Barack Obama is Tired of Your Mthrfckng Sht (NSFW)

Link, and Link. These snips of the president speaking in pottymouth are from his audiobook. They're excerpts where he's reading for a friend he knew, as I understand it. But taken out of context, they are pure awesome. Below, the first known techno remix spotted in the wild. (Thanks, Clayton Cubitt and Wayne de Geere!)


  1. While the audio clips were very amusing, the Christian Bale dance mix was waaaaay better than the techno mix offered here.

  2. Tak@7, the image of your various gargantuan segments heaving and rolling, semi-rhythmically, to a repetitive beat, fanned slowly on all sides by oscillating tendril-clusters and flanked by myriad syncopated tentacle-arrays, is making my puny human brain feel woozy.


  4. I heard that Will Smith was interested in playing Obama in a movie version of the President’s life, but now I’m kinda liking the idea of Samuel L. Jackson instead.

  5. Is it even Christian for anyone of us to be up this fucked up at such an hour as to see I mean who are you people disobeying the Laws of Creation by taking “free time” before SUNDAY and watching this FILTH of CONTROVERSY. OMGWTFHTPSTMP ! BIDKCCKMHA!

    Words are weakminds waiting for validation, mostly.

    Fuckin “A”, B, can we at least legalize cannabis if you are going to be such a rock star?

    /me is more than happy to be here. As long as the truth keeps echoing. Don’t choke humans like past presidents, try to scale back misperceptions, engage psychonautics with the proper prescience the end of the Mayan calender entails, legalize the greenest plant on the planet and fund hiphop and be intergalactic, all at the same time as being unflappably pantsless. Naked because truth is relentless. XP++ –detrimentus

  6. I suppose it’s a state secret now, but you think Obama reads BB? It’s possible, I mean at least he CAN read. Not like ShoeBoy. Who stands over his shoulder and whacks him if he stops working on official crap? Do they log his keystrokes and dock his pay?

  7. I admit, it is damn good stuff but unfortunately in the current socioeconomic climate I will have to tell you to buy your pwn.

  8. “There are white folks, and then there are ignorant motherfuckers like you” is the new “Yes, we can.”

  9. When Barack’s mother threatens to wash her son’s mouth out with soap, will the Secret Service step in?

  10. Did all this stuff just hit the airwaves yesterday, or something? I got an email yesterday morning from a friend with a link to a puppet show, using a lot of the same lines from above in the script. I was wondering how they got the cussing puppets to sound so much like Barack. Question answered!

  11. @29 speaking it true! Yes We CAN! is now officially code for cursing out ignorant motherfuckers.

    Also, I was just kidding you all, y’all can have as many as y’all want. I love to share!

  12. So how long until these lines are totally take out of context and passed around as “proof” that our president is an evil racists or something?

  13. @33 JCCALHOUN: “So how long until these lines are totally take out of context and passed around as “proof” that our president is an evil racists or something?”

    Here you go:

    I’m just waiting for the hip-hop remix, a la The Legendary K.O.’s sampling of Kanye West’s “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People” over “Gold Digger”:

  14. fnd t rnc tht th Prsdnt f th ntd Stts hd n prblm qtng clrfl lngg, bt Bng Bng hs t cnsr tslf. Thnks fr kpng p th mrl sslt n lngg, Jrdn.

  15. I was listening to this audiobook during a long drive this past Monday, and laughed out loud when I got to this part of the book.

    Depending on how popular this gets, I’m curious to see how big a deal it becomes on the cable news networks… I’m sure it’ll be blown completely out of proportion.

  16. Okay-okay, pop quiz everybody!

    In a pile of randomly selected wallets, how do you know which one belongs to our President?

    Anyone? Ooh, I see a hand.. Is that BRAINSPORE @ #21? Yes, go ahead…

  17. I think Barack should have declined to record these portions. Yeah, they make great internet memes, but some things should be left to the imagination.

  18. That’s an odd idea, MarkM. Do you suggest a few minutes of silence for that portion of the audio book? Bleeps? Or have a Wayans Brother come in for that portion?

  19. Urquel = Urkel + sequel
    therefore – The Second Coming of Urkel…
    (certainly one of the signs of the End Times)

  20. @ MarkM #44:

    The idea that there are words that should not be spoken aloud in any context, even to quote another person, strikes me as pretty darn silly.

    (Long live George Carlin!)

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