Japanese Version of Boing Boing

Danny Choo is a guestblogger on Boing Boing. Danny resides in Tokyo, and blogs about life in Japan and Japanese subculture - he also works part time for the empire.
Xeni and I have been secretly working on a Japanese version of Boing Boing not. But maybe this is what it would look like - threw together during a PG Tips tea break using Fireworks. And in case you are wondering - the first post in the mock is about an online Japanese book that was published which features photos of men's faces being squashed by women's thighs - more pics and instructions on how to see more are available if that sort of thing tickles your fancy. The other post in the mock is about a popular American manga (Japanese comics) illustrator Fred_Gallagher who's work has become so popular outside of Japan that now the Japanese want to see his work. Larger version of this mockup in my Flickr pool.


  1. haha.. oh man. I should really go batten down the hatches on the megatokyo servers, in case we get linked. =)

  2. “In case you are wondering…”

    Thing is, this may *be* SFW, but it doesn’t *look* SFW and if you don’t actually see the picture in scrolling through boingboing – which I frequently don’t, being too busy with the words, it could cause some issues…. Apart from anything else, those look like very young thighs….

    The Japanese seem to have a fascination for the strange and odd. I just find the picture faintly disturbing — now that I know what it is!

  3. OMG! I totally thought that was a vagina in the pic.

    But it’s even more creepy that it’s a man’s face between a woman’s legs.

    Japanese are pervs.

    I hope to go there someday. lol

  4. I had to zoom in on the picture and squint before I finally could see what that was. I did a triple-take because I thought it was somehow mangled genitalia of an unknown type.

    Spoiler: It’s a squished face

  5. “The Japanese seem to—-”
    “Japanese are—-”

    No, just stop right now. You are succumbing to the availability heuristic.

    Why does the mockup have the same copy about your favorite figure written over and over? Or is that the standard Japanese lorem ipsum?

  6. @#9 Sceadugenga,

    Yeah, perhaps #7 just found out about this strange exotic country a few days ago on this site.

  7. I’m not sure I’d be as big a fan of the “Japanese BoingBoing”, if it meant loads of pictures of pubescent upskirt superheroines clutching oversized phallic symbols.

    Otherwise, a Japanese BB would no doubt be eye-opening.

  8. I tried and tried but couldn’t figure out just what was in that photo. I required the explanation.

    Ahh, Japan…

  9. ここもうちょっとハイレベルや思とったんやけど、なんか残念やわぁ。

  10. What would BoingBoing look like written in the same style of font but in Japanese characters?

    That would look awesome, no doubt.

  11. ボインボイン

    ( 。 人 。 )

    works better with the mockup

  12. Though I now realise that ボイン almost certainly means “boob”, which ain’t the same at all. Dammit.

    Anyone got a proper onomatopoeic Japanese translation of “boing boing”?

  13. 日本語のバージョンを作ってくれないの? お・ね・が・い~?ヽ(‐‐ヽ)

  14. @13strong onomatopoeic Japanese translation of “boing boing” is ピョンピョン I think….

  15. #20: ボイン ボイン is buin buin.
    ぼイン ぼイン (boin boin) or ぼイング ぼイング (boingu boingu) would probably be closer to Boing Boing..

  16. Good grief. My eyes were convinced that was somehow completely NSFW, though I knew it couldnt be. I never would have guessed that’s a face.

  17. #25: ボイン ボイン is buin buin.
    ぼイン ぼイン (boin boin) or ぼイング ぼイング (boingu boingu) would probably be closer to Boing Boing..

    Err… no :D ボインボイン is “boin boin” (try to type “boin boin” using katakana ;)
    “Buin buin” would be ブインブイン.
    ぼインぼイン is hiragana “bo” mixed with katakana “i” and “n”.

    Personally, I’d prefer #24’s ピョンピョン (pyon pyon) ^_^

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