Latex leggings how-to

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Becky says:

Latex Kitty in Copenhagen writes in with her tutorial on working sheet latex into leggings. I've never worked with the stuff, but apparently there are some special techniques involved including de-powdering and gluing together your very own pair of super-shiny leggings.
Latex leggings how-to


  1. #6, have you seen normal businesspeople?


    The sexy young receptionist, maybe, but not the 58-year old CEO.

  2. Takuan: Spazzm’s comment can hardly be called “sexist” when the comment never actually identifies a gender – merely implying that the receptionist is one that you find “sexy” and “of the appropriate gender” (whatever that may be for your personal preferences).

    Now, talking about *ageist*, there’s a whole lotta wrong in the comment. ;)

    1. Talc is carcinogenic and is especially known for causing cancers of the private parts. Lube good. Penectomy bad.

  3. I wonder how all those female superheroes make it to crime scenes fast enough if it takes so much effort for them to get into costume.

    Then again, if I was a villain I might wait around just to see Black Cat show up.

  4. can’t you just exude the appropriate molecule?

    I’m merely exchanging long protein strings. If you can think of a simpler way, I’d like to hear it.

  5. Takuan, as much as i love you, you have forever ruined the freshness of my testicles.

    My girlfriend is going to be sooooo stoked.

  6. there, there. There are testicular alternatives. I am quite sure that harmless cornstarch carries similar hydrophilic properties and conveys the added advantage of pre-breading them if your spouse is in the final stages of mating season. (I recommend a good quality, cold-pressed, non -blended olive oil from a reputable purveyor. The kind you are pleased to refer to as “extra-virgin” for some perverse reason)

  7. upon reflection, the talc issue does elicit memories of the Taisho Emperor debacle. You may recall that the Showa Emperor gained ascendancy in part to the lamentable display of madness by his predecessor. Scrolled up the Imperial copy of the day’s program at a very public function and held it telescope-fashion to the eye while proclaiming “Miru-miru!” Turns out the wet nurse of his youth had indulged the court fashion of the time with heavy application of white lead based cosmetic to her bosum. Or so it is told.

  8. @32 – Torgo’s Executive Powder – “That soothes the fire!”
    I can’t stop drooling over those smooth, slick, gams!

  9. The model is wearing lowish heels because any minute now she is going to have to run fast from all you leering drooling types! ;)

  10. Oh God this is so domestic and boring. But its my civic duty…

    Ahem. Please note that cornstarch, while not a suspected carcinogen like talc, still poses a significant inhalation risk to infants and children, and should not be used or kept in their presence.

    /public health message

  11. leggings..pfft.. I want her jacket!

    Takuan – it might be normal business attire – it would depend what your business at the time was.

  12. There story is you cannot get the better glues in the US because they are toxic – so we are told the best latex wear comes from abroad since the seams are better.

  13. Given the likely effect of rubber strides on mimsy freshness, I find it amusing that this post comes right after Pong Museum.

  14. Gorgeous. Thanks for the link to a super cool blog! I’ve always wanted to experiment with making little latex costumes and such.

  15. @Takuan:

    I think the mental problems of some of the royal family has a lot more to do with the lack of genetic diversity/keeping-it-in-the-family.

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