Studio 360 goes to Japan

(Photo: artist Erina Matsui, interviewed by Lisa for her piece)

Lisa Katayama says:

In November, I went to Tokyo with the producers of Studio360 to work on an hour-long radio show about Japanese art and culture. It aired February 7 on NPR, and has tons of great content based on our reporting there – a visit to suicide forest, a peek into the world of depressed youth, wisdom from travel writer Pico Iyer, as well as interviews with local poets, designers, and architects. I produced my own segment about three provocative, successful young female artists whom I thought would be vocal feminists. But interestingly, when I asked them to explain the deeper meaning behind their work, they said there was none. Later, in New York, I met an artist who told me that she, too, grew up painting provocative women in Japan, but she only realized she was a feminist when she went to art school in the US and was encouraged to think about the hidden meaning behind her work. The audio segments and some awesome video clips that the highly talented Studio360 producers made are all up on their web site.

Studio360 in Japan via TokyoMango