Indestructible Tyvek baby books

Jonathan writes to us about TyBooks, baby books made of indestructible Tyvek:

Someone gave us a pair and I scoffed, both at the price and the claims the company made. My daughter is seven months old now and to this date nothing has occupied her time as well as our pair of Tybooks. They look like hell, sure, but they have not torn, dissolved, or come unbound.
Tybooks on Amazon

TyBook - built for the way babies read (Thanks, Jonathan!)


  1. I wish more maps were available on Tyvek. The Canadian government puts many of its topo maps on Tyvek, but in the U.S. you just get a few wall maps and guidebooks for limited areas.

  2. What a seriously great idea. Anyone know if Tyvek is a good thing for kids to chew on? The TyBooks website say:

    Safe for Baby – meets ASTM safety standards

    …but I don’t know enough to be reassured by this or not.

  3. First as a bookseller, I can attest to their popularity and their durability.

    Second, I have seen the documents regarding the safety testing. The books were tested by two independent labs under F96303 standards for safety and passed.

    We wouldn’t carry them if they weren’t chewable.

  4. My son, who is 11 months, loves this book. It now looks like it has been though hell and high water and it still captivates him. Other books need constant supervision because he loves to eat the corners, no worries with the tyvek books.

  5. Pssh, my parents did this when I was an infant around a quarter-century ago. And I didn’t need Tyvek in no stinkin’ book form either. My mom was concerned about my affinity for chewing paper, so my dad brought some of this stuff home (long before there were safety tests, though he is a doctor…) and they’d watch me chew the stuff for hours.

  6. We just got one of these yesterday, it’s great! The pages do get a little wrinkled, but they don’t tear or shred. The baby has already chewed two paper board books to shreds, so we’re very happy to find this series. Hope other publishers copy the idea for classic childrens’ books.

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