Shelley Rickey plays "Tonight, You Belong to Me" on her handmade cigar-box ukulele

Shelley Rickey plays "Tonight, You Belong to Me" on her handmade cigar-box ukulele.


  1. It’s great for all us uke players to see our fellow aficionados getting all this attention.

    Still, I can’t help but wonder, in looking at your link list and casting my mind back over other uke posts:

    Are you favouring a certain sort of geek chic aesthetic in which the uke features mostly as a cute novelty?

    Draw the box wide: the uke is a real instrument with a long history and a vital presence in many musicians’ lives.

    It is much more than a novelty or a recent web fad. Its proponents come in all shapes, sizes, and sexes and there is much more to it than lo-fi home-made charm.

    As much as I love this lo-fi home-made charm!

  2. #15

    I do love seeing the bookends of the contemporary uke experience – from Jake to the web-cam uke players – I’m just keen to see some credit given to the people who have been dedicating themselves to this most delightful of instruments all along.

  3. Resisitance…weakening……..must…make…derisive…cute-girl-with-uke-on-bb-again…comment……steampunk…something….something….voice…too….beautiful….must!..resist!….

  4. Wow, Thanks Mark for posting me on BoingBoing….Neato!!!

    And thanks for all the compliments everybody…

  5. Can you haoles please learn to pronounce it correctly?

    It’s not YEW-ka-lay-lay!

    It’s OO-ka-lay-lay.

  6. I dunno about the rest of ya’s, but I cannot get enough of the cute girls with OOks! Keep ’em coming, Mark!

  7. I am so in love! But not in a creepy way, honest. If only a smart talented pretty soulful woman like this would cross my path in RL… Post more of her and her creations, and anyone else remotely this wonderful.

  8. shelleyrickey; you are deservedly “obnoxiously proud” of your creation, but that uke still does a disservice to your voice.

  9. Dear Miss Rickey:
    I would consider it an honour to consume your Eternal Soul. (In a non-creepy way of course).

  10. Somebody give this girl some zither pins, I be she has to re-tune that thing all the time.

    Otherwise, it’s an awesome uke.

  11. Note, don’t use the make magazine instructions word for word, they suggest gluing the neck to the top of the box(!!) I made my first one using their plans, but there’s a 100% increase in satisfaction when you create the throat joint so the neck goes through the body instead of on top of it. Hers is constructed pretty well, but I’d probably go with some real tuners and some metal frets(transmits vibration better, gives better tone).

  12. cute girls with ukes are really starting to get on my tits – where are they all coming from!! is there a school or something!

  13. Can someone please find a chick playing a ukulele that doesn’t feature a mock-soul sounding voice? American Idol has penetrated the alt-ukulele scene, sadly.

  14. Boxbrown, try Janet Kllein’s version of this song on youtube-she sings it in a very period 20s mode(as well as gives a tutorial on how to play this very song, that methinks this woman has watched too). More fun.

  15. I have zero problem with Shelley’s voice. In fact, this is the first voice I’ve heard in quite a while that would draw me to the store to buy her albums.

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