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  1. J France says:

    An Australian page for national broadcaster Triple J – unsigned acts sharing their music, lots of chaff but you stumble onto the good stuff enough to make it worthwhile:

  2. JamesLeeReed says:

    you guys should all check out a local band called love meets lust from ferndale michigan
    let me know what you think

  3. Talia says:

    My job involves researching entertainment listings, so I find a lot of great bands that way when I go to check out their myspace websites..

    I’m really smitten with this group The Loom..

    I didn’t discover these guys on myspace, but they are still a small, indie act who are just outright swell: (caravan of thieves)

    Now this other guy is signed, and pretty well established in Texas, I guess, but not exactly mainstream just yet and he’s really wonderful: (Salim Nourallah).

    I get a kick out of some of the genres these artists pick for themselves too. I found this one guy who just listed his genre as Zouk/Zouk/Zouk. Whatever the hell zouk is.. hehe.

  4. nosehat says:

    @ #5 DT10111:

    I hear you! used to be a really rich resource for finding sanctioned downloads from all kinds of bands from around the world, signed and unsigned. (I first discovered Jim Infantino through his presence, for example, and he was signed at the time.) I found dozens of great bands/people that way. The day that site changed hands was a sad day.

    I have a much harder time finding things on myspace. Maybe it’s because I hate myspace in general.

  5. lewisfrancis says:

    Adding to the fav unsigned artist on myspace meme:

    Cecile rotates tunes in her player; be sure to check out her video of Si j’étais un garçon.

  6. radiomovies says:

    I use myspace to post tracks, and have got a couple of great composition commissions that way, but it looks so nasty whatever you do with it, that I don’t like promoting it… it’s just so .. so 3.1, whereas I’d rather have something a bit more Moleskine. I hope I’m not the only one..?

  7. Manooshi says:


    ‘Zouk’ is a french-creole word for ‘party’.

  8. thickdot says:

    here are some signed musicians playing “Chanck”:

  9. lornadoom says:

    “How do you go about finding decent unsigned bands on there?”

    Check out
    especially “That Face” and “The Greatest Man”

  10. kevinlewis says:

    I’m guessing that I’m in somewhat of a minority on this blog simply by virtue of being from London, but I couldn’t resist joining in so please indulge me! Cowboyshoe: use Firefox so that you can download streamed tunes from Myspace or any similar site via their aptly named “Download helper” plug-in. Also, in the hunt for new, exciting and eclectic music, I can fully recommend a London radio show called Xposure on XFM (available on the Web I believe), and in my humble opinion the best thing since the sad demise of John Peel. Lunabee and Swan are the pick of the three on offer at the top of this page; they’re effectively a Portishead tribute act damn them, which is praise, but at its faintest. As for ZAZA and HTRK, sometimes the kindest thing to say is nothing; so here goes……

  11. Kurt says:

    Hazmat Modine

    From one reviewer: “HAZMAT MODINE plays the kind of Blues one might have found in a whorehouse in New Orleans had the city been built on the Black Sea somewhere alongside Macao and inhabited by Gypsies”

  12. thickdot says:

    @#12 I like Skeleton Head quite a bit.

  13. Spikeles says:

    Lunabee & Swan are on iTunes too which is pretty neat, especially since i like iTunes interface better than having to squint through some of those.. um… blinding… site themes.

  14. musicman says:

    yah, back when myspace had free mp3 downloads….

    I’m working on the road in Indonesia, where the bandwidth is variously, in descending order of frequency: bad, random, intermittent, average-to-ok, acceptable-for-skype.

    Streaming is not an issue, overnight downloading is…not to mention the fact that I can bookmark and get when I come home to Australia, but I’ve met plenty of Indonesian music makers and fans that therefore have minimised access to these band’s music…

    having said all that, I recommend White Shoes and the Couples Company for that sixties aesthetic and some pop/funk/jazz sounds:

    I was hanging out with them 2 nights ago and discovered that they are classically trained and a couple of them are in the Jakarta Philharmonic.

    Also, if electro pop is more your sound, Goodnight Electric are a fantastic party band:

    tracks not available but highly recommended (see youtube…): Am I Robot (party song, got sweaty to it live 2 nights ago, awesome) and Rocket ship goes by (ballad, crowd singalong)


    who needs myspace? If you want the downloads, use the tools!

    Check – all songs CC, using the Internet Archive to serve mp3s AND oggs (smart buggers).

    If you are bamboozled by the number of bands at yesnowave, post-rockers Zoo are tearing apart the Jogjakartan indie, punk and hardcore scene at the moment.

    disclosure: I stayed at an art collective space called Mes56 while in Jogjakarta working on a separate project. Wok the Rock from yesnowave is also a member of Mes56

  15. Takuan says:

    Hazmat Modine FTMFW!

  16. Gareth Branwyn says:

    Yeah, MySpace design gives me seizure and vertigo at the same time.

  17. kevinlewis says:

    Kurt: Thanks to George Dubya, New Orleans is dotted generously around the globe, and its former inhabitants are peripatetic nomads, Gypsies in all but name! The reviewer you quote was most prescient!

  18. idontwant2liveinoprahsworld says:

    The best way to support bands is to buy their music. If they come to your town, leave the house and go see them!
    Myspace has done a world of good for local bands.

    I don’t receive any tribute from myspace.

  19. watsontcbc says:

    I’m surprised you missed Amrok, a band from France that has been around a few years, and is now on MySpace Music. Based on your selections, you will probably like them a lot:

  20. Fumbata says:

    #31: Thanks for the link to I can’t stand the commercial crassness and all-around ugliness of MySpace, but as an unsigned musician, it’s kind of unavoidable.

    and #4 – not all of us are in it for the money ; )

  21. Cowboyshoe says:

    Always glad to get music recommendations from BoingBoing but no free mp3 downloads?

    I don’t have all day to listen to streams, and even if I did I can’t do it in my car or on the train.

    I wish talented and unknown bands the best of luck on becoming rich and famous, but I think many more of them would benefit by remembering that it is the fame that always comes first.

  22. dt10111 says:

    “Back in the day”… I used to be active on, and used to find scores of unsigned bands that were really good. I had somehow developed a good system for discovering said bands. With Myspace, I dig and dig and never manage to find much ontop of all the really BAD stuff. How do you go about finding decent unsigned bands on there?

  23. Gareth Branwyn says:

    Wow. This is great! I love getting all of these recommendations. Good stuff!

  24. Jason Pitzl-Waters says:

    “How do you go about finding decent unsigned bands on there?”

    One way is to start with bands you know you like, and then hop through to the bands that they list as ‘top friends’, then hop through those band’s ‘top friends’, and so-on, until you start to get to the truly obscure and unsigned.

  25. unicorn breath says:

    these guys have been setting my world on fire lately.

  26. thickdot says:

    Some that impressed me last summer:

    UMelt – Railroad Earth – Umphrey’s Mcgee – Ryan Montbleau Band

    But the music that really blew me away came from the after hour sessions in the parking lots and behind the stages.

  27. hisdevineshadow says:

    I so excited when I saw the headline, though I thought that you screwed up with the ‘ in the title. Then I clicked and found out this had nothing to do with “Hearts of Space” even though you used their catch phrase! Bastard!

  28. Spikeles says:

    Something else to try if you are looking for some new music is this:

  29. Rob Thornton says:

    Nice to see the phrase “noise rock” on Boing Boing. More please….

  30. rogermugs says:

    check out a friend of mine…

  31. Anonymous says:

    ooooh, thank you for Lunabee & Swan! Already recommended them to husband and connector-friend!

  32. chromiumjade says:

    The recommendation for HTRK is amazing. I’ve been looping this and will have to buy it when I get home. What a great find….

    And am looking forward to the posters’ links…

    Oh keep it coming, yeah?

  33. sudara says:

    A smaller, nicer, open-sourcer and non-commercial alternative to myspace:

    Only about 500 bands / musicians there at present, but growing!

  34. pixleshifter says:

    for those melancholy sundays when a soft rain traps you within the warm fuzzy memories of a half-forgotten summer breeze, try the album ‘cheshire moon’
    recommend: fourteen angels

  35. tashikitten says:

    Lunabee & Swan’s song Black Butterfly sounds exactly like music by the band Black Box Recorder. I mean EXACTLY.

  36. KurtMac says:

    At the risk of turning this into an “I know a more obscure band on MySpace than you” comment thread, I have to say that I had a similar music-discovery experience finding Aleks and The Drummer:

    Its especially nice finding a local (for me) Chicago band out-of-the blue like I did with them, since they don’t have huge distribution I actually have a chance to support them by picking up their EP and seeing them live!

  37. sauce says:

    Im in a band, we are on Myspace. (cough)

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