Youth hostel in a jumbo jet

An old jumbo jet -- it began life with Singapore Airlines, then served Pan Am and Transjet -- was rusting in Arlanda airfield in Stockholm, so Oscar Diös bought it and turned it into an airport youth-hostel. Stockholm's great for hostels -- I love the ones on the old ships.

In December 2007, Sigtuna authorities granted a building permit for establishing Jumbo Hostel at the entrance to Arlanda airport. In January 2008, the aircraft was moved to a construction site parking where the first phase of the conversion has begun with the dismantling of the old interior, new paint and new decorations for the rooms. 450 seats are taken out and the plane is sanitized in its entirety. The hostel is built like any house, subjected to the same demands on climate control and isolation. It adheres to all common energy standards. Heating is achieved with an air-air inverter.

Summer 2008 the plane was towed to its final destination at the entrance to Arlanda where it was placed on a concrete foundation with the landing gear secured in two steel cradles. Here, Jumbo Hostel are a spectacular landmark as a portal to Arlanda offering a view of the landing strip. No visitor to Arlanda will miss the new hostel!

Jumbohostel (via Neatorama)


  1. Without the context of the story, the picture included here would be a pretty frightening thought :)

  2. Beats the hostel in Ottawa I once stayed at that used to be a jail (although sleeping in a cell was cool).

  3. It’s a shame that Arlanda is so far from Stockholm, it’d be great to stagger back from a night on the time to an airliner.
    “Baby want to see my cockpit?
    It’s a JUMBO cockpit.”

  4. Man oh man, I would LOVE to stay in this hostel. I would satisfy some of my general airplane lust. I haven’t had plans to go to Sweden, but now….hmmmm…

  5. Holy crap! 350 SEK to stay? My how things have changed in the last decade…

    You can take a train ride for 30 minutes outside of NYC, and get a hotel room with a king-sized bed and breakfast for that…

  6. Technically being made from aluminium it wouldn’t have been rusting. Corroding would be a better term to use.

  7. I saw this hostel during my visits to Sweden a couple of months ago. You can’t miss it if you are flying out of Arlanda…

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