Guest blogger: Danny Choo!


29 Responses to “Guest blogger: Danny Choo!”

  1. dbarak says:

    Gesundheit Danny, and welcome! ;)

  2. Humanhair says:

    Danny Choo: awesome

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aren’t you a little short for a storm trooper? :)

  4. apb says:

    at 1:16, one of the people in the crosswalk is wearing a yellow bag for a shoe. wuh?

  5. Xeni Jardin says:

    Woohoo! Welcome, Danny!!!

  6. AlanJCastonguay says:

    The world is doomed. Welcome!

  7. grimc says:

    Best BB Guestblogger Introduction Post yet. All due respect to previous GBs, but come on: Dancing stormtrooper.

  8. HatOfEdshu says:

    Welcome Danny! Your website rocks. I particularly liked the walkthrough of Takashi Okazaki’s workspace. Dance, little trooper, Dance!

  9. Ugly Canuck says:

    Nice to see that some people took time from their busy day to dance along for a while.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to the week!

    I hate it when people report about Japan and just show Japan as it is. I want them to go places in crazy costumes and completely disrupt what is naturally going on to make a spectacle.

  11. arkizzle says:

    Cat’s got tha groove!

    Welcome to BB Danny!

  12. hohum says:

    I knew this day would come… Welcome, Danny!

  13. Takuan says:

    ‘ere now! Didn’t I see ye on Heroes?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hey Danny. Just wondering where in hackney did you live?


  15. ck says:

    It’s about time the Dark Side is represented here at BB. It’s been nothing but Ewok Dance Parties for years. Troopers Represent!

    Hazarding a guess at bag-shoe man, I would say judging by his gait he’s wearing a walking cast and the bag is so it doesn’t get dirty.

  16. StrangeInterlude says:

    Aren’t you a little funktastic for a Stormtrooper?

  17. Danny Choo says:

    Hi All and thank you for having me!

  18. puppy52 says:

    Yey! :D GOooo Danny!

  19. sparkzilla says:

    >at 1:16, one of the people in the crosswalk is wearing a yellow bag for a shoe. wuh?

    And if you look really closely you can see a gorilla walk by in the background ;-)

    Good for you, Danny.

  20. Anonymous says:

    His dad should design a range of Galactic Empire footwear.

  21. mycophage says:

    Well, at least you don’t seem to be a climate change denialist. Welcome!

  22. dole says:

    A horrible, horrible pervert, and man after my own heart. Good to see you here.

  23. Danny Choo says:

    @Alex – near Graham Road ;-)

  24. Daemon says:

    Awsome! A guest I’ve heard of!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sweet- looking forward to it, Danny.

  26. Bonnie says:

    Welcome to the dark side of Boing Boing, Danny!
    Can’t wait to see what ya post! YAY!

  27. Adan says:


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