Random Acts of Poetic Bookmarking


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  1. Jack says:

    I used to find dollar bills and old essays people shoved into old textbooks they resold at the college bookstore.

    Can’t have this kind of magic with a Kindle, huh?

  2. Amplifier says:

    I once found a handwritten note inside a library copy of Jeff VanderMeer’s City of Saints and Madmen instructing me to search for a second coded note hidden in another library. Who knows what fantastic journey I might have embarked on had I followed it up, but I returned it intact.
    Wish I had taken a photo though.

  3. Maddy says:

    When I was a kid, I would use the last days of the school year, before summer, to make markers to put in the encyclopedias, for next year’s students. Thus, they would open the Letter “A” and find a scrap of paper saying “A is for Asshole — like the person reading this.” Hey, I was in Fifth Grade …

  4. Rezpect says:

    Very clever.

  5. Daemon says:

    Some satanists in my area used to slip little advertising cards into all the books in the occult section of the public library around here.

    In related news: The library system still hasn’t figured out that Wicca is a religion.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I leave Moo cards in books almost everywhere I go. I’ve left my website and a random picture in hotels and cafes across Europe and one country in Africa, as well as my usual Canadian haunts.

    I don’t know why I do it, but I’ve been doing it for years now.

  7. laneybug says:

    I wonder who printed out the picture of me and what they said.
    I’m the queen card.


  8. Takuan says:

    by jove, so you are.

  9. Gareth Branwyn says:

    At our local borders, we had some psychic vampire group that puts cards about their site and… ya know… their whole energy sucking lifestyle in books in the occult section.

  10. Kulia says:

    I love Where’s George and when I have a few moments, i log in bills on the site then write on them with the wheresgeorge.com URL. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone.) I want to buy their little rubber stamp to make it easier.

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