Dope-smuggler's "job-wanted" ad


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  1. Soulsugar says:

    Now this guy is a real “High Potential”

  2. wolfrider says:

    try 2001.

    wow this is old.

  3. thickdot says:

    But was he a gold card carrying member of the Marijuana Growers Association? Without that your just spinning your wheels.

  4. Gainclone says:

    “…successful dope runner…”

    But… he got caught! How successful is THAT!?

  5. DrBrunvand says:

    It reminds me of Howard Marks, aka Mr.Nice, 20 years of international smuggling career, 9 years of prison, a couple of successful books on his life.

    Here (in four chapters) a long interview that my company did some years ago:

  6. classic01 says:

    This is hilarious but it has already been posted.

  7. professormass says:

    It has been posted, and it’s even less mock-worthy now. This is a guy who is trying to escape the no-win scenario of incarceration (Hi! You can’t vote! You can’t get a job! But we still expect you not to be a criminal!) and all we can do is laugh at him?

    Well, that sucks.

  8. AudioTherapist says:

    I’m pretty sure Howard Marks wrote this. Went to see him a few years ago, funny guy. He had my sympathies right up until the moment he revealed he laundered some of his earnings through a Thai brothel…

  9. professormass says:

    Oh, and as an addendum:

    This is him —'Dea

    Apparently, he’s done alright for himself.

  10. jahknow says:

    and I thought moot, founder of 4chan, was having a hard time finding a job.

  11. wgmleslie says:

    If he’s been in the slammer for 10 years, I have my doubts about the “expert in all levels of security.”

    Other than that, this is a good way to preempt the criminal record questions.

  12. redsquid says:

    I believe the writer Alan Weisbecker (Cosmic Banditos) had a resume which read something like this ad. He actually landed a writing gig for Miami Vice due to his real world expertise.

  13. redheadedandstrangerthan says:

    i’m sure a saw a tv show about this guy…….
    here it is:

    it was quite interesting. and here’s the book:

  14. ch00p says:

    Yep, that’s from 2001.
    O’dea’s book, “High” is a decent read.

  15. noguitarhero says:

    The return address actually says National Post. So I think it was in that paper?

  16. Deidzoeb says:

    Compare this with Compuware’s recent hiring of Kwame Kilpatrick, former mayor of Detroit convicted of felony perjury, who pled guilty to obstruction of justice, pled no contest to assaulting a cop, and agreed to pay (pay back?) $1 million to the city of Detroit. Compuware hired him 7 days after he finished serving his 99 day sentence.

  17. Daemon says:

    Well, this is canada. Selling pot is mostly seen as a minor indiscression up here.

  18. gtron says:

    O’dea (there is no shortage of egocentric O’dea’s in Newfoundland) has been a guest on a national radio show and not proven to be that intelligent nor interesting. Also, his tv series, about haunted houses or some such is a pathetic attempt at tv… he’s a very minor celeb with not much to offer but the notoriety of that ad

  19. Anonymous says:

    “around 2006 or 2007″
    Are you sure ? I was in canada when this guy was trying to use his smugling experience to find legit work, and I believe it was around 1999~2001.

  20. Frank W says:

    Seriously, for a business that would need a big ugly Rottweiler on a short leash, a guy with management skills and no scruples, this could be just what they were looking for.

  21. curtismayfield says:

    I agree w/professormass @3.
    Obviously the guy has cunning, which is a form of intelligence.
    Ask yourself what you would do after a 10 year sentence.

  22. VICTOR JIMENEZ says:

    Hey, at least this guy seems more honest than Madoff or Stanford.
    I wonder if he could be better banker than any other “you can touch me because i´m humoungous rich” Wall Street broker…

  23. hobomike says:

    I would happily let him run one of our great banking institutions. He obviously can’t do any worse than has been done.

  24. Anonymous says:

    My favorite part of the ad is when he lists the District Attorney as a reference.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I’d was about to hire this guy, but then I caught the lie on his resume.

    He claims to have managed 120 people in a “successful pot smuggling venture …”

    This guy’s definition of “success” apparently includes getting caught and doing 10 in the can.

    Um. No.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Are you guys serious??

    Now you’re just digging up dust

    This has been around for AGES

    I see it at LEAST once every 3 months on stumbleupon on various sites

    - Cass

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