Fractally-delicious Papercraft

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I had the pleasure of meeting Jen Stark, and seeing her work, at the wonderful Civilian Art Projects in DC last year. Her paper-based sculptures are mind-bogglingly meticulous (lots of precise snips and X-Acto slices of construction paper), and lyrical as all get-out; bursts of unwinding cellulose sunshine. Above is an Art Street profile of Jen. Previous post on Boing Boing


  1. i really love her work, and it’s amazing that she’s continually developed it technically. But i hate the art world, they just can’t help but be up their own arses. This was a nice simple honest idea that they’re trying to transcend into something with deeper meaning – can’t it just be something thats realy cool and pretty!

    i also hate how they try and market the artist – i can’t believe that guy started saying how she was on the cusp of doing something great – wasn’t this good enough for him!.. who cares if she’s going to be a big name on the art scene, it’s the art thats really important. All too often the name becomes more important than the art – Why do we need to idolise people so badly?… there’s probably a very good answer to that. I’ll expect it in the next post.

    oh, and it sounds like boingboing can take some credit in breaking her.. I’m sure i saw her posted here first!

  2. It is beautiful kaleidoscopic (and even psychedelically colored) exercise, but it’s not art. Very pretty to look at and decorative but not art. Then again, what is art these days?

  3. The older I get, the more I really appreciate the craftsmanship in work like this. Really great work.

    I do agree with #1, though… the art world is really a bunch of indie-snobs with money and gallery space. I’ve seen some truly excellent work in local independent coffee shops that far surpasses some collections in local galleries – but because of the artist’s personality or level of attractiveness they don’t get the same kind of recognition.

  4. she had a lot of work around town during this past December’s Art Basel. She’s beautiful, I hope to run into her around Miami soon!

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