Obama's Elf (18 second video pun fun)


17 Responses to “Obama's Elf (18 second video pun fun)”

  1. Rezpect says:

    The Cuteness…

  2. cinemajay says:

    Very cute. And exactly the right length.

  3. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    Best video of the year!

  4. curly su says:

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen… ever. Tears streaming down my face, in fact. I love it.

  5. Yamara says:

    I have an elf that would simply leap at being Commerce Secretary.

    Magically leap. And caper; she’s like that.

  6. Troglodyte says:

    Something I learned last year: these are called “mondegreens.”

    Here’s the wikipedia article.

  7. chezzo says:

    worryingly, i worked out what the pun was going to be before watching it…

  8. jfrancis says:

    Poor little guy.

  9. turgidnoodler says:

    Thank you falettinme be mice elf.

  10. gATO says:



    It’s so, so, SOOO infinitely corny, it’s genius.

    I had to share it with the whole office ;)

  11. mdh says:

    I have an elf that would simply leap at being Commerce Secretary.

    As opposed to Treasury Secretary?. Tim Geithner just looks like an elf to me.

  12. Senor Schaffer says:

    Frickin’ neo-con elves, man. Always playing the “boo hoo” card they accuse the Lefties of playing for 8 years.

  13. TedJohnson says:

    It’s just tragic how the demand for presidential elves has diminished in just a few short years.

    Just look how happy and busy Bush’s elf was: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/rumple

  14. Trevour says:

    I can’t stop watching this either. If only all 18-second YouTube videos were this awesome.

  15. Art says:

    Funny. Funny. Funny!

    Mark is right. It’s the best video of the year.

    Thanks so much for the laughs.

  16. gnosis says:

    Why can’t I stop watching this?? It really shouldn’t be this awesome (on paper).

  17. phillamb168 says:

    A copter full of ROFL.

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