Mad Scientist photoshopping contest


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  1. serpent says:

    Hm. Have seen better on W1000. This is average at best.

  2. FrankensteinsMonster says:

    Pichurs make me misty, remind me of early days, playing hide-and-go-squash with Uncle Egor, stormy nights in the science lab, angry mobs with pitchforks and torches… miss good old days (sniff).

  3. adonai says:

    He’s not mad, he just gets these headaches.

  4. nanuq says:

    Enough with the stereotypes, these scientists aren’t mad, just misunderstood.

  5. soupisgoodfood says:

    Why not post a link when the contest is over so we can just browse the good ones? All the stuff there at the moment seems below the normal standard (except the above image).

  6. mellisahaward says:

    This is terrific artwork.

  7. HotPepperMan says:

    Personally, I thought that the work shown was very basic. Whatever happened to perspective, imagination, and true use of the features of PShop?

    Most of these look like simple cut and paste exercises. Quite disappointing really.

    Post #2 is just a spamming link and should be removed… do NOT click on it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s WORTH1000, not World1000!

  9. Modusoperandi says:

    HotPepperMan “Post #2 is just a spamming link and should be removed… do NOT click on it.”
    Don’t try your reverse psychology on me!

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