Youth hostel in a jumbo jet


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  1. ivan256 says:

    Holy crap! 350 SEK to stay? My how things have changed in the last decade…

    You can take a train ride for 30 minutes outside of NYC, and get a hotel room with a king-sized bed and breakfast for that…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Technically being made from aluminium it wouldn’t have been rusting. Corroding would be a better term to use.

  3. fridgehead says:

    wow, i stayed here last week in the cockpit suite and took a couple of photos which i’ve posted up on flickr

    I spent the first 30 minutes there hitting all of the buttons and levers :)

  4. insomma says:

    Why are there only like three pictures of the rooms on the website?

  5. pajp says:

    I can count to at least six photos of the rooms here:

  6. whoisvaibhav says:

    I saw this hostel during my visits to Sweden a couple of months ago. You can’t miss it if you are flying out of Arlanda…

  7. Hamish MacDonald says:

    Without the context of the story, the picture included here would be a pretty frightening thought :)

  8. nanuq says:

    Beats the hostel in Ottawa I once stayed at that used to be a jail (although sleeping in a cell was cool).

  9. kawayama says:

    there are jails turned into hostels in stockholm, too. or was that in göteborg?

  10. Alex_M says:

    Nanuq: Stockholm has one of those too, at LÃ¥ngholmen :)

  11. BritSwedeGuy says:

    It’s a shame that Arlanda is so far from Stockholm, it’d be great to stagger back from a night on the time to an airliner.
    “Baby want to see my cockpit?
    It’s a JUMBO cockpit.”

  12. Kulia says:

    Man oh man, I would LOVE to stay in this hostel. I would satisfy some of my general airplane lust. I haven’t had plans to go to Sweden, but now….hmmmm…

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