how much the IU campus and downtown has changed in the last decade. Great find, cheers.

    Sean W.

  9. LML says:

    I am actually the person converting all of these programs to DVD. Season Zero (episodes 1-7) are available on DVD right now. I have been working on Season One for well over 2 years now. It has been a time constraint issue more than anything else. I have all the episodes on the computer ready to edit, just not the time. Since I’m doing this out of love, and not for money, I can only work on this when I have free time. I don’t have much anymore due to schooling, working full-time and an expecting wife…….

  10. LogrusZed says:

    I used to watch this program of FSTV years ago.

  11. jburka says:

    I just need to say that it’s very freaky to be scrolling down the BB front page and see a large representation of the face of my freshman roommate.

    (Joe was a great roommate, even if he did take up most of the available wall space with his marksalot rendition of The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock)

  12. echonomist says:

    Insightful post there GB. Boboli. .:l:: ::l:.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ya gotta love BLoomington — Center Of The Universe!

  14. Ryanwoofs says:

    I definitely remember watching J&B on BCAT way back when I was an undergrad at IU. Sometimes it would be followed by a show where someone would flip a tiny, plastic teeter-totter back and forth. For 30 minutes.

    Ah, public access TV.

    Anyway, good to see J and B are still around!

  15. Crawford Tillinghast says:

    I was on ROX a couple times (no, not under this name) and still have a load of VHS tapes stashed away.

    They’ve been trying to get the vintage ones ported over to DVD finally also, but it’s taking more time than they anticipated.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ah yeah, back in the mid/early 90′s, I believe it was Tuesday night, all us Bloomingtonians would gather ’round the TV to catch the latest episode.

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