Emailing while asleep

According to a case described in the medical journal Sleep Medicine, a 44-year-old sleepwalker logged onto her computer and emailed out party invitations to friends. Fortean Times magazine looks at this case and several other bizarre episodes of somnambulism. From Fortean Times:
The mails themselves were perhaps not up to the woman’s waking standard; each was in a random mix of upper and lower case characters, badly formatted and containing odd expressions. One read: “Come tomorrow and sort this hell hole out. Dinner and drinks, Bring wine and caviar only.” Another said simply: “What the…”

The writers of the report have dubbed this new variation of sleepwalking ‘zzz-mailing’. They say: “We believe writing an email after turning the computer on, connecting to the Internet and remembering the password displayed by our patient is novel. To our knowledge this type of complex behaviour requiring coordinated movements has not been reported before in sleepwalking. She was shocked when she saw these emails, as she did not recall writing them. She did not have any history of night terr­ors or sleepwalking as a child.”

Unlike simple sleepwalking, they argue, the activities the woman engaged in required complex behaviour and coordinated movement, as well being able to remember her login details. She had no memory of the events next day. It’s thought that the somnambulistic episode may have been triggered by prescript­ion medication.
"Somnambulism in the Internet Age"


  1. Ask anyone who’s used Ambien what kind of crazy shit they did while “awake.” It’ll make zzzmailing seem quaint.
    My girlfriend’s sister got up, walked into the garage, turned her car on and just sat there. She would have stayed like that for a while too, if her roommate hadn’t heard it and walked out there to find her.

  2. We believe writing an email after turning the computer on, connecting to the Internet and remembering the password displayed by our patient is novel. To our knowledge this type of complex behaviour requiring coordinated movements has not been reported before in sleepwalking.

    I don’t see how this is any more complex than going to the kitchen and making a piece of buttered toast. I’ll hazard a guess that most users have passwords saved on their home computers, and that many leave them on overnight.
    Touch-typing is a muscle memory skill, and wouldn’t be too far off of speaking in your sleep. When I was in marching band in high school, I was known to fall asleep on the bus ride back from a competition, and others informed me that I often moved my fingers as if playing back one of our memorized show songs.

    In short, I believe her.

  3. There was an instance a few years ago of a House member driving to Capital Hill while ‘asleep’ a few years back. That was Ambien too.

  4. as a life long sleepwalker I don’t doubt this scenario at all.

    Usually it is a result of emerging quickly from very deep stage 3 sleep (normally this is a gradual process). You awake and drag all your deep sleep pals with you into the “real world”.
    (I have the graphs and videos from my sleep studies, they are very interesting)

    When I “sleepwalk” I am completely aware of my surroundings, I generally do not turn on lights but do not have any problem negotiating as I move about. The only real problem is that I hallucinate and project people and things into whatever my environment is.
    I have never fallen down a flight of stairs, in fact I frequently go downstairs to the kitchen and “do things”, but gradually wake up and realize I should be in bed.
    I have left the house and walked around outside “looking” for something until I eventually wake up.

    I don’t see any real gap between being completely aware of my surroundings and getting on my computer and sending emails.
    I have not actually done this, but everyone has different somnambulistic episodes and I can only speak for myself.

    oh, and remember the guy that killed his girlfriend/wife and it turned he was “sleepwalking”? Everyone thought he was faking it, but I gotta say it is entirely possible. That does not mean he is innocent, but this stuff can happen.

  5. @#1

    Oh yeah I can agree with that. Ambien made me do all sorts of bizarre activities. I once came to running around my neighborhood in pajamas as fast as my body would let me in a state of abject terror.

  6. I’m sorry, but that sounds like a fantastic party. There’s nothing about that invitation I don’t like.

    I really hope that all her friends showed up at 4:00 the next day, ready to sort that hell hole out.

  7. oops, posted before I read the article, several “sleepwalking” killers are mentioned in there….
    hey, I usually don’t read the articles….I just read BB!

  8. Honey, how are we going to get this place ready for a 500 person party by this afternoon?

    Oh shit, tell them I was sleepwalking and the party is canceled.

  9. I can’t believe Ambien et al are still on the market. A coworker’s husband “killed himself” (in a non-pill way) after taking sleeping pills.

  10. To me, “z-mailing” sounds like it involves zombies. Which, now that I think about it, is not too different from sleep-walking.

  11. I have also heard that since the Ambien Age began Hotels have started to train their staff how to deal with sleepwalking clients.

    A friend of mine told me of an episode when he took Ambien (you’re supposed to be in bed when you take it) and his partner woke him up where he found him, laying naked on the kitchen floor covered in cake. He said he dreamed he was Marie Antoinette!

  12. Any party described in the invite as helping to “sort this hell hole out” is a party I want to be at! I hope the party still happens at some point because it sounds rad.

  13. I have been sleepwalking as a child and this “complex” behaviour is not really new. According to my brother, they would usually follow me when I sleep walk. At one time I went down a flight of stairs, got some stuff from a downstairs drawer and brought them with me to my bed. In another, I woke up in a completely different get up without any recollection of doing it.

    I still find it creepy that the body can move unconsciously and do seemingly normal functions like this. I am just glad that in those night trips, I did not hurt anybody or say light a fire somewhere.

  14. Asleep is an ambiguous term. Clearly she was less-than-conscious, but I wonder if her brain activity was the same as someone “at rest”?

    We assume people were “asleep” when they do these things, but we really know is that they have no knowledge of what happened when they gain full consciousness. Of course, that is a phenomenon of sleep – you very quickly forget the dream-state, often before you’re even conscious.

    I wonder what’s going on in those heads while they’re making sandwiches, typing emails, etc. Not even the waking person seems to know.

  15. I’ve got no legitimate reason to try Ambien, but it sounds like a heck of a strange recreational drug to try (if only you could be escorted by someone awake who would keep you from crashing your car, hurting anyone, getting hypothermia, etc!). I too am amazed Ambien hasn’t be pulled from the market.

  16. I would so go and help sort that hell hole out! I would bring deviled eggs. And, I am using that in my next party invite. I think it’s as good as my last invite: ‘looking for at least 12 roommates for our bi-polar funhouse’.

    love, doctressjulia

  17. I have a friend who did almost this exact thing a few years ago with the help of Ambien. He signed onto a dating site and invited multiple people out for streudel, which we joked must’ve been a euphemism for something more interesting.

  18. “required complex behaviour and coordinated movement [..] had no memory of the events next day.”

    Sounds like a few presumably good weekends I’ve had!

    “may have been triggered by prescript­ion medication.”


  19. @deckard68

    Yeah, it is. I have Delayed Phase Sleep disorder, which causes my internal clock to favor awake at night an sleep during the day. The problem was that when I took ambien, even though it made me tired, I couldn’t fall asleep because if it I took it at 10PM it was like a normal person taking it at 5PM, my body was not ready to sleep. If you don’t sleep when you take it you can start to experience some pretty intense effects, such as visuals, distorted thinking and a dissociative feeling. I’m not saying to try this, but when combined with pot, ambien caused to to experience very very intense synesthesia, not only could I see music, but was almost seeing stories that went along with instrumental music. It was very interesting, but it made me experience so much retrograde amnesia that I was afraid to do it again.

  20. Remembering login information? if she has had the same account and password for a long time, and logs in regularly, its probably become simple muscle memory. I type out my login info in the blink of an eye.. its not that I am thinking about it, it is just muscle memory.

  21. People have been doing this for a really long time (minus the email part) under the influence of alcohol. It’s called a blackout. Back in my heavy drinking college days I would regularly wake up in the morning with absolutely no recall of several hours worth of events that took place over the course of the evening. Walking, talking, driving from party to party, long involved discussions, all took place, but I didn’t remember them. I can’t believe they haven’t pulled alcohol from the market. It’s even available without a prescription!

  22. Just wanted to throw in some more Ambien-makes-you-crazy stories. One year in college both my roommate and a buddy down the hall were on Ambien. I was kind of a night owl anyway, so I got all kinds of enjoyment out of just reporting back their actions & words from the night before. One of them once walked down the hall, struck up a conversation, and then promptly decided to do a headstand, carrying on the conversation as if this were a normal way to behave. Plenty of absurd statements & half-intelligible emails too, and absolutely no memory of any of it. That stuff can be really dangerous, but if you have a chaperone it can be a fun time for folks too.

  23. @#1

    My wife and I have two friends who have had “episodes” while taking Ambien. It’s not really funny, but it has become a joke that we add to the end of disclaimers on the TV commercials for Ambien.

    “Some users have reported trying to defrost all of the meat from their freezer in the microwave at 3 a.m. and being wakened by firefighters on the floor of the Wendy’s off Times Square with a bleeding head injury.”

    The only time I’ve sleepwalked was in college when I foolishly mixed cold medicine with a couple of beers. Fortunately, my neighbor woke me before I mistook his closet for a urinal.

  24. Note that google labs has a “mail goggles” feature. It makes you do math before allowing access to your account.

  25. I worked with a guy who was narcoleptic doing tech support (Sounds like a joke but the company knew this when they hired him, and yet they put him on the phones.) We’d have to jump into his cube and take over his calls (putting ours on hold) all the time whenever we’d hear him fall asleep in the middle of one. Poor guy. Sometimes, though, he would continue with the call, albeit asleep. In one such instance, the caller was told, in the middle of a process with their PC case open and components in their hands, to “Baste it and put it back in at 350 degrees for another 3 hours. It should be fine.” Given the propensity of those particular logic boards to fry, he actually wasn’t too far off.

  26. I would say that this definitely challenges the definition of awake and asleep. It seems that there are certain “settings” for each in our mind and folks seem to get stuck with half of each turned on.

    I have whole days where I felt like I never completely woke up in the morning. Kinda day where I pore the OJ on my cereal. It’s like my brain went through launch sequence in the morning and got through 99% of the sequence but just forgot to flip one switch.

    I think there is alot to learn here about how the brain really works.

  27. Speaking of enhanced visuals on Ambien, I have worked on flame fractals after taking a pill and not being able to sleep. When I remember these episodes at all, I think they’re the most amazing creations I’ve ever seen. The colors and patterns just amaze me. And then when I go back to bed, apparently I wake up my wife to tell her that I was arguing with the fractals. More often than not, they win.

    I’ve posted this anonymously so it’s not dug up in 20 years when I want to run for public office.

  28. I’ve been known to talk aloud in my sleep after drinking and it’s quite a weird feeling afterwards – I take care not to drink to excess so that I can always remember the night before and yet there’s a point that i cannot remember, that’s always a bit worrying.

    I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I actually got up and did things at the same time.

    Although, from a password security sense, if you can literally enter your current password in your sleep maybe it’s time to renew it.

  29. My best bud used to do things like this when we were in high school (this was pre-email days). Full length conversations on the phone as well as F2F. She would looked like she was awake and we’d totally think she was…at least until she’d say something weird, or just get silent as she went deeper into sleep again.

    She freaked me out one night when she woke up (we slept over each other’s house all the time) screaming “NO! NO-NO-NO!” and looking wildly under the bed. Then she got up, and stared out the sliding glass door, screaming “NO!” the whole time. Got back into bed, rolled over and started snoring. Of course I had to wake her up and ask WTF was going on. Turns out she was dreaming about spiders, and they were under the bed and all over the backyard.

    jebus, she scared the pee outa me sometimes.

  30. Woah, there! Let’s not go pulling anything from the market just because you’ve had or heard stories of possible side-effects. Some of us are using that medication.

    I have a sleep disorder for which I take Ambien occasionally. It’s the only thing that works without making me zombie-ish or headachy the next morning. I’ve been told my conversational skills are sometimes not so hot after taking it, but I’ve never had the weirder side-effects other people have described. It does seem to have very mild psychedelic and hypnotic effects, but nothing I’d count as outlandish even if it happened on a normal evening.

    I believe 10mg is the default dosage. I’m a small female, and for me that’s definite overkill. I have no way to test my suspicions, but I can’t help but wonder if some of the people with the disconcerting side-effects might do better if they halved the dose.

  31. I’ve taken Ambien for years and my shrink asks me about sleepwalking/eating/driving every time he writes a new Rx. I’m not aware of any incidents, but I live alone so it’s possible.

    I do know that deciding to do anything but sleep after taking Ambien is a very bad idea. I usually take Ambien before my nightly rituals (contacts, face teeth), this has led to some morning surprises.

    Twice now I’ve applied sunless tanner lotion while unconscious and had to avoid shorts until the orange stripes and splotches evened up. There are brown stains on my shower curtain I can’t get out and the bathroom floor was a mess.

    One morning I woke up with deep red fingernail polish all over my hands, sheets and night stand. I had painted the fourth fingernail on each hand and my big toes.

    It is all worth it though. It is a luxurious and comforting feeling to know that I will sleep every night.

  32. @TJ S,

    I used to be quite a heavy sleep-walker in my childhood, and my parents have reported me doing such things as attempting to change the times on all the clocks back by an hour, for instance.

    Speaking purely for myself, whatever conscious mental state I find myself in, I usually retain the ability to type at near 68wpm, and to do mental arithmetic to a reasonable standard.

  33. This is OLD! I remember reading about this exact case over 2 years ago. Time to find some new news to report…

  34. @Hallpass: Nice! I always say “Side effects may include shopping.” I have a friend who got a surprise delivery from UPS: Shoes. Really ugly shoes. Really ugly shoes she didn’t remember ordering.

    I, myself, have a Total Immersion Swimming DVD, because wouldn’t adopting a holistic swimming philosophy be a terrific way to keep in shape and be one with life? I do not have a swimming pool. I don’t know anyone with a swimming pool. I live in the Northeast. I don’t even like swimming.

    To non-Ambien takers: You’re not asleep. You wake up, usually with The Most Brilliant Idea You Ever Had. You just don’t remember it the next day; Ambien can prevent memory formation, or something like that.

    And yes, mail goggles would help – you make LOTS of typos, on account of the keys keep moving around (while staying still) and all.

  35. Supernova@42: Thanks for going out of your way to be a buzzkill. You want news, go to CNN. This is BB and they will recycle as they please. -Your annoying comment notwithstanding.

  36. I’ve done it. Without Ambien. Was a Teaching Assistant and invited, on behalf of the professor, the class out to ice cream in the middle of the night.

    Fortunately everyone knew I was overcommitted at the time and the incident was forgiven after a few laughs.

  37. Not to derail the conversation about the fun world of sleep disorder, but has anyone thought to think that maybe she did not send those messages?

    The example selections of text shown above sound very much like the automatically generated examples of spam being sent around on a number of social networking sites these days.

    Perhaps the only zombie-like states present was the one her account might have been in if she seriously had a password that was something that would have made sense long enough in an abstract dream state.

    Just saying.

    – satat

  38. I (and other people in my family) often have episodes of almost-perfectly normal and complex behaviour while half-conscious. I wouldn’t call it sleepwalking (or talking or zzz-mailing) though, but rather a state of half-consciousness; if I’m allowed to go back to sleep, I will have no recollection about it, but if I’m (fully) waken during the episode, I’ll remember it normally. That’s what this (and other Ambien cases described here) sounds like to me.

    Once I had a 15-minute argument with my dad (when I was still underage so he had to drive) about going to the bus station to pick someone up. He gave lucid and reasonable arguments why he didn’t have to go. Then I realised he was asleep and woke him up. He was pretty embarrassed, but half an hour later (on the way to the bus station) we were laughing about it.

  39. I’m a sleepwalker and I find it totally plausible that this person sent email while sleep walking (even without the assistance of any pharmaceuticals).

    I will often think I’ve woken up, hallucinate that there’s spiders crawling all over the walls or feel sensations such as things grabbing me. My eyes will be open and I will be standing up and my brain is desperately trying to get through that it’s all okay and none of that crazy shit is going on. I can’t tell you how terrifying it is sometimes because it just seems so real. The only thing which scares me more is that I might accidentally hurt my partner when I thrash around trying to get the creepy crawlies off.

    I can also hold a fairly lucid conversation and be completely out of it and have no idea that it has transpired.

    I’ve been doing it for years now and I’m really over it, but I think you’ve just gotta accept these things as part of what makes you tick.

  40. I’m not normally a sleepwalker, but I do have issues with turning off my alarm clock in my sleep. That being said, about a month ago, I woke up and found that not only had I completely disassembled my computer tower in my sleep, but I had carefully scattered the components throughout the house. Wierd.

  41. Once many moons ago, I was the systems guy for a small IBM mainframe shop. I once had a homegrown patch that was 99.8% tested, literally except for one branch instruction testing an I/O condition where it wasn’t clear what the hardware would actually do – either I had it right and the system would boot, or I had it backwards and it would hang in a hard loop during early boot. So I leave myself some cookie crumbs and write the new boot to disk, and tell Operations to restart the system during the 5AM maintenance window.

    Sure enough, 5:03AM the phone rings. And I know *why* it’s ringing. “OK Charlie, I’ll walk you through it. Now find the STOP button on the 4341 console, hit it. Hit ‘system select’, go to ‘display memory/alter’, enter zero four zero three dog charlie easy zero, hit enter, go down 3 lines and read me the second set of numbers..” (here I’m doing some 32-bit hex arithmetic in my head) “OK, now type in (whatever I just added up), hit enter, go down 2 lines, and where there’s a ‘4785’, enter ‘4775’ instead (note to readers – we just flipped a conditional branch opcode). Hit enter, hit ‘start’, and it should finish coming up” And Charlie does all this, and says “Yep, it’s on its way up now”. “OK, bye”.

    Several hours later, I come into the office, and our manager of operations is saying “Wow, that was the most astounding debugging over the phone I’ve ever seen”. And I replied “What debugging over the phone?”

    (I had no recollection of the conversation – it has been reconstructed based on how the 4341’s system console worked, what Charlie told me I said, and what would have had to have happened to get that branch instruction flipped so the system booted).

  42. I have to take Ambien for insomnia. I will say that with this I have done everything I could normally do and don’t remember any of it. I once woke up to 10 emails from Ebay to where I won several high priced auctions the night before. I would never have bid on this stuff normally. We are such a sleep deprived society that things are catching up with us.

  43. After 45 days at NTC ” National Training Center ” Ft. Erwin, California in 2000, I got back and on the 2nd night back I was sleeping with my girlfriend, Wife now, She told while I was sleeping at about 3 a.m. I rolled the covers up tight like a cigarette while saying ” Gotta get this cammo rolled up before we jump to the next location “. Still dont remember it but it was a good laugh to every1 else in my Company ” C. Co 115th FSB 1st Cav Div, if wondering.

  44. Was she sleep walking or …had she been drinking?
    I’ve chated with people online and given them my #
    and do not have any recollection of it until I see the proof..
    (ie. sent e-mails, recent calls etc.)
    more than a couple of times…

  45. I see a lot of negative attitude toward Ambien, all based on anecdotal evidence. All medications (and pretty much every damn thing in this world) have side effects, particularly when you don’t follow the instructions given to you.

  46. LOL…. that’s pretty funny. My husband sleepwalks and you never know where he’ll end up. I found him naked in the front lawn once.

  47. i’m a sleepwalker myself, though i’ve never done anything to this extent. i frequently wake up in the kitchen (usually with a bowl of cereal or something similar) and my dad has followed me as i carried my laptop around the house. i also mess with my tv sometimes. it’s weird waking up to find it’s on.
    i don’t think her behavior is all that surprising, myself. just because we’re asleep doesn’t mean our brain doesn’t register what we’re doing. it might interpret it as a dream, etc, and we simply forget it when we wake up.

  48. I can totally believe this. Certain sleep disorders allow you to have completly lucid conversations in your sleep. I usually act wierd in my sleep when I’m stressed or under some kind of pressure. I have done the same thing, I will e-mail and send text messages to people frequently in my sleep. It is so bad that I keep my cell phone locked in a drawer so I can’t get to it (after one embarrasing text to a professer about the “horrible chinese soup” at 3 am). I will also do crazy things and be completly lucid and have my eyes wide open. I have walked out of the house and attempted to drive off stating that I needed Sun Chips, luckily my husband is a light sleeper and got me back in the house. I have also taken all the food out of our freezer and dumped it all over the kitchen floor, all the while telling my husband that I needed to feed Nikki (our dog). Taking Ambien or other sleep aids only makes me act more insane, including cooking in my sleep, leaving to walk the dogs, attempting to climb out the bathroom window and also trying to convince my hubby to let me sleep in our Igloo dog house. I don’t think hubby gets a lot of sleep with me around :) E-mailing in your sleep isn’t really that bad compared to the other things you could be doing.

  49. I took ambien for almost 3 years. For a few weeks it did it’s job. Then I began finding out about 4 am phone calls placed to people I hadn’t spoken to in years. Insane voice messages and emails. I also at one point got an email confirmation on a $300 colonics and detox kit I had ordered during a night time sleep session. I had no recollection of it, and honestly, had to look it up to see what the products even were. After a while, i stopped all the sleepwalking and somehow trained myself to stay in bed. But I must say, it was semi-fun to find out about what I had done the night before.

  50. You say this like it’s a strange thing. No. It’s not a whole lot different than someone doing it while they are practically passed out drunk. It would have been bizarre if she typed random keys that didn’t make words or just sent numbers. This just tells me she was half with it. Not really so unusual nor is the fact that she really didn’t remember. Drunks don’t remember much about what they did either. Not much different.

  51. This story isn’t really all that shocking to me.

    I have a cousin who used to sleepwalk as a teenager, and I don’t know if he still does – now that he’s in his early thirties. His sleepwalking always made for funny stories, and even a particularly scary one.

    His dad ran a charter fishing boat, and my cousin was invited to spend a Saturday on board helping out. Being that the boat leaves Ma’alaea Harbor (this is on Maui…) at 8am sharp, my cousin goes to bed early on Friday night, full of anticipation and excitement.

    He woke up at 4am. Not in his bed, mind you, but at the dock, parked in front of his dad’s slip. Yes, he actually got out of bed, got dressed, hopped in the car, and drove for 30 minutes to the harbor with no recollection of any of it. He did say though, that he dreamt that he was late and would be missing the boat. But waking up 4 hours early for the boat, and realizing what he did scared the s@#t out of him.

  52. Yup, I’ve done this stuff on Ambien, too. I took someone’s credit card and charged hundreds of dollars of stuff online. I never would have done anything like that while awake. I didn’t even realize I had done it until the stuff starting showing up at my house and I went back and read my emails. I’ve also written to friends and acquaintances giving them VERY intimate details of my life that I wouldn’t have ever discussed with anyone normally. Ambien is dangerous stuff. I’m just glad I never grabbed the car keys and headed out the door!

  53. Eh I used to sleepwalk as a kid…I’ll never forget the time I was about 7 years old and woke up standing in the middle of the bedroom at a friend’s house. The friend and her parents lined up clinging to the far wall after I had gotten out of bed at about 2am, walked over to a table, calmly picked up a 30 lb ceramic lamp, smashed it against the table and threw the rest of it on the floor all in my sleep with absolutely no changes in my face and no talking. That was definitely the craziest thing I ever did in my sleep.

    On Ambien, one of my exes peed in my coat/linen closet and threw up all over the bedspread in his sleep! Unfortunately he drank a huge bottle of red PowerAde and ate a sausage pizza right before bed. He didn’t wake up until I was tossing his butt into a cold shower – we broke up about a week later, lol.

  54. Ah Big Red, the Ambien/eBay scenario is a familiar one. Thank God I lost those snowshoe auctions–I don’t even LIKE the outdoors.

  55. Why is Ambien legal again? If a street drug did this same thing, it’d be numero uno on the farcial “war on drugs” while big pharma gets their butts lip washed daily by the government and FDA, it’s disgusting and stupid. And clearly it doesn’t work, since these fools are NOT sleeping sounds.

  56. ambien is some evil shit. my friend dave tried to inhale his pillow, and died of suffocation after taking one of those. i read in the news a few years back of a guy sleepdriving on it, then woke the next day to find a body, half in half out of the passenger-side windshield.

  57. Ambien stories! Fun!

    While sleeping on Ambien, I have:

    1) Let my dogs out of the apartment for the night, and been completely puzzled in the morning as to how they got outside.

    2) Driven my car 10 feet into a curb

    3)Put everything from the crisper drawer of my fridge into the freezer.

    But mostly, I just wake up in the middle of the night, sit on the edge of the bed and then fall back asleep which causes me to tumble off the bed onto the floor.

  58. That is sooooooooo odd. How could that of even happened? Did any of the people know that she was sleepwalking?

  59. I tried it once and actually woke up completely naked about 8 blocks from the house…………luckily I hadn’t been seen at 3 a.m. and ran faster than I ever had in my life!!!

  60. Sounds like Ambien induced e-mail. I sent all sorts of crazy e-mails that I don’t remember after taking Ambien. That’s not all. I once got up in the middle of the night and went rollerblading around my apartment complex while on Ambien. The proof showed on my skinned knees and rollerblades in the middle of the living room floor the next morning. I also drove to the gas station once and had no recollection of it, but I had the receipt and bad parking job to prove it. Obviously I don’t take it anymore.

  61. About 30 years ago, I was involved in some contract work in Singapore where accommodation was provided. As it was pretty warm and the surroundings pretty relaxed, it was common to leave the door and window open during sleep. I remember in sleep one day I saw a beautiful lady “in my dreams” by the door watching me. So I decided to “wake up” and find out who she was and followed her. She retreated with every step I take towards her and I lost her after 5-10 yards or so and decided to return to my room. I woke up as I touched the door knob to my room. This or anything similar has not happened again.

  62. This is a concerning story. I know someone who got up and responded to a work emergency the next day after taking a prescription sleeping pill. The person in question has the kind of job where someone could have been seriously injured. The person had absolutely no memory of the entire day. It was just gone.

  63. Ambien has made me sleepwalk for the first time in my life. I was tired from flying cross country but unable to sleep. So I took 5 mg Ambien and soon zonked out. After falling asleep, I turned on the lights in my hotel room, pulled my cell phone from my purse, looked up a friend’s number and talked to her for 45 minutes. She had no clue I was asleep until I called her the next day to apologize for not calling her the night before. When she replied, “You did call me,” I had her tell me everything I’d said. I hadn’t said anything that I would not normally say. Well, except for complaining about my boyfriend’s umm…deficiencies. But I have no recollection of what she said to me. Weird!

  64. I’m an RN who’s given Ambien to patients and they get really weird, like taking off all their clothes, talking to the IV pole as if it were a person whom they know, and seeing spiders on the ceiling. It would not surprise me if this person’s behavior was as a result of Ambien or some other sleep aid they had never taken before.

  65. She is right… the world is a hell hole, and we do need to sort things out. The wine and caviar would be a bonus, however!

  66. I am not suprise at all and will guess that she was on the drug Ambien. Everyone that I know that is on Ambien or Ambien CR has had some strange episode or episodes. The FDA should take Ambien off the market.

  67. I wonder why the researchers are amazed that she was able to remember her login info. Think about how we don’t consciously think of our password when we type it. It’s pretty automatic. Sometimes I forget what my phone number or password is and I mimic my finger movements to figure it out. It’s our unconscious mind at work. Like how I’m typing this right now and I’m not spelling the words in my head or thinking which buttons to press. It’s automatic like talking or walking. Maxwell Maltz’ “Psycho-Cybernetics” book touches on this. It’s pretty good.

  68. i think i’ll use this to set up a paint party and get my house painted. Everyone knows I take sleep meds (benadryl – boomboomoutgothelights) yeah, i’m usin’ this. you’re all invited – bring chicken wings and beer.

  69. They questioned her having to sign on to the account. But on some computers it keeps you signed in unless you sign out. So maybe all she had to do was go on the email and type random messages. Still maybe she’s stressed out because she referred to it as a “hell hole”

  70. along the lines of the person that was in the high school marching band, i used to play basketball in high school. my sister used to tell me that in my sleep, i would be playing basketball by shooting layups. i hope i was at least winning the game!

  71. Eeehh….I don’t know. I think Ambien gets a bad rap from these types of stories. Or it just loses its effectiveness after a while. I have been taking 10 mg a night for a few years now and still spend many nights practically begging for sleep. Actually, in desperation, I have taken as many as 3, stayed awake all night and gone to work the next day. There is an initial period of calmness (within the 1st hour or so) but after that, nothing. Certainly not a “high” like I would expect from a fun substance. I never understood the whole sensation about eating while sleeping after taking it. I have always found that eating before or after makes it even less effective. The brain really is a mysterious thing.

  72. Very few people actually get such side effects from Ambien, so no, it won’t work as a recreational drug for most people.

  73. I’ve been on Ambien for 2 years now I DO NOT sleep at night. I’ve had episodes of the same things happening to me.

    1- Put make-up on (not good make-up job, lets just say colored out of the lines) told my husband I was ready to go snow mobiling (we don’t own any sleds)

    2- Bought new decorative light switch covers for the house, was going to put up the next day, woke up the next day, they were already up. (Kids told me they heard me in the hallway with the cordless screwdriver.

    3-Woke up to discover all my typerware that didn’t have any matching lids, or that was worn out, was now located in the trash outside.

    4-Myself had read e-mails that i had sent out in the middle of the night with no memory of sending them, and I was kind of chuckling because they are always wrote in lowercase and uppercase, and they usually don’t really sound the “normal” way that i converse.

    STRANGE….But worth sleeping the rest of the nites I don’t do strange things (maybe??)

  74. I am on ambien for insomnia. I’ve been taken it for about a year now. I’ve done things that I dont remember doing. I’ve had conversations with people, sent an e-mail to an ex talking like we were still together, texted people on my cell phone. all kinds of weird things

  75. Hahaha! This reminds me of the game/movie “Resident Evil”. Sanofi Aventis or the Umbrella Corporation will turn people into zombies with their products. Just so everyone knows, I am ready with my guns and ammos awaiting the day you turn. LOL!!!

    So keep chugging those pills down!

  76. I take Ambien and have never experienced any of these “sleep activities”. I was very exhausted and tired all the time beacause I could not sleep and was constantly tossing and turning. All I could think about while working was how much I wanted to get a good night’s sleep. My doctor prescribed Ambien and I am very thankful to be able to sleep again.

  77. I sleepwalk many times when I’m under stress. I only really know what others see me do b/c I don’t remember.

    When we moved into our new house in 2007, I was 31, I got up in the middle of the night and started going thru bathroom drawers. I guess I was rearranging them and slamming them really loudly, woke my husband up, who for some reason did not find it that strange. I told my dad who said my mom did the exact same thing in her 20’s when they moved into a new house!

    Previously, my sister told me I used to go and find her and yell at her to be quiet when she was not making any noise or just watching tv.

    I also used to, true story, go and take items in my sleep. Then they would be missing. I would go in my sleep on another night, usually weeks later, take it out from wherever I put it, and put it back where it belonged. I did this w/ my mom’s clothes many times. It was weird b/c I do have a flash of memory of putting the clothes back, and in the memory it was bright and light out, but it could not have been, it was the middle of the night.

    As a sidenote on meds, my Citalopram/Celexa has extremely weird effects on sleep. I have to take a nap every day now, but not just getting tired, I am immediately asleep, many times at my computer. The other evening I blacked out, I have spells where I am just immediately out, and woke up minutes later and had no idea where I was. Sometimes, it will be an hour later. I have not experienced anything like it, you just pass out, it can happen anywhere, it has even happened to me at work! It’s dangerous b/c now it happens on road trips. Driving back to Vegas from CA the other evening, I was falling asleep driving. B/c of the Citalopram.

  78. I wouldn’t say ambien gets a bad rap – I get that this is only a small handful of stories, but I’m sure it represents a much larger group. I’ve only known 2 people on ambien – one was sleep-eating, the other would leave his house in the middle of the night and walk. He was picked up and returned by the police a few times. Makes you wonder why doctors still offer these meds.

  79. My mom used to send crazy email like those described in the article all the time when she was taking Ambien. She would have no idea that she had done it. I don’t think it’s a rare case. I just don’t think it is reported very often.

  80. I used to do heavy sleepwalking. In the first grade, I had a morning ritual type thing of getting up, putting instant oatmeal in the microwave, getting dressed, and then waiting for the bus while I ate the oatmeal.

    One saturday morning, my parents were awakened when the power went out. They went to my room, and I wasn’t there. They found me downstairs, fully dressed at 3AM, with the microwave having been destroyed by my efforts to cook dry oatmeal in it for several minutes.

  81. Yes, ambien does make people do weird things. Once on ambien I ordered a bunch of cds. I had no idea this had happened until a week later when I received the cds by mail. Imagine my surprise and confusion.

  82. More Ambien stories, LOL. I booked a FANTASTIC trip for four to Hawaii after taking my nightly dose of Ambien! My adult kids tease me now wanting to know where we are going next! (It was a great trip by the way! LOL) And yes the other poster are correct, the vivid colors are unbelieveable! I “remember” seeing my ex-husband buzzing around my curtain rod because he was only about four inches high, had tiny wings, and was wearing a pink, yellow and purple jumpsuit! Now how crazy is that shit???!!! hahahahahahaha

  83. I used to take ambien for years, and it got to the point that i had to actually tape my laptop shut at night and post a big neon sign on it NOT to open or use it.. Ambien emailing, facebooking, IMing while “sleeping” with no memory of any kind for the event is extremely common.

    I eventually started keeping a journal and markers on my desk so that when i wandered to the computer i’d doodle in there instead.. so bizarre to wake up to poems and drawings i had zero recollection of making..

  84. I can believe it. My ex, on an antidepressant, would sleep-eat. One night, I stopped her from making a cat food sandwich with pickles.

  85. I take 20mg every nite for 8 would not belive some things i did.thu worse i know of is i went too bed at my house and wroke up at my girlfriends 120 miles away.

  86. Oh, I had a thyroid problem and couldnt sleep. Went to the hospital for a week and spent it in a drugged sleep. Went home still on Ambien. That night I went upstairs, could barely function, my husband had to help me undress.
    The next morning I get on the computer and see that i had sent EMAILS. One apparently telling a friend i had just gotten out of the looney bin. I wasnt sure if I posted to USENET, but sent an apology and explanation anyway.
    When on Ambien I did all sorts of weird stuff and I couldnt NOT do it because I would go to sleep, then next thing I know I had awakened and gotten in the car or something. Freaky

  87. The funny thing is…all of these “episodes” are better than the way I act after 8 days straight (my personal record) and I do mean straight of NO sleep. That’s when the real “zombie” comes out.

    So I would rather keep chugging down the ambien to sleep at night, and have a few good chuckles about a couple of episodes, then NOT sleeping at all.

    You are clearly a sleeper (and I DO envy you for that, honestly) but when the time comes that you need your guns a blazing, perhaps I will get some sleep, so in the long run I would have to thank you.

  88. Ahh Ambien. Wife was taking it as perscribed. She disappeared during the middle of making dinner. I got a call from the sheriff about an hour into my own search for her. He found her with my truck in the ditch. Seems she had gone for a tomato and grabbed a beer while at the store and chugged it. Needless to say after she was released from the hospital she was chraged with DUI. This stuff she be outlawed and destroyed.

  89. I think that can really happen. My younger sister said that I woke up out of my sleep got on my cellphone and logged on to facebook and sent a comment. This is really scary and weird. I think I took a prescription pain killer that night.

  90. My mom had done some thing similar. She walks around the house checks the doors to make sure they are locked and then she goes to back to bed. My aunt told me that when she was about 11 that she went outside got gardening tools and when asked what she was doing she told my aunt that she was planting the water mellons.

    So what this lady did wasn’t that unusual in my book.

  91. I wish I can “sleepwalk” and do my homework while sleeping so I don’t have to suffer from all the unneeded information in the textbook.

  92. I’m 45 years old and have sleepwalked since a child. I’ve climbed out windows and went for walks down the street. I’m pretty sure I drove the car once not too long ago. I also send text messages and do not even know I did it until I check my phone. I also cook, full meals. I don’t think I would ever hurt anybody intentionally, but I do worry about the driving thing. My doctor suggested I tie a foot to the bed post. I thought that was pretty ridiculous, if I can drive a car, text, and cook then I can surely untie my foot from the bed.

  93. Holy smokes! I haven’t laughed out loud like this in weeks! Thank you all for sharing.

    p.s. I’ve participated in a sleep study and I highly recommend it to anyone who has an opportunity to do so themselves. You will learn a lot about yourself by watching the video, reviewing the brain wave tapes, the apnea episodes, etc.

  94. Seriously, Annon #55 said this is based on anecdotal evidence….wow, I am seeing a lot of people who have taken Ambien and had some bad experiences with it!
    I took it as directed – one, AFTER I got into my bed – and STILL was up doing all kinds of crazy things with no recall – eating a ton of ice creaam, answering the phone in the middle of the night, smoking (bad idea)the list goes on….and I really just wanted a good nights sleep.
    What I hear is a collection of people who are saying the FDA needs to get rid of the stuff, it is dangerous! I agree – I would rather be without sleep than not know what I was doing!
    (my husband, however, says the entertainment value was well worth it…)

  95. With the strange combination of uppercase and lowercase, I think it is probably far more likely that some computer virus did it rather than ‘sleep emailing’

  96. Oh my gosh… I did not think that I was ever going to stop laughing. Thank you all for making me chuckle! :)

    I am not a typical sleepwalker, but have on occasion. There was once that I had apparently taken a bath in my sleep. When I woke up the next morning, my roommate asked about it. For the life of me I could not remember doing it. The only reason that I believed her was that my hair was still semi-wet wrapped in a towel and I had a towel wrapped around my body.

    What can I say, it was summer time and I must have been hot! lol

  97. Nothing that strange about that… Ambien is one crazy drug. One morning I woke up with my front door open, my car keys on the floor in front of it, and my car was missing from my garage. Apparently I drove my car across the street, parked it, then walked home. I have zero recollection of it.

  98. Maybe it’s not sleepwalking, maybe its a blackout.
    Sort of like when you are drunk and do stuff. At the time, you are completely aware of what you are doing, just severely judgment impaired. The next day, there is a big hole in your memory, hence the term “blackout”.

  99. I find this story as no surprise. I have a sleep disorder, and while I have done a few things after taking ambien that i did not remember, I consider Ambien a life saver. Without it, I can do no more than doze all night. try just dozing for a week and believe me any of you would beg for something to help you sleep. the brain can only take so much of not sleeping. The sleep disorder by the way, was caused by a doctor prescribing me psuedofed max doses for months on end due to a long string of bad colds. Unfortuately at the time, neither he nor I knew that being on psudeofed that long can TOTALLY screw up your ability to sleep for very long term and your brain’s sleep wake cycle can be totally shot. So I’m an ambien user. No shock at all to me that this woman wrote some emails because I’ve written emails and made phone calls after taking it that I did not remember. I dont feel it is sleep walking–that I am asleep when I do these things, I think it is more like I’m still conscious, just very relaxed and dont remember the incident (just as ambien warns- may cause memory problems).
    When i do these things, its because i did not take it and go directly to bed. I thought I’d finish ‘this or that first’ and then the Ambien took affect while i was still up. Ambien says it causes memory problems and… yes that is a bad side affect. The most common thing I’ve done… is blow my diet- wake up the next morning and think – what the heck are all these protien bar wrappers doing on the counter? the problem is you need to just take it when you are going to bed, not when you are going to ‘finish one more thing’ because as it takes effect, its like you just get real relaxed and forget sensible ‘rules’ like -go to bed now, not blowing your diet or calling friends with families after midnight. I dont feel drunk, just very relaxed. One night i took it watching tv and thinking how I needed to call my best friends the next day and ask them to pray for my Dad’s heart surgery. So…. the next day I did call my friends, only to have three of them say… Kim, we talked about this last night, ….do you not remember calling me? They all three said I called them late, sounded totally normal and like myself, made total sense, didnt slur my words- they were all completely surprised i did not remember calling them. That is the only such episode I know of; well there was one blog post that was much more outspoken than how i normally would say things. Are such things embarassing? well of course. but I’ve learned I dont do these things if i just get in bed when i take it, turn off the lights and just go to sleep. my own experience is that if you have an actual sleep disorder, ambien can be a very helpful prescription in an otherwise hopeless situation.

  100. Sleep systems in the brain and wakeful systems in the brain are separate. This is what makes it possible to be both awake and asleep at the same time. If one takes a drug to turn on sleep systems but does nothing to turn down wakeful parts of the brain (i.e. – good sleep hygiene) you will increase the chances for parasomnias. That is why sleeping aids should never be prescribed without a person also working on sleep hygiene, like turning off the lights 4 hours before sleep, not watching shows that jump from topic to topic (like the evening news) and no TV or other activity in the bedroom besides sleep. Also one would not be able to tell the difference in sleep walking versus being awake for a few minutes and then having bursts of microsleeps in between. Dozing off, or making sleep will erase memory of what happened over the previous two to three minutes. So, in other words she could have been awake, then dozed off and so doesnt remember writing the email. One clue for that is she uses punctuation. That is way too organized to happen when sleep systems are on.

  101. This is no big deal if you are taking Ambien. I have done so many crazy things. I made cookies one night and totally trashed the kitchen then blamed my husband for the mess the next morning. I’ve written on my blog ( which made my kids make me promise to never take my ambien without going to bed first ). I take my prescription very seriously, tho. Its the first I’ve been able to sleep in years. One night I got up and made my husband get up and then grilled him on why he had had so many affairs…… he hasn’t!!! He was furious. I vaguely remember having a dream that I had seen him with someone else. :)
    Don’t touch my Ambien, tho!!

  102. I don’t know how long I’ve been sleepwalking (it was only brought to my attention when my roommates noticed it a year ago) but I watch television while sleeping, though only “Charmed.” I text message, and I talk too. I frequently have conversations with my roommates or yell at inanimate objects (usually my phone while texting) in my sleep.
    I’ve also written blogs and e-mails in my sleep as well.
    It’s entirely possible.

  103. Exhaustion in extreme cases can cause sleep disorders, and waking disorders. Stress also has specific effects on the subconscious mind. None of this is far fetched, or unfamiliar to me.
    I grew up in a house with brothers who would have sleep conversations with each other in separate rooms. They almost seemed to be sharing the experience, and the same dream.
    I remember falling asleep in sociology class, and raising my hand to volunteer an answer to the professor… yea me!……

  104. Once I took two ambiens in Miami Beach. I was with my partner so I asked him to go out and get hot dogs and have a picnic on the sand at 11 am. which we did. The next day I asked him to go out and do the samething but he told me that we did it the night before. I didn’t remember anything
    the only thing that I remember was taking the tho ambiens.

  105. My mother takes Ambien every night to sleep.

    Almost every single night, she gets up at some later time, and cooks a complete meal for herself, eats it and then goes back to sleep.

    I have observed her on multiple occasions and she seems aware. She will respond if I speak to her,(albeit sluggishly). Her eyes are open and she is able to perform complex tasks such as lighting the gas range and cutting up food. (she cooked a very tasty Risotto during one of these fugues lol)

    She never remembers it the next day.

    She always thinks that she slept through the night.

  106. I share a room with my brother and he ALWAYS sleepwalks or talks loudly in his sleep. i’ll be reading or just about to fall asleep and ill either hear the floor creak or him talk about some random stuff…i just yell at him or shake him violently awake… so much for “Dont ever wake aa sleepwalker”

    He’s talked about his wings hurting, which turned out to be his arms!

  107. This reminds me of how I did my TAXES 2 years ago…I don’t sleepwalk, but I do take AMBIEN to get to sleep on occasion.
    One April morning I woke up, checked into my email account and discovered that I’d submitted my tax return on line the night before with no recollection of the event! Don’t get me wrong, I do remember gathering my W-2’s and 1099’s and it wasn’t a super complicated return, but still… I really did not remember finishing and submitting the returns! I did, of course, check it over to see what I’d done… and it looked fine… but geeze, it was a little scary.
    Then again, maybe I’ll do that again this year so it won’t be as painful!

  108. I have been a sleep walker and talker from childhood. I have never hurt anyone or thing. I have almost fell out a window as a teenager. (I got help after that) still sleep with movment and talk. The walking isn’t as bad. I have caught myself falling asleep at the computer and still typing. I haven’t sent any emails or such. I have messed up some college papers. Late night assignments due. I am sure the programing of invites takes a lot of steps. Did she want to have a party? Brain waves are a weird thing. I have sleep apnea & c-pap, when don’t remember to wear it I stop breathing I see a snake in my brain scares me out of deep sleep. Worst fear snake or death.. Works for me wide awake after that.

  109. When I started taking ambien THREE years ago, no one told me that it would be VERY difficult to stop. Nor was I told about the possiblity that I could actually sleepwalk while under the influence of the drug. I have written letters, called people, eaten huge amounts of food and done various other things while under the influence of this drug…..and didn’t have a clue that I had done any of it. I have tried to “cut down” on the meds., only to realize that I simply cannot sleep….one second….without it. I tried cutting down for two nites and found myself “sleepless”. It is a very dangerous medication and should NOT be given to people so freely. I wonder if anyone has considered a class action suit toward the makers of Ambien? It has definitely made a negative impact on my life.

  110. My husband got in his car drove to the river and woke up in the fetal position in the river fully clothed about a mile downstream from his car. He walked back to find his car crazy parked and all his fishing gear all over the place.”Sleepfishing”

  111. Wow! I just realized that sleepwalking might be the explanation for what I did a year ago or so. I was sick with a fever, or something, and Mom told me to go to bed early. The next morning I woke up to realize that I hadn’t taken my medicine last night. I told Mom that, and she went: “Yes you did. I went to your room and gave you the pills, and you took them.” I had absolutely NO memory of it!

    So… maybe this explains it.

  112. I have taken ambien cr for a couple years now and have never done anything questionable, at least up to now I haven’t. Isn’t it curious that while some people react different than normal, others’ don’t?

  113. oh i’m totally coming to this party and i’m totally sorting this hell hole out! and i’m totally bringing more ambien and we are going to get some world peace up in here!

  114. I’ve got a bottle of Ambien for sleeplessness that I’ve never had the guts to try. The disclaimer about possible uncontrollable eating scared me off, but after reading this article, I’m thinking I need to pop open the bottle, put on my party pants, and slide into bed with my laptop. Reading all these stories, I realize I’ve been missing something big – Cheers!

  115. Why is everyone anonymous in this thread?

    One night about a year ago my husband came home after being out with friends. He walked into the bedroom and started peeing into the trash can. “What the hell are you doing?” I said. “Going pee,” he said. “What’s wrong with the bathroom?” I said. He didn’t say amything else but got into the bed and was immediately dead asleep. I was furious and slept on the couch.

    It wasn’t until the next morning that I realized he was sleepwalking. No Ambien, though. Just booze;)

  116. 26 years ago, my dorm mate left our room and went down the hall wearing only his underwear. Apparently he was sleepwalking because he suddenly ‘woke up’ 20 doors down from our room. He had to wake me up by pounding on the door since he had shut the door on his way out. He would also sometimes wake up and say a bunch of stuff (with his eyes wide open)to me and then go back to sleep.

  117. Anybody taking Ambien needs to take some serious precautions with this medication. I had awoken and unknowingly taken the the entire bottle of remaining tablets, driven my vehicle, eaten leftovers, called my kids at 3 am, fallen asleep on the front porch and woke up with a shotgun in my hands. This medication is EVIL and dangerous. I will never take it again.

  118. I could do that, non-drug induced. When I was young (11-) I used to have to go to my grandmothers after school because my mom worked night shift till 11. She’d often find me asleep, where she’d wake me up and I’d hit her and said hurtful things. I’d remember none of it, and I’d wake up in the car on the way to my home confused.

    In current day I’ve called a guy friend and asked him to come sleep with me. I’ve had conversations I don’t remember and constantly wake up late to find I’d turned my alarm clock off. This is all non-drug induced. I very possibly have DSPS, I refuse to get offically diagnosed with the chance of getitng diagnosed as insommnic and get put on the fun pill (Ambien)and kill myself sometime in the night

  119. As a sleepwalker and a friend and sister of fellow sleepwalkers, I would like to say that it makes for interesting and funny stories but also can be scary. I found out about my sleep walking from various injuries I sustained on my walks. (my home is now “sleep walker safe”) I hope this wine and caviar party does take place so we can sort hell holes and all this craziness out or at least have some great conversations

  120. Thanks guys for clearing that up for me. I had never considered sleepwalking . After reading your comments I realized that the strange feeling I’ve always had that my whole life is surreal. I dont understand it. Never have. Only been pretending to be normal . Now I know what that feeling is…..SLEEPWALKING !!!. I have been sleepwalking . So much that I have never been able to tell where one world ended and another began .

    Thanks to you I’ve been liberated . I wont have that strange feeling anymore …haunting me. Now
    that I know what it is …its over .

    If I had this all along is it possible that no one told me . Thats why I didnt know ? Is it at all possible that someone could be a sleepwalker and NOT know it? Is that possible?

  121. When I was young, up till about age 12 or so, I went through a period of sleep walking. Many a nights I would be found to be wandering around the house, going into my sister’s room, crawling into bed with her to have a conversation, trying to make her get up to put on makeup… and one night even sitting close to her head on her pillow and repeatedly passing gas and giggling about it. (I guess we know where “laughing gas” comes from) If I was ever woken up before I got back to bed, I tended to fall over and break stuff, so my mother and sister didn’t wake me up very often. I suffered from slow sleep insomnia, and once I finally did “fall asleep” I would get right back up to become active again. I have never taken Ambien, but I have been on some of the other sleep aids, though they never helped me feel rested, just muzzy and fuzzy the next morning.

    As a teenager I started smoking as a part of trying to fit in, and continued to do so as a stress relief for always being tired from falling asleep so close to the time I had to wake up. I continued to smoke for 15 years, with a few months off in between every time I tried to “quit”. I finally got so tired of not being able to stop smoking and give it up completely on my own, that I finally asked my doctor for some help. She told me about a new drug on the market called Chantix, and it sounded like the perfect solution to the smoking problem. It is supposed to work by blocking the signal that is received in your brain from the nicotine, so you actually stop craving cigarettes because the nicotine does NOTHING for you any longer. I started taking it, and other than severe dry mouth, I didn’t have any other negative side effect… but I had two very positive ones.

    The first noticeable side effect of the Chantix was that I instantly stopped craving cigarettes. I had always been a light to moderate smoker, about a half a pack a day on average, but I was a “scheduled” smoker. Within 48 hours of starting the drug I no longer had any cravings for the cigarettes, just the urge to smoke because it was “time to smoke”. The second side effect was the dreams. I began having the most vivid, intense, realistic (even if utterly indescribably) and apparently lucid dreams. I have never really been a deep sleeper because of the insomnia, so having dreams that made my nights and broken sleep seem so much longer because of the level of involvement was great! I can only imagine if I had ever gotten up to do some sleep walking the kinds of activities I was dreaming about.

    I have a death fear of falling. It isn’t heights that freak me out, it is the actual sensation of falling. If I have a wave of vertigo wash over me, even when I am sitting down, I freak out. I despise stairs, and I would rather do just about any other unpleasant activity than ever get on a ladder. Some of my dreams involve doing some death defying activities that I would NEVER do in my “normal” life, like climbing up a sheer cliff face, doing construction on a high rise, or going sky diving with a long time of free fall before the parachute opened. I am glad I left the sleep walking behind 20 years ago so I didn’t take the chance of sleep walking my way into an activity like those dreams… I could only imagine the terror I would feel if I found myself dangling over the side of a bridge getting ready to “jump out of the plane”!

    So I quit smoking, stopped taking the Chantix, remain a non-smoker two years later with never a craving but with an abject disgust for cigarettes. Later I was finally diagnosed with a thyroid disorder during a regular physical. Even with all of the sleep studies I had done when younger, thyroid was something they didn’t test for, and it turns out that an imbalanced thyroid can cause insomnia and other sleep disorders. Now that I take thyroid hormone replacement I sleep almost 7-8 hours a night for the first time in my life. Since I live alone, I can’t attest to not ever having sleep walking episodes, but from what I can tell I don’t and haven’t in a long time, but the vivid and surreal dreams still continue to this day.

  122. yes i am VERY familiar with ambien and i’m really surprised it is still on the market.After taking it i had a stroke so hey please be very very careful with it. Luckily it was just a minor stroke and i was taken to the hospital. Never again with that drug.

  123. Some people do weird things on Ambien, some don’t. I’ve taken it for a while and have never done anything weird. You could make the argument that perhaps I just don’t know I’ve done weird things, but I live with people that probably would have let me know, and I’ve never made any weird phone calls or sent emails I don’t remember.

    It certainly gives you a little buzz. I just fall asleep after I take it, and then wake up in the morning. As someone who has cried like a baby as an adult because of insomnia, it’s a godsend.

  124. #135 If I had similar events, I’d stop the Ambien, too….. that’s downright scarey.
    So far mine have been just goofy things. I do get more direct in my conversations, as tho I’m not guarding my thoughts. My husband says he can’t tell the difference alot of the time and sure enough, I remember everything some mornings. I would just cringe if someone TRIED to take it away from me. That means I’m addicted, huh?
    So don’t!
    Gotta go, its time for my Ambien!!! :)

  125. Napoleon wears flip flops. Take me out to the ballgame. Nine tenths of people ride bikes in June. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzmemememememem…me

  126. HA HA HA ! ! ! Hilarious ! ! !

    Man grandma used to scare the heck outta me.
    One time she was pissed off at pops in her dream and wanted to beat him with a belt so she got up running to get a belt. HA HA HA!

  127. Looks to me like she might have had too much wine and caviar, and written the emails while drunk…that’s why she doesn’t remember writing them…not because she was sleep walking. I don’t buy that you could really do all this while truly sleeping.

  128. No kidding about Ambien, I had only taken it for about a week when I woke up the next day I see my credit card sitting next to the computer….that same day I get a email saying my new 62 inch tv will be delivered…. oh well I thought nbd….I excepted it now enjoy it without Ambien around…and so so so many stories. My son said we were talking one night and I went to sleep with one shoe still on.
    PS I no longer take Ambien..

  129. I have done this without drugs. My fiance and I once got into a huge argument and I called off the engagement. I didnt speak to him all day. The next morning he calls me like nothing happened, and I treat him very coldly.

    He tells me “I thought everything was fine after last night’s conversation.” I looked at my incoming calls, and turns out I spoke with him for almost an hour and I had no recollection of it whatsover.

  130. This is amazing. I am so glad I read this story. About two years, I had a similar experience, but did not share it with anyone because it sounds crazy. I either had a dream or thought I was dreaming–whatever the case, it was incoherent. In my apparent dream, I was looking for a yellow school bus up a mountain. I kept the saying the yellow school bus on a mountain where there was an excorcism–either taking place, or already had taken place. I remember asking. I’m not sure if I asked people. The next day, I didn’t remember, but I recall having an eerie feeling as though something strange occurred. This dream or episode did not come to my memory until a few days later. I asked myself who did I ask about this bus on a mountain and something about an excorcism. Well, anyhow, I remembered that I dreamt that i was Googling this question. Yes, I had a dream that I was googling this question. As I’m writing this I am getting chills all over my body. The way I discovered this was that (already like two weeks later) I was going to search something on the net. You know when google something, the history of what we enter is recorded and reappears. Well guess what? When I was about to enter the words I wanted to search, my search history appeared (gosh, I’m getting more chills right now), and in the search history the entire phrase appeared as follows: “dream about excorcism and yellow school bus on mountain”
    Thus, this experience was not at all a dream. I had somehow logged onto my computer and the internet and searched for the aforementioned. My God, I was so creeped out for days and weeks afterwards. How is that possible? To this day, I’ve wanted to ask an expert of some sort, how in the world this is possible.

  131. I LOVE AMBIEN !!! It has saved my life.
    To my knowledge I have never eaten, driven, dressed or undressed, typed or phoned, yelled at my husband or made mad love to him and to the best of my knowledge he hasn’t Dead Horsed me.
    Once when I was 20 and working in a bank I had been up partying the night before, gotten little sleep, and fell asleep sitting at the typewriter. I was supposed to be typing escrow instructions; instead I typed, in the middle of a Deed and it’s legal description, a complete letter of invitation to a party I wanted to have, including a list of the people I wanted to invite. I came back to consciousness and continued typing the legal description. Only when I was proof reading a little later did I realize what I had done.

  132. The comments are sooo funny. i swear, this whole article comments and all is definitely LOL material . I know it’s not nice to laugh at this lady’s problem or any one else’s problem. But these stories are just TOO FUNNY. :) :)

  133. Thought i’d share my sleep walking stories.

    Once I went downstairs got some twizzlers, went back to bed with them still in my hands and woke up the next morning with them still in my hands, half eaten.

    Another time, I tried ironing my clothes.

    Another time, I went downstairs and started smoking a cigarette. When I tried to put it out, I couldn’t see what I was doing and got extremely frustrated. This frustration apparently caused me to recall the incident the next morning. I thought it was a dream until I went downstairs and found the mess I made.

    Another time, I just ripped up all the cigarettes I had and left them all over the floor. Don’t know what that was supposed to be symbolic of!!

  134. But what if she didn`t log-in. My computer keeps me logged in to certain sites after I turn it off. What if her computer was on the whole time and all she had to do was type?

  135. When I was a child, I would often talk in my sleep, making perfect sense. I was unaware of this until my teenage years when my father always knew what was going on in my life. Things that only myself and my boyfriend should know, my father knew. It wasn’t until I was leaving for college that my dad gave me some advice….sleep alone. I didn’t understand until he told m,e that I talked to him over and over again in my sleep. It progressed through college and as I was pursuing my PHD. In my final year of school, I went to bed and when I woke up, I was on a bench outside of a fraternity house naked. I had gotten there somehow, but had no idea about it. My car was found later that day at a bus stop about 25 miles away.

    In my adult life, I started taking Ambien. As an MD, I knew the risks. The truth of the matter is that almost on a nightly basis, I get up out of bed at least once and go to another area of my house. I have walked my dogs, swam in my pool and cooked entire meals all in my sleep. It doesn’t matter if I take Ambien or not, I am almost always doing something in my sleep. (Ambien is not meant for nightly use).

  136. Okay, its me again. I am in complete and wholeheartedly agree with the lady about
    the homework thing. Gotta find a way to make it work for you. Right? Now, back to the question,
    it is possible to be a sleepwalker and not know it? Is it possible. Is there anybody out there
    who’s made that discovery about themselves?

    Everybody seems to remember , or remember that they Don’t remember . What’s THAT about ? Does a sleepwalker remember everything done, or not?

  137. I was just browsing through a magazine when i saw an advertizment for Ambien. The advertizement had two full pages on what the warnings, inportant facts and side effects where and it states on there.

    while taking Ambien you may get out of bed while not being fully awake and do things that you do not know you are doing. The next morning, you may not remember that you did anything during the night.
    Reported activities include:

    – driving a car (sleep driving)
    – making and eating food
    – talking on the phone
    – having sex
    – sleep walking

    Ambien is like any other drug. It might work great for some people and others, think they are asleep when they are really mowing the lawn. wake up soar and smell funny…


  138. I am following the yellow brick road.

    Well first mention microwave oven if you get this. I am typing this in my sleep, Yes really I am! See how well I can wrote.

    This lovely girl touches me with her links, The one sent today makes me tear up, so nice, it made my day in every way, the song kept playing over and over again in my mind. I did leave behind another link with the Asian food. This has pictures that symbolize us.

    Hey I got a job interview for next Wednesday, it was like confirming my vision trip.

    Keep yourself in good shape and take care of yourself. Do you need a massage from all the work you do?

    I can’t wait to do the tin can if not just for 4 minutes.

    Will not be long and we make it!

    Love You, don’t write back here. Wanted to surprise you and make you laugh, so you will know how much your loved, more than you could ever imagine.

    I know in my heart that woman in the vision was you! Asking spirit to show and further gain knowledge. The visions are not all about the past, yes I was flying airplanes in World War I, but many things were not.

    Your mystical, divine and wonderful, sleep good, remember that pillow at your side and may the music echo in your mind as you drift off to sleep.

  139. Cliffy – as for me, I had no idea until the night I got extremely frustrated trying to put out the cigarette. Actually, when I went downstairs and saw the mess I made, it all came back to me but it felt like it had been a dream.

    And of course, waking up with food in your hands is one sure sign since you didn’t go to bed that way.

    And this was without any meds.

    After that incident, it started to explain all the weird things that had happenned over the years: finding things moved in the morning from where they were the night before, and having some really really vague recollection of moving it but unable to figure out when I did it since it hadnt been moved before i went to bed, but was moved when i woke up.

  140. ok, here’s one a little more complex than sending emails. when i was younger my father took a nap, came downstairs, ate supper, then played an entire game of monopoly (that he won). he acted funny thru the entire evening. he went right back to bed after the game & didn’t remember any of it the next morning. he hadn’t had even one beer & wasn’t taking drugs. we have always wondered how he did that while asleep.

  141. The prescription says take only when your are finished with normal daily activities and ready to sleep ! I didn’t believe it so I took it and waited to feel sleepy. Two weeks later I recieved 3 different packages from infomercials Beach Body, Expando lids and space bags. Can’t sleep without it but i learned my lesson via my credit card….

  142. It seems quite plausible that she was able to do all of this. Our passwords and being able to log in are so ingrained into our subconcious mind, that it doesn’t sound odd to me that someone would be able to do that in her sleep. Imagine everything that a sleep walker can do in their sleep. Make food, drive cars, people have even murdered someone while sleep walking. I’m suprised trainer professionals would be so suprised by those actions. I’m only a psych major and I fully understand the concept.

  143. I had a friend many years ago, who woke up in the middle of the night and went to the window and peed on new curtians that we had just hung the day before. I hollerd at him, and ask him what the hell he was doing, and he said I’m watering the flowers!. He then got back in his bed, souind asleep.

  144. Wow, I just spent an hour and a half-ish reading all of those! Thank you everyone. I’ve never done it myself but veing a night owl I have seen this happen many times but unfortunately can only remember one: my sister has woken up 3 times (so far) and said Sarah, what are the game’s rules. We have an aunt named Sarah and she has two friends with the name so I don’t know who she was referring to. All this stuff is really fascinating ans creepy! I want to know more about it!

  145. after sleeping in front of the tv in the living room, my brother stood up, eyes open but in a blank stare. went out the front door. entered our neighbors house. went up tothe masters bedroom and lay down in the bed, then went back to sleep. the following day he didnt know how he got there.

  146. Whoah! I’ve never heard of that. But one time when I was little, My parents and I were staying in a hotel and I woke up in the middle of the night and starting walking, then my parents asked me where I was going, and then I said to my room and then I hit the wall really hard then fell asleep. So I guess it’s possible.

  147. I originally started taking Ambien for anxiety induced insomnia, but have since become dependent on it. I’ve observed some behavior that I seem to have no control over, including binging on sweets or candy (this is of course long after I have brushed my teeth and gotten ready for bed), sending embarrassingly candid or off-the-wall emails to friends, and furiously writing down ideas for short stories, novels, screenplays and poems, that I later discover while lucid. Usually it is just terrible prose but once in a while it assumes a particularly incoherent “helter skelter” voice. Nothing malicious like the Unabomber’s manifesto, but displaying an almost schizophrenic loss of self-awareness and “stream of consciousness”. It’s a bit unnerving. Like seeing video of yourself taken whilst very drunk.

    As a writer I am usually quite fastidious about personal correspondence, will labor over sentence structure and readability even for emails, and use spell and grammar check religiously.

    In light of my own personal experiences, I have no trouble believing the stories posted here.

    I keep meaning to schedule an appointment with my GP to discuss breaking this Ambien dependency (you cannot just quit the stuff cold turkey), but I’ve been too anxious about the possibility of having the insomnia again. I’m exhausted when I can’t sleep, and so I’ve come to view Ambien as the enabler of a “normal” life. The addiction isn’t as scary as the “cure”. Just hope I don’t wind up as the headline of some story like this!

    Oh, and like many of those who posted here, I had a childhood history of sleepwalking, that started around age 6 and persisted for 3-4 years. As far as I know it was never something that required any treatment.

  148. I am an AMBIEN CR user. I have always been a “night owl”. I became a night shift worker. Now after I had my second child and needed to be on a “normal” schedule I became severely sleep deprived and developed a severe postpartum anxiety/panic disorder. I needed sleep medication on an as needed basis. And I still need it 3 years later b/c I am still an insomniac without it. Young and single insomniac is ok. Insomniac with kids and a family that run on dayshift it IMPOSSIBLE!

    I have ordered things in my sleep that I like or would want but it shows up in the mail and I have no idea how it got there. It is like someone read my mind or a dream I had and then sent me the present by mail and it arrived at my doorstep. I have had to return a few things b/c hubby was quite mad.

    I have blogged, facebooked, e-mailed and text while under the influence of AMBIEN CR. I find that my typing is still impeccable and my language skills seem to be better. I don’t talk in the same manner. Writings almost seem poetic. Some people have complimented me on how “open, honest and refreshing” I am. If they only knew I had no recollection of telling them the majority of the things I did.

    I am sometimes embarassed by the AMBIEN induced things I do but it is usually b/c I do not follow the strict directions to take right before lying down and I decide to watch TV or send out a few e-mails before I fall asleep.

    I don’t understand why I can’t wake up and find I’ve cleaned the whole house or atleast scrubbed the bathrooms…that would be awesome. Instead of waking up and finding out I’ve eaten all the snickers in the candy jar and thought it was my daughter at first.

    I definitely wouldn’t trade it though. I sleep much better now on average, I am not as anxious, I don’t sleep ALL DAY from being up ALL NIGHT and I have more friends and have developed closer relationships (lol on that last one).

    I am told by my mom and husband that it seems like I’m totally aware and not drugged a bit and they can’t believe I really can’t remember anything the next day or if I do it’s really hard to remember and it almost feels like it happened a long time ago in a dream.

    I would have love to attended the sorting out this hell hole party with wine and cavier BUT 4PM was much too early! It should be 10pm after we have all taken our AMBIEN CR!! LOL

  149. Ambien sounds alot like something I took in college called Sonota. I made the mistake one day of taking the sleeping pill after not having had anything to eat the entire day. My boyfriend at the time said it was the best acid trip he had ever seen. Apparently I had tried to leave the apartment (scary) to find the prince. Then I was convinced that the bathroom fan was asking for a banana and tried to feed it one. There was more but I made him stop after that cause I was getting freaked out. My doc told me to stop taking it right away.

  150. Okay gang. This is tooo much. I simply cant take it anymore. I thought I had problems with the
    “strange” feelings and all…now that I have read the comments on this subject, I just realized the my feelings are nothing in the face of what some of you are feeling. All of a sudden I realized just how small MY problems are . You guys are fabulous . Thanks for sharing . I gotta check back later. I’ll bet there’s a lot people yet to comment on this absolutely marvelous topic.. I dont need you to answer anymore. I’ve answered my own question . My whole life has been a dream . Yes, I’m a sleepwalker!! Proud of it . I just hope that none of the newly elected politicos are “in-the-closet” sleepwalkers . Doing stuff.Passing laws and stuff and in morning not even remembering what they have done.

    ” I do not recall” is an often-used statement of defendants in criminal cases being asked what bad things they’d done on the nite in question.

    Love you guys…thanks for sharing. Stay sweet . Keep walking . Just dont do anything ugly.

  151. Ambien strikes again! My Dr. took me off it when after doing all the above (sleep eating, walking, emailing even house cleaning buck naked)I was out of town on a business trip and drove to Ihop, ordered pancakes and ate them in my car. Unfortunately it also scored me a DUI because there were cops in Ihop (it was 2AM) they found me sitting in my car. I passed the tests with flying colors but I kept talking out of my head they said. I also once drove to Walgreens and bought $81 worth of stuff including vitamins and false eyelashes. I felt like an idiot when I returned the stuff that wasn’t opened.

    I will say, every morning I woke refreshed as if I slept all night

  152. I’ve been sleepwalking since I was 4 years old. I grew out of it during my teen years, but as I got older, it only reoccurs when I’ve had a little too much to drink that night.
    The most embarrassing time was when my boyfriend and I were at the beach, vacationing. We had drinks at the bar that night and went to the motel room to go to sleep. The AC unit wasn’t working correctly so the room was very hot. Since I had been drinking, I just stripped down to nothing and went to bed.
    2 hours later my boyfriend awoke to the door to the room being opened. I was coming from OUTSIDE, still asleep, still naked.

    I have no idea who I encountered, or how many doors I tried to open before I found the right one.

    Let’s just say I haven’t drank like that since.

  153. While I was on ambien, I didn’t just email people with strange emails, I also woke my son up in the middle of the night (he said he thought I was awake) and had him take me to Wal-Mart and I bought all kinds of things that we don’t use (like dog food….we don’t have a dog). I have also woke up in my car (thankfully my son had hid my keys from me). Sleepwalking is a subconcious thing….you do things that you would do while awake, you just don’t remember it the next day. Ambien makes people do some crazy stuff.

  154. yo, i did almost the same thing like 4 years ago, i was campin in my yard and somtime in the night, i sent my dad an email that led to us not talking for 2 years (called his wife, my stepmom, an bit{h

  155. I don’t see why so many people don’t think this could happen while sleeping. It’s very plausible.

    I once dreamed I sent a long e-mail to my professor, only to find a response from him two days later! I wasn’t sleeping, but verrrrrry tired. So yes, very possible!

    Also, from all these Ambien stories, it doesn’t sound like isolated cases to me! That’s some scary stuff!

  156. @#80:

    I agree with you. Looks like the FDA was taking Ambien and sleepwalking-ly approved the drug. Sad, sad people.

    Anyway, I have not actually had a sleep walking experience myself… However my mother has had a very recent episode.

    She woke up at 2 in the morning and went to the bathroom and down the stairs, came back up and went to the bathroom again, and then went into the babie’s room and come back out (the house was very populated at that time, considering that it was my grandmother’s house in the Philippines and a lot of people live with her there) and I was told by my cousins and even witnessed myself the tremendous noise.

    She never recalled the episode, and I find it fascinating that she was able to do all those things very functionally, especially going to the bathroom and doing work…

    And from my observations it seems that seeing spiders is a very common thing?

    I also have had a nightmare of seeing spiders (I’m Arachnophobic)all over the walls, and all over the floor, multiplying… And when I woke up I seemed short of breath, as if I had run 5 miles.

  157. to everyone on ambien: get help! i.e. therapy! stop putting other peoples lives at risk! (by driving your car, etc.)
    americans are so quick to take a pill to solve their problems instead of doing the healing work that needs to be done in their lives… there are reasons you can’t sleep and the pharmaceutical industry will not heal them! they just profit off of making you into a zombie! wake up!!!

  158. I’ve been a sleepwalker/talker/just-about-anything-you-can-do-while-awake-er since I was itty bitty. My mother and father still tell stories about things I did asleep as a child. The most dangerous was that I would leave the house and go wandering. My divorced parents lived next door to each other and both sets of grandparents lived within a block in each direction. I would go to sleep in one house and they would find me in someone else’s house the next morning. Luckily, it was a really small town and I didn’t get picked up by some pervert. One of our neighbors was a county deputy and he would come home at 4 am, see me walking around outside and guide me home. Now THAT is public service! lol

    At my dad’s house, he moved my room so I would have to go through his bedroom to get out of the house. That didn’t work. He then put a latch above the door (where supposedly I wouldn’t be able to reach), that worked for a week but then, I started moving the chair over, climbing up on it and undoing the lock.

    My stepfather would wake me up for school on the way to work. I would get up and have complete, normal conversations with no indication that I was asleep. I would even sit at the table and eat breakfast with him, talking the whole time, but I was still asleep.

    As I got older, it got a little better. I stopped leaving the house but when I moved in with my husband before we got married, he would catch me sleepwalking all the time. Several times, I have gotten up in the middle of the night, gone into the kithen and cooked a complete meal then gone back to bed. Luckily, I don’t eat any of it. I just leave it sitting out on the table with plates and dishes in the sink. I learned a long time ago not to wear anything with long or loose sleeves to bed because we have a gas stove and you never know.

    I’ve always had trouble getting to sleep but a few years ago I started having problems staying asleep. I ignored it for a while but there is a point where you can’t function at all without sleep of some sort. My doctor prescribed several different things before putting me on Ambien. I LOVE that stuff! I stopped sleepwalking on it. I don’t wander around the house in the middle of the night anymore. I go from sleep to awake quicker than I ever have; no grogginess, no half-awake/half-asleep episodes.
    If I take it and don’t go to bed, I get a little weird like I’m high or drunk and I don’t remember anything from about 15 minutes after taking it until I wake up the next morning but my husband and friends know that and can live with that. Most people don’t remember very well if someone wakes them up with a phone call in the middle of the night, it’s the same thing really. Actually, the only thing that is weird about taking Ambien is that my husband gets laid a lot more often and I don’t remember it. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t mind that, though! :-)

    As far as complex mathematical problems and being asleep go, I guess it depends on how well you do math. My husband has no problem sleeping, the man can sleep anywhere. He’s also an engineer whose specialty is automated systems in industrial facilities. He frequently gets phone calls in the middle of the night, doesn’t wake up, troubleshoots the programming in his sleep and when he goes to work the next day, he has no recall of even getting the call. He does mathematical equations in his sleep, I know this because I have to listen to it when he is stressed about work.

    The point I’m making is this: Anything you do while awake, your brain is capable of doing while asleep. I’m only surprised that these so-called professionals think their patient is unique.

  159. This Ambien drug sounds kinda interesting but thankfully I can sleep (most of the time)

    I do remember once my mom told me I got out of bed and was randomly staring at a box then she said I threw myself on her bed and went to sleep she also told me that there was another time when I was talking in my sleep and punched her in her stomach but of course I don’t remember doing any of those things lol!

  160. Just want to say that ambien cr is much worse than regular ambien. I can take regular ambien with no problem. Ambien CR and I have the weird dreams and do strange stuff that I don’t remember. I call people up too, so I can see her remembering passwords just like I remembered phone numbers.

  161. My grandfather (who hadn’t walked in something like 20 years) took ambien one night and did the following.

    chewed through and IV cord to detach it
    got up and walked (for the first time in 20 years!) across the room
    spent the remainder of the night in an armchair across the room
    woke up the next morning and told everyone how he’d slept wonderfully

  162. i have done this while very drunk so i guess its sleeping in a sense lol…myspace and myyearbook dunno what to do with me lol

  163. i don’t even use prescription drugs and i have been known to do some of these things. such as:

    1)get up, get dressed, put on makeup, go outside (and lock the door behind me) and walk about 9 blocks to my friends house, and knock on the door. when they opened it, and asked “what the hell are you doing here at 3am?” i woke up completely terrified as to how i got there. i could have been hit by a car or gotten lost. i had never walked to her house before so we’re still not sure how i pulled it off.

    2)(on different nights) made myself cereal, a bagel, toast, a salad (complete with dressing), scrambled eggs, and once, even started a pot of coffee. i don’t drink coffee.

    3)called my ex and apparently had a conversation about how i always thought about him, missed him, loved him, yada yada. this was about 2 years after we broke up, hadn’t talked to him or even thought about him since, and i have no idea how i remembered his number.

    4) (my personal favorite) reorganized my room at 4am. i’m not talking like hanging a poster or two, my room is about 16’by10′. i moved the bed to the opposite side of the room, blocking the door, moved two dressers, a desk, a tv stand, 2 floor lamps, a chair, and a book shelf. i had it all neatly organized, even the books in order, and woke up sleeping on the floor where my bed USED to be with no idea how my room flipped around.

    5) stripped naked, got into the shower, turned it on full power cold and sat down. my mom found me shivvering in there what we guess was about an hour later.

    and last but not least:
    6) wrote a poem about cats. yes, cats. it was about 2 pages long, even had rhyming words in it, though not well written. and surprising still, the sentances were straight, and in line.

    fun stuff!

  164. My Ex Wife always slept walked. In fact on several occassions she would get up and actually clean the house.Washing dishes, vacuum, dust…I could be sitting in the chair and she would walk past me like I wasn’t even there. So I did what any good husband would do. I let her finish cleaning and took credit for it in the morning…..

  165. I used Ambien for a while, and I can say I believe it. I would have sex and not remember…my hubby was not a good sport about it at first…until our neighbor showed up in our kitchen in his underwear thinking his own house was being robbed…he too took Ambien….my dh then seemed to understand. The more I researched, I realized most sleeping pills can cause you to act out in your sleep….Ambien just really had an effect on me. I agreed to take it to sleep after my thrid child. I was nursing and needed a sleep aid with a short half life that I could still get up the next morning…Ambien works great, but I believe it needs to be taken off the market because too many dangerous things have happened to Ambien users. I used to analyze ER charts for a hospital…too bad sleep aid incidences aren’t reportable like vaccine complications or seizures or stds…I could go on and on, but I guess the most important thing anyone can do is WARN people this may happen. Health care workers especially need to let patients know!

  166. I use to be on ambien. I feel asleep once still eating bread. My husband says i write the best naughty letters while on it. Didn’t even know i could write that good till i woke upa and saw it. I never did nothing harmful while on them. They are like any other drug different people react different ways. I like them and they helped me sleep better and feel better the next morning.

  167. when i was about 11 or 12 i would babysit my little sister while my mother went to night school. i would put her to bed and then go watch tv. sometimes she would get up and walk out to where i was and sit next to me on the couch and start talking to me as if everything was normal but her eyes were always glassy and she didn’t seem to be really watching the tv. the next day i would always ask her about what we talked about the night before and she never remembered any of the conversations. we would talk about things that were going on in our everyday lives and she would respond like she was wide awake but she wasn’t. i’m not surprised by this story at all.

  168. I think it must be horrible to sleepwalk. My girlfriend used to tell me I would be laying there with my eyes open and making wierd noises in her face sometimes or talking in my sleep and I always thought it was a joke but she video taped me doing it. I feel sorry for people that get up and do strange things in thier sleep. Just thoguht I would add my empathy to the sleepwalkers.

  169. I’ve been taking Ambien for about ten years. One night after taking it I saw a mouse on the floor gazing at me with beady little eyes. The next morning I had no recollection of it, but I put on an old sweatshirt – – – embroidered with (what else?) mice! That afternoon, I remembered the mouse as if it were a dream. A couple of nights later, my husband and I were on the sofa watching TV when the actual mouse showed up in the same spot. Weird.

    Also weird: I make hot chocolate when I am “going under,” with no recollection of it the next morning. However, the evidence is usually spilled down the front of my pj’s. My brother who lives in another town does the same thing.

    BUT HOLD ON. Let’s not talk about taking it off the market. I take it for PTSD. It’s preferable to jumping out of bed like a scalded cat every fifteen minutes.

  170. Five years ago I got the first glimpse of the things my Dad would do after taking Ambien and NOT going to bed. Tearing open packages of junk food and pouring as much as he could into his mouth while the rest would dump onto the floor was one thing.

    The day my Mom came to my office and told me he had tried to strangle her the night before after taking Ambien before gettting into bed — well that was quite another. She had hand print bruises on her neck. She was terrified and so were my brother, sister and I.

    We three had to arrange an intervention for the family with his doctor. He was so ashamed which was so sad.

    I believe that coincidently he had a severe and permanent personality change.

    He still has trouble sleeping and guess what? His doctor prescribes Ambien CR. I think he had a good enough scare that he’s been a good boy and doesn’t take it until he is in the bed, not planning to get up.

    As a child I talked in my sleep, mostly doing math outloud.

    I practice lucid dreaming, but not alot of luck so far. I’d give anything to be able to put a book under my pillow like Edgar Cayce, sleep on it and the next day be able to recite anything from its contents.

    If you must take Ambien, follow the friggin’ instructions and be IN the bed when you take it. In my opinion, be prepared for memory loss, and some loss of cognitive ability.

  171. When is all of this stuff going on? Before you take your meds, or after? Or any time? Sounds to me like you take your pill and then begin your issues.

  172. Ambien is horrible shit. Wandering around at night, zombie-like, with blood running down arms….I can’t understand how this stuff is still on the market? Oh, yea. The psychiatrists love to prescribe it.

  173. I hate Ambien. I have never taken it, nor will I ever. A friend of mine drove about 30 miles on a major highway in her sleep and only woke up when she hit the guard rail with the side of her car.

    She could have been killed or caused a terrible accident and killed other people. Very dangerous stuff, and these are very commonly reported things. It should be off the market.

  174. I used to walk when I was a child and into my early teenage years. I woke up one time to discover that I had no curtains, and was surprised that my mother had come in and taken them down to wash them without waking me up. Then I sat up in bed — and saw the curtains in a pile in the middle of my bedroom floor. I had taken them down, rod and all, removed them from the rod, and then bent the rod and stood it in a corner of my room. No recollection of it whatsoever. Most of the time I wasn’t destructive, though — just active! As far as I know, I’ve grown out of it completely, but I know I still talk occasionally.

  175. Hmm. My first post got lost. Here goes again.

    Have taken Ambien for years. One night saw a beady-eyed mouse. Next day, no recollection, but I put on an old mouse sweatshirt. That afternoon I remembered it as a dream. Few nights later the real mouse showed up – – – in the same spot.

    HOLD ON! Let’s not get hasty about wanting it off the market. I take it for PTSD. Preferable to jumping out of bed like a scalded cat.

  176. I used to take Ambien and yes it makes you see and do crazy things! One night my boyfriend said that I got up out of my sleep laughing uncontrollably, when he asked what was wrong, he said I just laughed even harder got out of bed, closed the bedroom door for no reason, then climbed back into bed and was out like a light. When he told me what I did the next morning, I had no memory of it! Another time, He said that I got up to use the bathroom and began screaming and yelling that there was a little ghost boy making fun of me. He ended up hiding the pills. After that I went through withdrawals and didn’t sleep for 3 days straight! Do not take Ambien!

  177. From wisconsin

    An older single man around 50 years of age after a few beers and ambien slept-walked in minus 30 degrees this winter and froze to death 50 yards from his house. he had a history of sleepwalking with ambien, including starting his truck and ramming it into his neighbors house and yard and then going back and sleeping, not remembering a thing. side effects include death, but u sleep well but who cares its legal, right, but evil weed is illegal. go figure.

  178. I AM a sleepwalker and have been since I was young. I once sat in the hallway of my parents home and told my sister I needed “see-through paper.” She tried to give me a regular piece of paper and I got mad at her. She told me to go to bed so I did. I’ve attempted to change bed sheets in my sleep (with people ON the bed), followed my cat down the hallway and woke myself up while talking to him, I have entered the livingroom and asked my kids where I was, and when they told me I was in the livingroom I said, “no, that’s not it.” They asked ME where we were and I said, “Antartica.”

    I have chronic insomnia and take Ambien now. I have never been caught sleepwalking while taking it, but if I take 1/2, I will wake up EXACTLY 4 hours later.

  179. Oh please I have been on Ambien for years adn nothing happened to me such as you describe.It is the ONLY way I can sleep.Thoses people that did stupid things would do them not on Ambien.

  180. my uncle used to take ambien, my aunt told me that once he got up out of bed, got dressed, grabbed his daughter(my cousin)’s bookbag and gone outside to stand at the edge of the driveway. they followed him out and asked him what he was doing and he said ‘waiting for the bus to school’ my uncle is 57 years old and hasn’t gone to school since high school

  181. I don’t take ambien…i take a different sleep medication…but i can totally believe this happened. More times than i can count my boyfriend has called after I’ve gone to bed and i will have no recollection of talking to him. As a matter of fact it happened again just last night. And as for the computer…i leave my computer on, and all my passwords are stored in the computer so i don’t have to constantly re-enter them every time i need to use a program, online or off.

  182. Several times while in college, i would ‘wake up’ behind the wheel of my car in the student parking lot – and had NO conscious recollection of driving there…no telling how many cars i’d passed, or had maybe passed me.
    Couldn’t even tell you which particular route i’d taken to GET there (the campus was 20 miles outside of town).

    Damn-spooky, though. Began to bother me when that happened. Was always afraid something might happen – like turn in front of an oncoming semi or some kind of farm equipment (lots of agriculture around).

    LUCKILY…i was always fully-clothed when it happened!

  183. “I’m not normally a sleepwalker, but I do have issues with turning off my alarm clock in my sleep. That being said, about a month ago, I woke up and found that not only had I completely disassembled my computer tower in my sleep, but I had carefully scattered the components throughout the house. Wierd.”

    O_o How odd… How very odd. I do the exact same thing; if I use the same alarm clock for more than a few days I’ll learn how to turn it off without waking up…

    Then there was that time I didn’t wake up but I still went to school… I woke up abouth halfway through second period when I apparently walked up to someone I knew who was in a studyhall and started talking to them… They asked me what I was doing there and I had to think about it, which then caused me to be awake. Then I’m like “??? When and where is this ???”


  184. OMG I can’t stop laughing at some of these stories. A few were definitely sobering, but hahahaha this was awesome.

    There could be a book “Things I did on Ambien…”

    Now I will never go near Ambien, as when I was younger I had a history of doing weird things while asleep, but haven’t done anything since.

    The most amusing incident was at a sleepover. My friend and I both talked in our sleep, so when she started talking I responded. We totally freaked out my other friend who was awake during the whole thing.

    That story just isn’t even funny compared to the Ambien shit though!

  185. I find it hard to believe that you had an episode with a prescription drug and didn’t consult your doctor.
    I have sleep apnea, headaches, arthritis, oateoporsis, depression, anxiety, diabetes, chronic upper back pain, and pulmanory fibrosis.

    I have been prescribed numerous medications over the course of the last four years. I had a lot of bad reactions and promptly told my doctor, who took me off them and prescribed something else.

    My doctor told me it would take a lot of trial and error to find just the right medications for me. I now take Ambein, Effexor, Adavan, and am on a Fentynal pain patch. I have some side effects from the Fentynal, but the pain relief far outways the effects. These are the things you must discuss with your doctor.
    Unfortunately I have a intolerance for many medications, especially steroids that are used for transplant tissue antirejection, so I may never be able to have a lung transplant.
    I had hallucinations with one of the prescribed medications and a six month complete memory loss with another that included having a minor car accident and driving away from the scene.
    Saying that a drug is evil and should be removed because you had a bad reaction is not only ignorant but dangerous for those that are required to take them.

  186. Ambien works great for me. It helps with the problems associated with menopause and when a migraine hits. I sleep through the night sweats and it helps me get to sleep when my head is pounding. I’ve never had any of the side effects listed above though.
    My stepson does sleepwalk and I wholeheartedly believe this story. He has a 10 PM bedtime but is usually back awake between midnight and 1 AM. He gets up, fixes his breakfast which is usually a Jethro bowl of cereal, goes back into his room to get dressed then to the bathroom to brush his teeth and finish getting ready for school…the bus doesn’t come until 6:30 AM. We’ve tried to wake him up gently during these episodes. When we do succeed, he is totally clueless as to why he’s standing in the kitchen with a bowl of cereal in his hands.

  187. I take ambien & I myself have done a few random things. I have made phone calls and sent out silly texts messages with no recollection, made food and and a mess in the kitchen, and even attempted to rearrange my closet. So I have woken up many times with my house a mess thanks to ambien.

  188. I myself have had experiences with sleep walking too. As well as sleep talking. But when i talk it makes no sense, ive been told a say things along the lines of “the blue dog dorve away”, no idea whats going on there. And when I sleep walk I would usually talk to furniture evidently. generally the other side of the conversation was a bookworm or couch potato, lol. (couches and bookcases). I have had one instance though where I had a vivid memory of the night and waking up, turning right going into the room over seeing my step-mom breastfeeding my little brother sAYING HELLO and going back to bed. However the next morning my stepmom told me she saw me go LEFt to the bookcase and start talking to it, very strange.

  189. I DID THE SAME THING , while taking Ambien. Ambien is a great drug for insomnia, but Doctors need to warn patients that this can and does happen! After taking my Ambien one night, I actually got in the car, and drove to a local convenience store. I was shocked when I woke the next day, saw that my car had been moved (I have the only keys) and there were candy wrappers on the floor of the car- then it came back to me, what I had done. There are other things I have done that I won’t write about here. But thank goodness, she didn’t drive a car. Anyone living with someone taking Ambien or drugs like Ambien, should be aware of the effects, and watch out for behavior that is odd. I no longer take it.
    Sleepless in Texas

  190. I am warning people about the dangers of ambien
    I was on a safari in Africa and I took one and slept all night , but the next morning my daughter told me that I had gone to the toilet, that was away from our tent and had fallen down, she had to come an get me and I don’t remember anything about the night. I read where lady got up and painted her front and went back to bed . It should be off the market

  191. Ambien is DANGEROUS!!! Sleep e-mailing is mild compared to sleep driving, which could get you or someone else killed. It’s only a matter of time before someone on Ambien kills someone through sleep driving. I never take this stuff anymore! A few nights of insomnia is a small price to pay for safety and piece of mind.

    As for e-mailing in my sleep, I do that too. Also a result of medication for Manic Depressive Disorder. When I get Manic my dreams become lucid and I get up and do things, but nothing dangerous. Nothing like ambien.

  192. Well, I don’t think this is any different from driving home from a party drunk, and wondering how you got home when you wake up in your bed the next morning and all of your doors are locked.

  193. I am a musician and a songwriter and write songs on a regular basis (daily) , a few times when i wake up the next day I realized I had music composed on my computer and I simply cannot remember writing it. Usually these pieces are short 30 second parts. Supposedly id wake up, walk to the next room compose short pieces and fall back asleep. I have done this 3 times, for 3 different songs. The music isn’t bad at all! I would freak out though if it was like evil devil music

  194. So when did this become the “I hate Ambien” rant? It just so happens that the very first post mentioned Ambien, but the article itself never mentioned it. The closest line at all is the last line of the article: “It’s thought that the somnambulistic episode may have been triggered by prescript­ion medication.”

    I suppose I need to learn to sleep read a little better so I can figure out how that line spells Ambien…

  195. Ambien is DANGEROUS It weakens your immune system had 6 outbreaks of fever blister 6 straight months while on it when I stopped take ambein have never had one since

  196. Ambien is not safe to take, and should be pulled immediately!!! To bad the FDA is to lazy to do anything about it, the Pharmaceutical companies are contaminating America’s health! We are the only country to allow Pharmaceutical Advertisement on T.V. Why is that?
    There was a kid that made national news about taking Ambien. He woke up early in the morning and took his Dad’s gun to school and held his teachers hostage, and afterwards had no recollection of it.

    My Mom took Ambien once, she would always go to bed around 10 or so…Well, one particular night my Dad was up around midnight in the kitchen and sitting at the dinner table. She went to bed around her usual time that night and my Dad was still sitting at the table. Apparently she got out of bed and proceeded to the kitchen and opened the fridge and got the left-overs and joined my Dad. She sat at the opposite end of the table facing him, and for the first five minutes just looked at my Dad with a blank stare drooling, and would not respond to anything. He thought she was possessed, but after a minute my Dad knew from previous experiences it was from the stupid drug taking it’s effect. Then she came to, but her speech was incoherent, and she made a lousy attempt to eat her midnight meal by missing her mouth with every spoonful. The food just fell on the floor, and then literally after a half an hour of this craziness she laid her head in the dinner plate and went to sleep. No recollection of anything…

  197. As a nurse, I can say that ambien is a drug that should be taken off the market. Many Dr.’s today wont prescribe the medication because of it’s side effects. People should try melatonin, benedryl, or maybe restoril instead.

    Ive taken ambien in the past. I didnt experience any sleepwalking or sleep-emailing. However, one time I did take a vicodin for some aches associated with work, and I couldnt remember my name when I woke up. I didnt know where I was. Scary stuff. Now I know how older patients of mine feel when they get all wacked out in the middle of the night.

    Something funnier–when I was a kid, I remember my older brother sleep walking when my parents had company over. He walked into the kitchen, opened the oven, and then took a good long piss in the oven. Everyone couldnt stop him for laughing so hard. Good times.

  198. O.K, I truly thought I was losing my mind until I read your comments about Ambien. I have always had trouble sleeping until my Dr. prescribed Ambien 10mg. over 5 years ago, now I sleep fine, I thought so.
    One day I went into work and the secretaries asked why I was at work because I had called out sick during the night. I had NO recollection of calling out sick from work, they told me I mumbled for a few seconds and then said I would be out sick for the day.
    My sister will tell me about conversations we have in the middle of the night, she is on call for a hosptial third shift, I do not remember any of it.
    the last episode was just last week. I posted a comment to my facebook and wished 4 people on my Friends list a Happy Birthday. The comment was out of character for me and included personal information that I would not tell anyone, especially post it! This was all done in the middle of the night, I do not remember doing any of it!
    Yes, I’m awake now and I know I’m posting this!

  199. Sounds like they need some devil’s food cake! Many cheers to Ambien insanity! The best party drug ever!

  200. Where as I find it hard to believe this woman loged on to her computer, I can believe she sent the e-mails in her sleep. MY grandmother, who worked office jobs her whole life happened to have a scaner in her kitchen. She was known for dozing off while drinking coffee and doing the cross words. But she also had a habbit of writting short hand in her sleep when something came across scaner…well the crosswords looked really funny.

  201. This does not surprise me, even if she WEREN’T on any sleep aids – prescribed or not. I’m fortunate enough to not have to take a prescription (or OTC, for that matter) to fall asleep; I have figured out that a little meditation will do it for me. However, I do talk/walk in my sleep. Always have, probably always will. The main thing I do is go to the bathroom. Many people have told me that I do this, and I have absolutely no recollection. My ex-husband will be the first to tell you about it. A friend of mine years ago told me that, after falling asleep at his house, I held a complete & normal conversation with him, and in the middle of it, I got up and went to the bathroom! I even told him to walk with me since we were still talking! He waited outside the (open) door and kept talking. To this day, I don’t remember this, and it’s been 8 years since it happened. I have held conversations that don’t always make sense. I tend to slur/jumble words and make statements/comments that are completely off-topic or just don’t make sense at all. One night the ex started talking to me in my sleep (trying to get me to “tell on myself”), and I got mad at him because he was interrupting a conversation between myself and my sister, whom I could see plain as day, standing at the foot of our bed. I got REALLY mad when I looked over at him while pointing at her, and when I looked back she was gone. I, then, “woke up” and told him that next time he decided to interrupt my conversations when I’m sleeping, to think twice about it. LMAO!! Whatever it was must have been pretty important because to this day, I still haven’t forgiven him for it (it’s been almost 7 years since that happened). These things are perfectly “normal” behavior for someone who is awake. Your body and brain repeat these actions every day without your even thinking about it, so why not when you’re asleep? I’ve driven home half awake/half asleep before (I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING IT, THOUGH!!!); I changed gears in my truck and everything!! I only remember about a mile and a half of the 8 mile drive, too. When I got home, I do remember thinking that I didn’t have the energy to walk in the house, so I parked in the middle of my driveway, which blocked my dad in, and slept in my truck (I did this on purpose so that Dad would know I made it home ok). When Dad went to leave that morning, he woke me up and asked why I decided to park there instead of my “normal” spot. I told him that I was too sleepy to make it in the house.

    I, also, have a bad habit of incorporating reality into my dreams (and vice-versa), then having a hard time distinguishing the two until I’m awake and can “consciously” sort it all out. This happens most when I hear my alarm clock go off; I’ll notice the sounds of it in my dream and wonder, “Where the hell is that sound coming from?!” or it will replace the sound of someone’s voice in my dream. Very annoying, to say the least!

    My mom has a bad habit of sleepwalking and talking, as well, so I get it honest. I’m sure my kids will develop this in a few years, too, but time will tell on that one.

  202. I shopped online on Ambien, took in stray cats, did crafts, and called people, but by far my favorite is when I decided I had too many wrinkles. How do you get rid of wrinkles? With a chemical peel. Did I have any chemicals to use? Sure ‘nuf. I slathers Compound W wart remover on my laugh lines–then went to bed. I just about dropped dead when I went into the bathroom the next morning and saw myself in the mirror. Luckily the burns weren’t too deep. They didn’t scar.

  203. What do is this ‘hell hole’ that needs to get sorted out over a little wine and cavier? Is she talking about her vagina? I am no dream expert, but I’d be pretty sure she’s talking about her hoo-haw. I know Sigmund would agree. haha

  204. This is the most interesting & comprehensive posting I have ever read about the effects of ambien. I have been a nightly user for 13 years, and I can’t go without it. I am aware of the effects and the memory loss, but I usually remember later the next day (but vaguely). But what is missing from these posts, is that in almost nearly every bizarre case:

    Ambien plus alcohol creates these effects.
    Ambien alone without any alcohol rarely does.

    People who blame ambien dont disclose their alcohol intake when taking this drug and then argue about its affects alone. If you take 10MG , one tablet, and drink several glasses of wine or beer (or worse hard liquor) strange things are more likely to happen, including the fact that you may decide to take another ambien. Then some of the craziest things can happen as outlined above. If you take it on an empty stomach and drink and do “one more thing” you will find yourself totally spaced out in a “crack like euphoria.” The effects will be magnified. Those who use recreationally like to take with alcohol and after they have digested their food. I dont know what to say to except it does stop the chatter, or conversation going on in your head before sleeping that can keep you up and that is the hardest thing to give up: the assurance of a perfect night sleep. Finally, the other crazy thing is that even after the wildest of misadventures and sleepwalking, eating, etc like the ones depicted, I can virtually guarantee they felt well rested in the morning. There would be riots in the street and back alley production of this drug in other parts of the world if it was banned. People would get this drug no matter what.

  205. I’ve never taken ambien, but I used to sleepwalk when I was little. One time, I had just started to date a new guy and I stressed to him that i didn’t like getting into a habit of doing the same things over and over again(like dinner and a movie). One day b4 heading over to his place there had been a lot of chaos going on at my house since my little brother kept throwing stuff down the toilet and my dad had to do a lot of plunging. So once i got to his house i just want to relax. We put in a movie and he sat on the couch and had a pillow on his lap that i was laying on. i was trying to fight to stay awake and the next thing i know he says to me “See we’re already getting stuck in a rut”. Subconciously i replied “How else are you suppose to get to know somebody unless they stick their plunger in your toilet.” He was in a state of shock and said “what”. I had to ask him i what i said i had no idea and was mortified beyond belief.

  206. My sister takes Ambien and will OFTEN log into forums and post stuff. She won’t even know she’s posted anything until the next day when people ask about her rambling.

    I was also prescribed Ambien my second year of college and I actually played a game of basketball in my garage with my boyfriend. He had no idea I had already taken my medicine and I had no memory of playing basketball.

    Ambien does WEIRD stuff.

  207. Honestly, I don’t use that prescription for sleep and I had have a sleepwalk issues when I grew up. I never forget what my roommate told me in past a few years ago as I would says around 1988 or 1989: Happened middle of night, I ran outside of apartment while I was completely naked and wave to army helicopter as was screaming to them which I didn’t know what was I saying to them by screaming. My roommate ran and grab me as pull me back inside the apartment as did put blanket cover on me at the middle of parking lot. The whole neighbor got so pissed and mad as told my roommate to locked the chain around both of arm as that way won’t happens ever again.

    I was totally shocked and very embarrassing myself so much. Everytime, when I get ready go out and I could see those neighbor looked at me as make sure I don’t do anything like that. Honestly, I didn’t even remember what did I do that and didn’t even remember how do I did it… I have no memory about this and I thankful my roommate did ran as grad me as pull me back inside the apartment at the same time put blanket cover on me. I bet army helicopter and the whole neighbor saw my naked body looks like.. I felt so lousy and very embarrassed..


  208. If you are having trouble sleeping I recommend a much safer alternative created by the good Lord Almighty that doesn’t have these dangerous side effects. It’s called marijuana, it can grow naturally just about any place on earth and it will definitely help you get to sleep without harming yourself or others! Much better than Ambien, I will NEVER take that again, horrible re-occuring nightmares among other side affects.

  209. i too have done and eaten strange things while on ambien. apparently i also have seemingly fully alert conversations with my housemate. i have absolutely no recollection of any of this the next day. i used to get angry thinking he had eaten all MY favorite goodies and was making up all the weird things i said and did, but now have done the research and found it is quite common with ambien. i am glad they haven’t pulled it from the market, though, ‘cuz it’s the only legal thing i’ve found that helps me sleep and i don’t feel groggy in the morning.

  210. It will be interesting to see the postings between 11:00PM & 5:00AM when the “Ambien vampires” come online. You will see a bunch of ambien postings in response to this one. Just look at the posting time. It will happen for certain. Ambien plus drinking plus surfing the web is a total addiction.

  211. Yep, Ambien does that. It never put me to sleep, for some reason, but I remember one night singing the song that Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato sang in Camp Rock, over and over again, very high-pitched. I had looked at the clock before and after, and it was an hour to the very minute. Soon after, all my brothers and sisters and I agreed that I should never again try Ambien. My mother, however, does take it, and she has had several cases of waking up and seeing text messages in her phone history that she never remembered sending.

  212. my mom who takes ambien cr tends to wake me up all hours of the night asking if i want breakfast….i follow her in the kitchen to find she has made pancakes and eggs and sausage…and im left to think ..what????? i go ahead and eat and she has no memory of it

  213. It may as well seem to be a “coordinated movement” but let’s not forget that there is no single evidence-based research proving that in such cases the brain shuts down and becomes unable to do the daily routine movements. So, it is most likely he was asleep and doing those things subconsciously following the “scientific method” of doing one thing over and over again hence being able to soon do it mechanically without long consideration.

    It may also be that the women is suffering mental issues.

  214. Hmm… These comments could explain two things in my life.
    I frequently oversleep and am late to work, but I don’t know why.
    I used to set my alarm clock on normal volume to wake up to, and that worked for a bit. But then I wouldn’t wake up and I’d often find my alarm clock completely shut off (with no recollection of doing it). Then I decided that maybe I was turning it off in my sleep, so I set it all the way across my (small) room out of arms reach and on the maximum volume. Yet again I woke up hours later than the time I had set.
    So I began setting TWO alarm clocks, the second I received as a Christmas gift earlier this year. They both make different noises for alarms.
    SO, I placed each of them at opposite corners of my room, on full volume, and set them to go off five minutes apart (so I’d have to get up twice and walk over to turn them off).
    AGAIN, I woke up past when I was supposed to.
    I was desperate.
    So I got ANOTHER alarm clock. This time it was my cell phone I used, for I could set multiple alarms to go off.
    I did everything as I did before, but then I also set FOUR more alarms in my cellular (each five minutes after each other).
    But guess where I am still at at 9:36 AM?

    When I was in High School my younger brother (he was 13) fell asleep on our couch in the living room. Not wanting to wake him because he usually never got sleep (we’d catch him up late laying in bed staring at the ceiling completely silent), my mother grabbed his legs and I carried his torso as we lifted him off the couch & began carrying him upstairs to his bed.
    We’d made it ten steps through the kitchen when he violently awoke and began screaming and swearing.
    In GERMAN.
    He shouted some words for a few seconds then went limp in our hands, completely asleep! My mother and I just stood and stared wondering what he could’ve possibly just said, and wondering whether or not to call an exorcist.
    Next day he had no recollection of it, at all.
    And the freakiest part was that we don’t speak German. Yes it is in our heritage, but not a lick did we speak. We knew no one that spoke German, and we knew no music containing German lyrics or words. And the only reason we found out it was German was we looked up the words online and discovered some terrifying translation (I wish I could remember it), but we thanked God that it didn’t translate into anything religiously related,
    because then we WOULD have called an exorcist.

  215. I have a lot of special self defense features built into my life because of my sleepwalking habits. You can set limits in your mind that will actually work when you are sleep walking. My primary rule is never to leave my apartment. I have all sorts of psychological alarms set up if I am about to leave my safe zone. For example, if I see my hand on the door knob, I have a predelivered response that sends me back to bed. I set up these responses when I am awake and aware of the world. These kind of mental safety mechanisms keep me from doing stupid things while I am sleep walking. I hope that my experience in managing this disorder will help others with the same problem.

  216. I started acting and talking in my sleep when I started antideppressants. I woke up one night talking about a house, my roommate was replying in her sleep about her cell phone (she had been having problems with it). We were talking to eachother but hearing only what we wanted to hear.

    I went to a relative’s house with my mom, and we slept in the same bed. I simply sat up twice. I sat at the side of the bed leaning down like I was doing something. When my mom asked I told her I was picking up the baby’s toys. There were no kids at that house or any that I knew of nearby. The worst was when she woke up to me swinging a lamp around. I told her I was helping someone out of a chair. She woke me enough for me to put it back on the nightstand. I picked up the lamp the next morning to see how much it weighed. It was a really heavy cast iron lamp, as heavy as a big iron pot. While I was asleep it seemed to weigh nothing.

    Now I am on ambien. Sometimes it makes me see double, lights, and the numbers on my clock seems to be dancing a little bit. I feel like my body is rocking with my legs rocking in different directions. Kind of like being on a flexible floatie in the pool with gentle waves. My walking becomes staggard, it seems to take longer for my brain to register my foot position. I feel so calm on it, it is a wonderful feeling. I think it is funny to watch the numbers on the clock “dance” or to look in the mirror and see 3 or 4 eyes. I kind of enjoy it even though it doesn’t happen every night. It is more likely to happen if I take the meds before doing my night routine in the bathroom, like the extra activity provokes it.

    I keep a walkway clear to my door. I do not have crafts with wet surfaces out.

  217. I tuke my Amb-n 15mg, abbout an our ago. Maybee I nede to make shore Im rely awack b4 eye tip this. ATT lest i thunk eye m. Seriously, the Ambien DOES slow me down by this time. It HAS been about 65 mins since I took it. The only thing I noticed differently is that sometimes if I get up to go to the bathroom, I’ll end up downstairs eating a sandwich because all I can think about is the sandwich. One night I ate three sandwiches and never DID go to the bathroom…I forgot why I got up. I now weigh 345 lbs, but I sleep through breakfast!

  218. These “experiences with Ambien ” is obviously a subject that people are looking to explore and discuss. Judging by the amazing response we have something here. Oprah anyone? No? I bet you this gets picked up and becomes a larger story. Any of the crazy nighttime TMZ stories (that include erratic behavior, very erratic behavior) are Ambien & alcohol related.

  219. I have never been on any sleep medicine. I’ve never went to the doctors to see if I have problems. But I have been known to do strange things while asleep. I’ve talked on the phone not remembering who I talked to. I’ve also been known to get up an walk around. I’ve moved from my bed to the floor back onto the bed goto the kitchen and make food. I can’t explain why I do this. Maybe it’s something i’m just so use to doing while awake tht I even do it in my sleep. Truthfully I believe in this womens cause. An I hope she sends me an invite too ;)

  220. I’ve had an entire text conversation in my sleep once. It was weird, because I don’t sleepwalk, and I wasn’t under the influence of any drugs, alcohol, or sleep aids. But the next morning I awoke to find that my inbox had evidence of a whole conversation with someone from the night before. Now, how’s that for “complex behavior”?

  221. When I was just a “little kid”, I was told by my mother that I had gotten out of bed and continued on downstairs. She stopped me and asked what I was doing. I told her I was going to hide some Easter Eggs!! (I thought I still believed in the little Easter Bunny at the time… hmmmmm….)

    Umbriel: GREAT explanation for the stimulus package.. although I do think it must involve something more than just Ambient !! (A product which I have never tried, nor do I plan to try!!)

    Some fun posts!!! :)

  222. A friend and I stayed in a hotel and worked out early in the evening. I was running on a treadmill most of the time. The next mourning he told me I got up during the night and he watched me run in place ( like on a treadmill ) for 10 minutes then climbed back in my bed.

  223. i have been taking ambien off and on since 1996, not long after it first hit the market. the only time i have had a problem is when i take it and don’t get in bed right away. mix it with alcohol and you are asking for trouble. as for a class action lawsuit, give me a break. i sure the lawyers are just waiting for the FDA to take it off the market. the problem is this is not a recreational drug. every drug under the sun effects different people in different ways. apparently ambien acts as a brain stimulant in some of these people. if i got up and made breakfast every night without remembering it i would be as big as a house. thank God the stuff works for me and i don’t have these issues. i feel badly for those that exhibit these side effects. but don’t say it needs to be taken off the market people. get a grip. i think it probably helps more people than it causes harm, strange behaviour notwithstanding!

  224. i have invited and promised my daughters friend that she can have a 30th birthday party at my house…too bad the next day i didnt remember a thing…i also sleep type after taking Ambien….oh yes, and if u have a few drinks before taking an ambien…god only knows what u will say or type… ambien is kicking in….zzzzzzzzzzz…did i say that???

  225. I got on the roof at 3am and was applying an elastomeric coat after taking ambien. I have also gone to get food (in the car). I have also done some really cool writing that still blows me away, too bad I don’t remember any of it. Good thing I have an understanding wife.

  226. The Ambien thing is amazing. Two years ago I was badly injured in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I was sent to Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego to recover. After about 5 months there my primary care Doc put me on Ambien for sleep. One morning one of the other guys in the medical hold unit told me that the night before a security guard had taken me back to my room when he found me walking at 3 in the morning. I was told I told the guard I was on “parameter patrol”. I thought my friend was pulling my leg. The next morning I got up and could not find my crutches. They turn up outside at the fence line. That day I told the Doc to DC the Ambien. That is scary stuff.

  227. Don’t blame everything on drugs though ya’ll, I have two full time jobs (have for nearly 3 years). I sleep about 3-4 hours a day, and have found myself driving from one town to another and found myself “waking up” driving downtown (obeying the street signs, lights and crosswalks)in another town along the way. Its amazing how the mind works

  228. As a 35 year old sleepwalker, I believe this could happen. Some of the episodes I would gradually come awake and realize that I wasn’t were I was suppose to be (in my bed). I would wake up standing somewhere in or out of the house, or sometimes wake myself by getting frustrated because I couldn’t do something like turn a doorknob. When I was a child, my parents recall many a times finding me at the front door jiggling the doorknob trying to get it open. Some of my sleepwalking spells I remember everything about. But most are only told by others who have found me during the night and returned me safely to my bed. 1 crazy thing is when a sleepwalker meets another sleepwalker during these times. I have 3 children and 1 of them also sleepwalks. My husband has told of finding the 2 of us just standing in the same room looking and talking to each other like it was the middle of day like nothing was wrong. I’m not sure if it’s normal that all sleepwalkers talk while they are asleep or not, I’ve not done any research on it, but I talk up a storm in my sleep wheather I’m asleep or not. I’ve woke myself up talking to So I say anything is possible.

  229. My mother was taking Ambien and living alone. She got up one morning and poured boiling hot water on her upper body and legs with no recollection. She has suffered terribly. I went to tend to her after her hospitalization, I’m a nurse, it took me a couple of nights only to figure out just how much the Ambien was affecting her. Sleep walking. Talking nonsense. Eating. Cooking for her dead husband. There is nothing funny about it. I hope no one ever has to suffer because of this medication and I do hope and pray that they take it off of the market. Needless to say she is not taking Ambien anymore. She no longer has memory problems.

  230. i remember when i was a teenager my two younger brothers shared a bedroom and i walked in their room while they were both fast asleep, but in REM sleep. one said something out loud in the form of a question and right after that the other one said something in nearly the same tone that answered the question. it still amazes me to this day. wish i could remember the exact words they spoke…

  231. While staying at my sister’s house , I was having trouble sleeping , so I “sampled ” some of her maedication , which really knocked me out .
    The next day I received a reply from an e-mail I had sent to a friend . Her opening line was ” I have no idea what you’re trying to say . It’s very confusing “.
    Turned out I had sent her an e-mail in my sleep ( or maybe I was so loaded I just thought I was still asleep ). In this message , I believed I was an alien life form and did not care for the way humans did things , especially the way they treated me . But I was going to have the last laugh because we were about to prove how we were far superior to humans.I don’t mess with other peoples meds anymore.

  232. You have got to say, “JUST BLESS HER HEART” poor gal, I’m sure she is highly upset about it, so why some have to say it could not have happened I don’t know, or not really come right out and say it could not have happened, but nearly that. Just say a little prayer for her in any way you pray, in your own way, and if you don’t pray than “HOPE FOR HER” that nothing bad ever, ever, happens to her. My Husband is always sleep walking, we find bowls of melted ice cream in the bed lots when we get up mornings, and the spoon still in his hand. What I can’t understand is why he never seems to gain any weight, dog gone guys are so lucky they never seem to suffer the weight gain us women do. I pray this lady dosen’t have any problems while sleep walking, I know she has to be worried now about anything she might do, hope she just keeps on e-mailing and not start to eat ice cream like my Husband, I pray somebody just gives her a great big “HUG” and will do something to try to help her resolve this, if she wants to, and pray that people don’t try to change her if this makes her happy, we all have to be happy in our own way, and help our neighbor do the same…

  233. Ambien is a very dangerous prescription. After my daughter was born, I hadn’t slept in over a week. I took it as prescribed, with my husband there to take care of the baby. I don’t remember anything, but he said I was argumentative about getting up to get the baby (2weeks old) and “fell asleep” sitting up in the bed. Please, anyone who is considering taking this, do not take it if you live alone! It is very dangerous! I would hate to think of what would have happened had my husband not been there!

  234. A friend of mine is a firefighter. He often uses Ambien to force sleep before a 24 hour shift. I received a very strange email from him late one night. I spoke to him the following day, while he was on duty, about the email. He did not remember sending it and told me he had taken Ambien earlier in the day so that he could sleep before going to work.

    His email contained upper and lower case letters and odd punctuation.

    I worked for a psychiatrist who prescribed Ambien. There were many patients who reported having strange dreams and even nightmares while taking it.

  235. i unlocked 5 or 6 locks on a door while sleepwalking when i was about 9.then i tried to walk off the ledge of the balcony.luckily my dad heard me undoing the locks.and caught me before i could hurt myself.
    my parents also said that i would sleep walk every night and cry saying i didn’t want to leave my mom and i didnt want the people to take me away. and i never remembered any of it

  236. Clearly the pharmco that developed Ambien didn’t do their homework. This crap should be YANKED.

    I haven’t seen anyone here mention sleep PARALYSIS. Has anyone else here experienced it? It’s very frightening and you are NOT mobile at all. Kind of the opposite of sleep walking…

  237. I take Ambien. I’m a web developer. The other night, I built a site in my sleep. I used a tool I have to create shopping carts. the products I was going to sell were my wife’s dirty panties, my swizz army knife, my atm cards and two old cd’s by Air Supply and Prince.
    The site was almost complete, the only things missing were the photos and shipping cost.
    By the way, the cd’s where going for $3752.83

    Sometimes I eat the lunch my sister prepared to take to work the next day. I just find the tupperware under my desk.

    Lastly, I cut oranges into little pieces and made a trail leading from the kitchen to the downstairs bathroom.
    I think my sister is going to kick me out the house any day now.

  238. EXCUSE ME:

    But the person that said people that do weird things on Ambien are mixing it with alcohol.???

    NOT NECCESSARILY! I do not drink alcohol at all, never mixed Ambien with other drugs, and let me tell you, I did some pretty weird things on it. Some people do embarrassing things, as Ambien tends to really throw your inhibitions to the wind!

    All I will say, is that I did things of a sexual nature, that when I found out I did them, I was mortified. And don’t pull a Sigmund Freud on me. I didn’t do things that I was repressing. It was the Ambien.

    I will never take it again. In fact, after my last escapade, my HUSBAND made me promise never to take it again.

    Oh well, my Xanax is kicking in, and now I’m sleepy- good night.


  239. This all sounds perfectly normal for me, a life-long somnambulist and recent Ambien-eater. During the recent Presidential election here in the States I grew more and more agitated after Sarah Palin was chosen to be the Republican vice-presidential candidate. I’m okay with Republicans, but she scared the hell out of me. Others I knew also became anxious about this choice. One night I popped an Ambien because I was too anxious to sleep. I drooped right out of consciousness and awoke in the morning to find my computer turned on. Sometimes in my sleep I’ll turn on my computer or do other quasi-normal tasks, so this didn’t seem to be out of the ordinary. What was unusual was my e-mail inbox with a new message from 5:21am from the Obama campaign thanking me for my $500 contribution. I get mail from them every day and didn’t think much of it for the first moment. But then I checked my bank account and sure enough, a $500 donation had been made. Luckily I had the $500 to give at the time. The point of my little story isn’t the gee-whiz factor of goofy Ambien-induced bank transactions, but the fascinating idea that one’s subconscious can be given a very real “will” of its own. I’ve read stores of those who suffer from night terrors and this pales in comparison. Still, I’ve been completely intruiged with my subconscious self ever since. No longer is it just a producer of dreams, but now a completely new controlling agent. Suddenly I feel as though my body is just hardware, and I can see the inklings of alternate software lurking in the nighttime shadows.

    I’m happy to have made the contribution, but next time my conscious self would like to be in on the decision-making.

    I stopped taking Ambien after for fear of what else I might do. Another nice perk of this drug is that I had unspeakable nightmares for weeks after I stopped taking it.

    I wonder what my cats made of the whole episode?

  240. Goodness, I’m currently taking Human Anatomy and Physiology course at our local community college and we’re learning about the human brain right now.
    It’s amazing!
    There was a man who had his hemispheres separated through surgery (or something along those lines) because there was something wrong, and now he reads and receives information like two different people!
    So you can show him a picture and then ask to draw what it was with his right hand but he won’t be able to. Yet when he tries to with his left hand, he can do it without really knowing what he’s doing. It’s incredible and fascinating.
    (Some things may be a little off; I’m sorry, we watched this a while back. But I’m sure though I got the the general idea right.)

  241. Ah, my poor big brother took Ambien…he’s twenty now, but a few years ago when he was on it, he got up in the middle of the night, walked into the kitchen, and began to eat an entire tub of ice cream. My father and I found him, told him that he could ‘finish it later’ and took him back to bed.

    The next morning, we found the carton on his head. Poor guy–absolutely brilliant, but hilariously random on Ambien. :( Unfortunately, I’m an insomniac, so I have very few amusing stories of things I do in my sleep–just stuff my brother did, hehe.

  242. I’ve never taken Ambien but I’ve slept walked a few times in my day… the first noted time I was oh, 7 or so, and I woke up with leftover Spaghetti in my hair. I blamed that one on my Dad though, because at the time I didn’t like the meat-sauce my parents put in spaghetti so no way would I have done it.

    I know this is REAL bad, but I slept walked in boot camp 6 years ago… you get discharged from the Navy (for obvious reasons) for that sort of thing. Apparently I was standing at the foot of my rack looking back and forth as if to cross some invisible road. And once again staring at my rack-partner (top rack) which was creepy. I felt bad for that one, hah!

    BUT no one told on me so I made though boot camp without any problems. Which in turn lead to sleepwalking on my first and second ship. Neither incidents lead to anything dangerous, but they still freaked me out a bit when I woke up.

    My situations are usually stress induced. I thought I’d grow out of it.

  243. I believe this as well. Yeah, most people do save their usernames and passwords for their email, and it could have been Outlook or something on the computer instead of going to a site to do it.

    I once ‘woke’ up in my apartment, went outside to my car, started it, and sat there for about 10 minutes until I realized WTF!? This is crazy. Its 5a.m. on a Sat. I didnt have to be anywhere, I was just, there. I saw what I was doing, but in some wierd sense, going out to my car in my pajamas all made sense. I had to go. That is what my mind was telling me. I dont know where, but it was telling me to go.

    Maybe I should start taking Ambien. Then the real fun would start.

  244. It all makes since to me. My Grandmas cusin killed herself in her sleep. I am not kiding.

    There was a horofide witnes to this ghastly episode. That person had to go in for counseling.

  245. I’m only gotten to around comment 45, but this is already the funniest thread I’ve read in months. I love it when I can read BB and get an ab workout at the same time!

    Also, after Ferry’s mention of it @ 22 I wikipee’d “Delayed Phase Sleep Syndrome” and might finally have a name for what the hell is wrong with me. So cheers to that, too!

    Win overall!

  246. interesting…i’ve been a lifelong sleepwalker and can relate to almost all of the stories i’ve read above (there were quite a few, so i scanned). some of my adult episodes have been while under the influence of alcohol, but i’ve found that some of the more bizarre episodes were when i had simply taken some aspirin or advil or cold medicine. that’s when my sleepwalking included hallucinations. all in all, the line between being “awake” and “asleep” is a tenuous one, at best, and becomes even more so when drugs are introduced.

  247. My main problem is thinking I’ve woken up when I haven’t. I’ve had a couple of occasions when I knew that I had to go to the bathroom and I dreamt that I got up and went to the bathroom and it wasn’t until I felt the wetness that I realized it was all a dream and I’d actually just wet my bed.

    My daughter has had situations of sleep talking and walking as well. She’s even gone so far as to get up and go to the bathroom or get up and go to my parents room while completely asleep. Once when I was out of town she got up in the middle of the night, went to my parents room, asked where I was, then came back into her room and went back to sleep with no recollection the next day. She’s also gotten up and moved around the room going “Where is she? I need her, I need her.” and I asked her who and she just looked at me like “You know!” and then went back to sleep with no memory. She does stuff like that A LOT. She’s been doing it since she was about 2 so there is definitely no narcotic influence.

  248. I was laughing so hard I had to take my asthma meds. lol This stuff all sounds like a regular night at my house.

    My mother has a REM sleep disorder so she acts out her dreams in her sleep. You hear her talking laughing, yelling and moving around at night. She yells things like “you better not come in here I have a gun.” and “Get him, get him, get him!!” (I think she is watching football) lol The other night she was in there just laughing and laughing for about 20 min. I sure wish I knew what the joke was!!

    My daughter gets up and comes into my room and asked me questions like “Have you seen the purple elephant?” or “Did that cat just jump over the house?” I think my favorite one was she came into my room and said “can you come help me fix my bed?” I said, “ok what is wrong with it?” her answer was “The little lion was having a tug of war with the big bear and they pulled the covers off the bed.” Ooookkkk!!! So I went in to check and the bed was fine. lol

    So, to me getting up and typing an email is pretty normal stuff compaired to the crazy things that go on around here. lol

  249. My Mother has been a sleepwalker for the 46 years I’ve been around. Oddly enough when she takes Ambien the weird sleep stuff stops.
    Sometimes silent and sometimes not.
    I remember her running through the house naked & screaming all of the way out the front door and into a snow bank. We had company sleeping in the living room and they were surprised!
    She also would get up and turn everything on: oven; burners; mixer; blender; washing machine; dryer; faucets & shower, or take things like icecream out of the freezer and putting them in the cupboard…
    Wallet in the freezer, Purse in the Garbage, Eyeglasses in the Cat Food dish, rearranging the furniture.
    One of us always followed her around the house and turned everything off, and put stuff back. We ended up putting Bells on all of the doors so we could hear her getting up and wandering around.
    It was pretty weird but it made for some great home movies.

  250. my mom was on ambien and had a conversation on he cell phone with her boyfriend she does not remember.

    one of my friends boyfriends sleepwalks and i guess sometimes he gets bad. once he jumped out their bedroom window good thing it was on the ground floor and not a second or higher floor. she also said he once did something really scary while sleepwalking.

  251. Ahhhhhh! Those audio and visual challenges remind me of Ambien!

    While on Ambien I have:
    1) Had an entire phone conversation with my daugher that I did not remember the next day
    2) Made vegetable stock. Taken Ambien thinking I would finish up before going to sleep, Then cleaned up and thrown out the stock and washed the pot
    3) “Helped” my husband grocery shop. His comment ” I don’t know what drug you were on last night, but I left you standing in the cereal isle and picked you up 1/2 hour later.
    I will not take that drug again. I have NO idea who or what I will do on that drug.

  252. No doubt this happens. My brother Brennan and I are stepbrothers and we’ve sleptwalked on occassion. Usually we head to the kitchen and try to cook something in our sleep (however, we don’t know how to cook and just mess the kitchen up) and I’ll put pillows in the oven. Brennan will put his mom’s purse in the freezer for some reason all the time too. But once during Xmas we brought the Christmas tree upstairs and my Dad tried to wake us up. Unfortunately, we freaked out and threw him down the stairs.

    I hope this helps explain things.

  253. #267 is an “ambien vampire” coming out. The rambling is a classic symptom.

    I woke up one morning after 4 coors lights and 10MG to find that I had shaven off all my body hair in the middle of the night. I kind of liked it though, my wife was totally freaked. I had shaved all my pubic hair. I would not have remembered except for the hair on the floor.

    Lets come up with a title for the ambien adventures

    Ambien Nights?
    Soma for the Masses?
    Erratic City?

  254. In my opinion, it was definitely the prescription medication. when my husband takes Ambien its like he’s awake but in a zombie state. He walks, talks, and even drove to 7-11 once. I didn’t realize he had already taken an Ambien or else I wouldn’t have let him get in the car. The next morning he hardly remembered the prior nights events and on several occasions, we have had full blown conversations that he has absolutely no recollection of. That medication is dangerous – unless you take it as your head is hitting the pillow, there is too much potential damage that can be done by someone under its influence!

  255. I’ve been on Ambien for a little over a year and I have sent out emails that made no sense, opened the front door and just stood there until someone came and took me back to bed and made peanut butter and roast beef sandwiches. I don’t remember doing any of it.

  256. ok yes i believe these stories are SUPER TRUE!!!! i used to take ambien and anyone who takes it needs to either discontinue use and find an alternative sleep aid. i got up in the middle of the night and was washing dishes, cleaning the house , and then i started cooking i have no recollection of what i was cooking, but i woke up the next day in the emergency room badly burned on my hands and wrists. so you folks need to be super careful and have someone who is a light sleeper with you or get one of those alarms that you self-install on your door…and when you go to open the door the alarm will trigger and you will DEFINITELY wake up out of your so called “state-of-sleep”!!!!

  257. Hilarious!!! This thread really made me giggle. It really is funny how the brain works… in college I was up VERY late studying for finals (after downing a 2L of Pepsi and was very sleep-deprived), and when my alarm went off in the morning about 6 times, my roommate yelled at me to wake up… apparently I had a full conversation with her about why I did not need to wake up that early, that I had everything under control, and that my Spanish final isn’t that important… so she turned the alarm off. I eventually woke up (15min after my final had already started!!), yelled at my roommate (who was also my best friend from HS) for not slapping me awake, she knew I had a Spanish final! She just cracked up and told me about our convo, so I threw clothes on and ran out the door. When I got there 45 min late, I told my professor EXACTLY what happened…luckily she was understanding!

  258. One night I called someone with my phone and started talking non-sense over the phone. My roomate asked me in the morning what I was saying and who I called, though he suspected I was sleepwalking and that is exactly what I was doing. The next morning I had no clue such thing had happened.

  259. Ambien is good. People that have troubles with it need a different med. Taking a guess, some of the users here take more than prescribed. Ever take more than prescribed of Xanax or Valium? Do you read the warnings and advise a loved one to watch after you if you try to sleepwalk while on Ambien? It is a serious med., and needs to be treated as so. You are all fudged in your thought patterns.

  260. My word, there is so much drug glorification going on here! I even read a comment that said they were going to try Ambien now because of all these stories & comments!
    I admit myself, it sounds like it would be one hell of a trip! And unfortunately, I know if I wasn’t still seeing a counselor I would be tempted to, but lucky enough their keeping me rational enough NOT to use dangerous substances recreationally. Lol.
    No one should though!

  261. Yes – very odd stuff that Ambien. I’ve had a few experiences.

    1. Waking up and reciting poetry to my boyfriend as if I am wide awake.

    2. Apparently hitting him in my sleep

    3. Much less violet, but having sex with no recollection.

    I disposed of my almost new last prescription.

    Unfortunately I still have insomnia.

  262. I once knew a sleepwalker who would roll a funny cigarette, smoke it, have a laughing fit, and eat the fridge bare, all while in a deep sleep.

  263. I am a user of Ambien as well and my particular oddity since taking the medication is that I get up in the night and cook meals and eat with no memory of the event. My husband use to get up to make sure I didn’t burn the house down or eat with me. But now he just sleeps through my rambling about but never knows what he might wake up to for breakfast!

  264. How funny! Just a few nights I actually sleep-emailed somebody and well, revealed some things that I shouldn’t have and here’s this article. Gotta say, it’s nice to see that I’m not alone in my sleepwalking ambien adventures! Been taking it for years now and I need a good dosage for it to take effect. There are side effects like those mentioned above but when you have a sleeping disorder with severe insomnia, desperation kicks in and it’s still worth it. So….some of the things I’ve done…..

    1. Called tons of people in the middle night with hour long conversations that I have no recollection of until I see my phone log.

    2. Facebook bomb everyone (especially people that I don’t really talk to or see anymore) and wind up with tons of replies on my wall that I don’t remember.

    3. Woke up naked in a number of places.

    4. Drove across town and woke up at another friends house that I haven’t seen in awhile.

    5. Spent about 200 in online gambling

    Just a few among the many experiences. It just sucks being all embarrassed about it all the next day.

  265. I also would wager that some substance was involved in this story. It isn’t a surprise that she would leave that little detail out, either ;)

  266. I have been taking Ambien for years with none of these crazy side effects. It is the only thing I have found that works for me. Personally, I think these people are taking more then they are supposed to and quite possibly mixing them with other pills or drinks. Any drugs can be mis-used, it is up to the person to take them responsibly.

  267. I am not a sleepwalker at all but when I was taking Lunesta my husband found me out our backyard at 2am singing at the top of my lungs in nothing but a T-shirt. Thank God for high fences and he was fast and got me inside before anyone in town called the police. To say the least I no longer take Lunesta at all.

  268. Getting showered and dressed for school is a bit more complicated. If you add Ambien to the mix over a decade of stress later? It gets rather interesting.

    You can tell what you’ve cooked by the dishes in the sink and a good smell of the kitchen. Google Goggles and non-automated passwords aren’t much help.

    You’d be amazed what you can do in your sleep.

    I can sleep through VERY loud alarms, so there isn’t much help. Thankfully I don’t like being cold so I don’t go outside.

  269. In college I had a roommate in the dorms who in the middle of the night opened the door, braced herself in the frame, and proceeded to squat and pee! (We had to pay for that one lol) Worst of all we were right across the hall from the bathrooms! She also screamed at her boyfriend to “STOP STEALING HER UNDERWARE!” one night with me asleep in the next bed. From then on he received ladies thongs for his birthday from me :) Oh how I loved college! hahahaha

    I have to say this has been the best chuckle I have had in a great while. Although I have never taken Ambien, I think that the cons out weigh to pros in alot of the stories I have read. I can understand, though, that some people may really need this drug. Please post more this is hysterical!

  270. I have been on Abien for six months now. I have emailed and chatted on instant message and not remembered it at all. I would not have believed it but my friend saved the chat log one night and showed me the next day. I believe that woman’s story.

  271. Hey, did the party take place?………. Thats crazy, she must have been under influence of something. either drugs like ambien or some one is witch hunting her. Recently one celebrity in my country went for a show in Tanzania and after the show he returned to his hotel room which was in a storied building, he wokeup late at night jumped through the window from the third floor and fell down still in a sleep and to wake up in the morning to find himself in Pajamas being sorrounded by people who wanted to beaat him thinking that he was a thief but only to be saved by one onlooker who recognised him, he broke both his legs and suffered other injurries. He up to now says that’ he does’nt remember what happaned. So, Such kind of things are not new to me, it happens all over the world.

  272. I actually managed to write the better part of a six page essay in my sleep my freshman year of college. It was getting late, and I figured a nap would help, so I closed my laptop and went to sleep to wake up early and finish the paper. The next thing I knew, my roomie was waking me about twenty minutes before class started, and I had not (to my knowledge) finished my paper. When I opened the document, however, I found that the entire essay was completed.

    I can’t really prove that I wrote the essay in my sleep, unfortunately. For all I know, I was just so exhausted that I don’t remember writing it. Either way, it got an A.

  273. You know hearing all this stuff about Ambien is freaking me out! I love Ambien as an Insomniac and the only thing that I remember doing or being caught doing while on it was….you guessed it SLEEP! I’ll send out a hundred emails and make hundreds of phone calls while on the medicine if it helps me sleep.

  274. Better yet, I’ve been up late nights Im’ing with a friend and I’ve fully flat out told her I’m going to bed, I’m so tired.

    Those exact words

    While fast asleep in my chair.

    It’s fricking awesome when my fingers accidentally don’t hit the right keys.

  275. Lol, wtf. That’d be awesome, but sometimes bad at the same time. I could imagine myself emailing my sister, ” Your boyfriends cheating on you ! Ohhh shiii- P.S: This is not YOUR BROTHER. And if you find out that it is your brother, WHICH IS NOT, I was sleepwalking.

  276. I must say this is easily the most informative yet hilarious thread I have read in a long time! Thanks for sharing!

    I take ambient regularly to help get over jet lag from trips to and from Asia, and I have never had a problem. Actually swear by the stuff, and am stretching my brain to think why some people (lots in this case!) might have incidents of sleep walking, and not others.

    I have taken with less than 6 hours of sleep time, after drinking, and sometimes well before I climb in to bed.

    Knock on wood, but could it be a state of mind thing? ‘I have no fear, therefore I wont sleep walk?’

    Who knows…but it works wonders for me!

    Happy Zzzzz to you!

  277. This is very odd…!!!!

    Well, Well, Well! Is she into IT or software Development!
    I am into IT industry and believe me — most of the times see files and PC, codes, etc. and yes, of course, my directors in meeting with me… in my dreams! :)

  278. As a mom who has returned to college and is writing papers and such, I’ve learned to use the computer early in the morning so that I don’t send funny e-mails or insert strange words into my papers while I nod off while writing. Last semester I was composing an e-mail as I was falling asleep in the chair and it was supposed to go to my professor. I evidently typed in a few words from something I was listening to on the radio. Gratefully, I sent to my boyfriend (it was part of a love song). Checking e-mails in the morning, I was glad to see that half of the e-mail was for the prof. and half was for my sweetheart.It was easier to explain it to my boyfriend than show my face in class.

  279. I take ambien for sleep and I’ve been told of some crazy things that I have done. I’ve gone to a local store and bought some $300.00 worth of stuff and not remember any of it. I Live in las vegas and while on my meds I have taken a drive to barstow, ca and remember how i was able to drive there, that’s 250 miles away from where I live.

  280. well i took ambien once sitting at the edge of my bed. well lets just say when i did, i had a dream that i was following blue fairies to this beautiful tree full of glowing blue fruit. woke up on the ground in the park by a leafless dead tree that was like 1 mile away from my house. i guess i was lucky i was dressed lol. tho i had many cuts on my feeet.

  281. I just recently got out of the army (contract ended) and due to PTSD I cannot sleep. I was given ambien as a quick fix and I have some very weird side affects from it. I wake up in the morning with my mom calling me saying I left her really weird messages. I do not recommened anyone using ambien . It is dangerous and I have seen many people in the military get addicted to it not to get to sleep quick but for the delusions and weird thigns they see.. It should be taken off the market

  282. I have been known to get up sleepwalking and go to the kitchen and eat, eat, and eat! I have also wrote emails and responded to a freecycle program saying I was going to pick things up and the next day I get emails asking If I still want it because I have not picked up the item What is really bad is I have done ebaying like this also!

  283. I used to be prescribed to ambien at the age of 14 for a terrible sleeping problem. I would take ambien and then ‘fall asleep’ but it was sort of a blackedout stage kind of like what you experience when incredibly hammered. My sister told me I was screaming at my butterfly poster saying that a skull was coming from it, and then I ripped off all my clothes and fell asleep naked on her bedroom floor.

    Another incident occurred with the ambien where I invited a friend over and the next morning woke up with a strew of condoms around me, but thats another story.

    Although it is not just the ambien alone that creates these odd hallucinations or zzz-things. I believe the women may have mixed her ambien with other legal or illegal drugs. My hallucinations were caused by the ingestion of ambien as well as a large helping of marijuana.

    But to each there own I suppose?

  284. OMG!! Thanks so much for all the laughs…I know this can be a serious issue, but my goodness these stories have been just a hoot. I have had episodes of sleepwalking over the years. The latest was my boyfriend told me that I got up in the middle of the night about 3:30am. He said I went to the bathroom, came back to bed, then a few minutes later I started singing, then I just started really rocking out loud, then he said I got up and was whoopin and hollering like I was at a concert. Then he told me that he figured out what concert I was at, it was Bon Jovi. I was hollering at them boys “I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU” by this time I am out of bed and standing there jumping up and down, dancing and singing “YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME”, then went into “I WANT TO LAY YOU DOWN ON A BED OF ROSES”..of course he admitted that he didn’t have the heart to wake me up because I was so enjoying myself and so was he.. until……all of the sudden he heard me say ” hey, Jon, can we go home now?” then he also heard my neighbor yell out of his bedroom window (which faces the side of our house with our bedroom window), “DAMMIT…WILL YOU TURN THAT DOWN!!!” My boyfriend then realized that our windows were wide open!!! LOL Well, the next morning when he saw our neighbor, he apologized and told him that I was sleepwalking…he didn’t believe us at first until he asked me what the words were to those songs, I told him that I didn’t know all the words, but I sure did when I was sleeprocking!! Well, needless to say, we make sure our windows are closed in the bedroom before we go to sleep…

  285. Ahh Ambien. Funny weird stuff. Only worked for a while then the waking at 4 am came again so I switched to Ativan, same thing happened and got rid of that too. I keep the Ambien on hand though because it works ok if you take it once in a while if you are willing to be ditzy for a couple of days. Anyways, Ambien was like there was a little animal that lived inside of my head and it would wake up at night. When I had taken it for many years I did not even need to take the pill at night for that little animal to wake up and start doing weird stuff. It would have weird conversations on the phone, write weird emails, make strange combinations of food items and then make me eat them. Once was fun though when a friend had some quince and wanted to know how else to prepare it without cheese and crackers and I was able to come up with about 12 ways to fix it off of the top of my head. I am now off of all sleep aids except on rare occasions and the cool thing is that my mind in the daytime works so much better! I can find my way around on the freeways. I can remember what I wanted to buy at the store. The world has really opened up for me and although I still have sleeping problems I deal with them, and I don’t have to deal with all of the side effects any longer.

  286. Semiotix, your posts are hysterical.

    I was once on a business trip for a particularly chintzy company, which required me to share a room with my co-worker. On the second (and thankfully, final) night, I woke up to find her leaning over my bed, reaching down with both hands and touching my stomach with her fingertips. When I asked her what was going on, she mumbled “oh sorry, sorry” and shuffled back to her bed. The next morning she confessed to me that she was sleepwalking, was in fact a chronic sleepwalker, and that she had gone to my bedside to touch the “shimmering pool” (otherwise known as my stomach).

    I don’t put anything past sleepwalkers and I definitely believe this woman’s story. And I’d much rather get an invitation to a champagne and caviar party, than have someone try and touch my shimmering pool.

  287. I really don’t see how they actually thought she did this whilst asleep. If they are going to report on sleep-emailing then they should at least provide more details to what she actually did. If she has no memory of it at all then its very possible someone could have hacked her email account and sent out spam emails to random people within her address book from it. So unless they have more ‘evidence’, this isn’t exactly news.

  288. Yes I took ambiem 10mg for 5 nights but it quit working,- One night I did take a shower after taking the pill and ended up banging my forehead against the metal bar across the top of the shower (and the blood started flowing). After that my Seroquel amount was raised times 6 and I was also put on Restoril 30mg. I have experienced sleepwalking, having phone conversations without any recollections, telling my girlfriend some craziness other day about finding gold and needing somehow to chemically “fix it”. I daily check my cellphone to check to see if anyone has called and I have had a conversation (minutes) with them. I went to eat Mother’s Day with my family and had an extended conversation with my brother and I remembered that I had mentioned a pastor’s name to him , so I was concerned being half awake and discussing something about religion but when I emailed him after I was fully awake he said we had a GOOD conversation – LOL so that put my mind at ease.

  289. I filled out job applications online while on Ambien. The next day, I would receive those emails that would read, “Thank you for submitting….”. Receiving those emails from the companies was the only way I knew what I did the night before. I don’t save passwords on my computer because of my daughter and the limits we set on her internet access, so I was typing them in to log on. I never got any responses concerning those job applications, so I can only imagine how terribly I filled them out. Since I was on Ambien when I created the password and sign on names for the sites, I could never log back in to delete or correct the applications.

  290. I have a friend who was on Ambien and she would sleepwalk down to the basement to “void” herself on the dog’s bed. I am terrified of what I might be caught doing were I to try this med, lol.

  291. I too sleep walk every so often. For some reason I take to the bathroom rug when I do sleep walk. I usually get the bathroom rug and wrap up on the couch with it. Last time it happened, my boyfriend found me on the couch the next morning sound asleep with my thong on backwards, a bar of soap in my hand and the bathroom rug….kinky. Wish I could have remembered what happened.

  292. Well, to those AMBIEN users, you should totally consider going into a SLEEP STUDY in a sleep lab or home sleep lab… AMBIEN is something temporary…and it won’t help you in the long run…

    anyway, 85% of the people in the United States are undiagnosed with OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA… I know this is not really related to this article…since “AMBIEN” causes some weird things… I think AMBIEN USERS should consider learning about OSA, and how you can benefit from using a C-PAP to sleep…IT WORKS and you no longer have to take those sleeping pills because they’re only temporary relief… If you want your lives to change without having to spend so much money on sleeping meds, start learning about OSA!!!

    That’s all!

  293. I take Ambien regularly and half the time I don’t even fall asleep or I wake up numerous times. I have never had any of these strange instances though. My boyfriend is a night owl so he is always up just in case. Damn I’m missing out on all the fun. LOL

  294. I believe it, I once woke up in the middle of the night, went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, shaved and began taking a shower as if I was getting ready for school. I was in the shower for 15 minutes asleep until my dad came in the bathroom and shook me in the shower until I woke up. Imagine that, even a hot shower didn’t not alter my transcendent state!!!

  295. I know first-hand that all of these stories are very plausible. I’ve been on Ambien for years. When the copyright ran out and they switched to generic, that’s what I got – Zolpidem. And on my second night with Zolpidem I e-bayed in my sleep.

    The morning after when I logged in to my e-mail, I had three notices from Ebay that I had bid on items. I was panicked that someone had hacked my account, because I couldn’t remember anything about it. I went to Ebay and looked at the items I had bid on – they were all items I would have normally considered, all with bids in the range that was normal for me. The timing of the bids showed that all the activity had been between a half and hour to an hour after I took the medication. So it was obvious I had placed the bids, but even with the evidence right before my eyes I still could not jog any memory of having placed the bids at all.

    I still take Zolpidem occasionally – and if I’m not good about going straight to bed I’ll often sleep-eat. I’ll wake up to find myself sitting on the sofa stuffing chips into my face, crumbs all over the place!

    It’s a very iffy medication, and the makers, and doctors prescribing it, should be aware that there are a lot of these experiences, it’s not few and far between.

  296. anonymous..
    I to had used ambien, and i had a coversation with a friend through email. Also I would get up from sleeping and cook something to eat. It was usualy somthing like soup and i would add weird things to it that no one would eat. I am afraid of taking this drug now!

  297. My mother got in her car and drove around.. without remembering a thing. The next morning she saw that one wheel was bent and there was a scratch on the side of the car. God alone knows where she drove to, and why!!?

  298. Tell me this is not crazy. I have always been known to sleep walk and sleep with my eyes open. Talk aabout the craziest things even carrying on full conversations, answering questions, etc. When I was about 14 years old my neighbors whose children I babysat were sitting in their living room. …Well about 10:00 pm I walked in the front door right past them and went up the stairs and slept with one of the girls. I did not wake til morn. I am not so proud of this one though I was babysitting the neighbors on the other side of my house walked home and went to bed only to be awaken to this horrifying thing I had just done. :) They loved me so much I still got paid.

  299. Once on Ambien I woke in the middle of the night and apparently decided I needed a new look. I cut my hair about 6 inches and also opted for a color change which is way out of character. For starters, I’d pay someone professional not do-it-yourself because I have no idea how to color/cut. ooops. Used my roommates dye, got it all over the bathroom and my forehead! She woke up to the noise of me singing “We are family, I’ve got all my sisters and me” she had to persude me to go back to bed. I told her I HAD TO HAVE PEANUT BUTTER and gelato first. I cried when I found out we had no gelato. She promised me some the next day and I tried real hard to convince her to join me to grab some from the market. I called her names for not being a sport, then said,”OK, fine, we’ll have it your way, I’ll have the house red and do you guys serve any cheese plates?” She coaxed me to bed and I was telling HER a bedtime story about a the ghost who walked like a penguin that llived in her closet. I clearly was the laugh of the next few “LET’S SORT THIS STUFF OUT!” parties!
    I was told that if I didn’t toss it, she’s video-tape it and you tube me. I’ll stick to Camomile or sleepytime tea.

  300. I used to take amdien and loved it because i would actually sleep and feel restored the next day, but i had to be supervised while on it because i would do strange things. I was woken up by my 9 year old nephew one night and he convinced me to let him bake cookies while i sat at the table. normally i would not have done this due to his age and what could happen but he had figured out if he waited for me to take my med and waited 30-45 mins after taking it he could convince me to let him do anything he wanted. Also i would go to walmart in the middle of the night to shop and would carry on full conversations on the phone and did it so well that no one realized i was asleep. Also my nephew convinced me to play soldier in the middle of the night and apparently i was good at it. Low crawling on the floor and was really convincing in our pretend play. Convincing enough that it actually worried my nephew some.I would drive, cook, do homework, and many other things and the wierd thing is it all turned out good. No car accidents, good food, high grades on my homework, ect. And i would have zero memory of what happen until i found the evidence of my activities or someone tald me about it. I have been off of ambien since 2006 and have not had a good nights sleep since and still do things in my sleep every once and awhile but nothing like before.

  301. They can call it Somnawhatever. Sounds like a classic case of Ambien to me. Been there-done that and the sole cause was AMBIEN!!! It just seems to have a mixed affectiveness (even taking less than the prescribed dose-or prescribed dose or a little more than the dose) depending, in my opinion, on the type of day the person had along with whatever they ate/did etc. because it seems to take on a creation of it’s own whenever “it” wants to. It makes you do things you normally would not do. Yep-been there with the typing and the internet, bid on LOTS of stuff on ebay that I normally would not have, did bizarre “things” like one time I cut my neighbors newly bloomed, Spring roses and let the flowers fall to the ground but came back in with the STEMS while I only had a robe on that was half opened when I woke up the next morning on the sofa(only to hear about the buzz around the ‘hood someone cut all of so-so’s roses…oops must have been me since the evidence was on my kitchen counter and I had scrapes all over my arms and hands), drove to Taco Bell once after taking it, had lots of sex that I don’t remember til my husband fills me in on the “details”, have said lots of things during sex and not that I would never tell/say if “unambiened” and get to hear about it with the third degree the next day and trying to explain Leo and George, ate food like I’m a starving dog, wrote poems that have shocked the what out of me, was a massage therapist and would type clients emails that should never have been sent, have given myself haircuts and the list goes on. Luckily I had to stop taking it when I found out I was pregnant and decided after my baby was born not to go back on it for obvious reasons. I decided to embrace my nocturnal nature instead of risking anymore “Ambien Adventures.”

  302. I remember a week or so ago on a late night talk show, Steve Martin said that he had been playing poker on the internet, then turned the computer off and took his ambien cr. The next morning he woke up to an e-mail telling him that he had won over a thousand dollars. He said that when he had played earlier he had lost money.

    So he called his bank and sure enough he had logged on and played at 5:00 or 5:30 that morning and had played better when he didn’t know what he was doing. LOL

  303. I have been av active sleep talker all of my life. My family remember having long detailed conversations with me not realizing that I was asleep and I was told one time that at summer camp my friend who was also sleep talking in her sleep and was having a converstion with me (I was asleep as well).
    I once woke up while having sex with my husband and asked him to his dismay “when did that start” and he told me I initiated it lol. He very frequently listens to the converstaions I have in my sleep with people in my dreams. I also have been told never to sleep on the side fo the bed with the alarm clock because I will turn it off in my sleep everytime.
    All this is how I act with out medication but I did once take ambion while in the hospital and my husband told me that I kept calling the nurse to complain to her that I was seeing double and I simply would NOT go to sleep.
    It gets worse lol, After having my baby and being severely sleep deprived I would continuously wake up screaming that I had accidentally smothered my baby in the bed…I have never had my baby in the bed with me. I also remember walking down the hallway and lookign in my nursury to find blood spattered walls. I abviously was having a night terror but I remember it like it actually happened.
    I also have converstaions with coworkers or family in my sleep that I had with them in real life the day before but I would continue them in my dream. I have trouble discerning what was said in real life and what was said in my dream. I have to admit that is very frustrating lol.
    One more thing that I find very odd is the fact that my twin was found sleep wasling by my mother when we were very young. She said that my sister told her that she was goign to the neighbors house to play. the odd part is that I remember seeing her very vividlt walkign down the stairs but yet according to my mother I was never even there….weird

  304. Can someone start an Ambien Addicts Funny Stories web site?

    I know now that if I have a big glass of wine and then an ambien I had better be unplugged, disconnected, in bed, and lights out. Otherwise, who knows what I’ll find when I wake up all refreshed and rested.

  305. Sleep walking can save you time and gets the chorse done…at the age of 8 now 56 I clearly remember as though it was yesterday. Seeing my older sister sleep walking almost on a nightly basis. My sister, we’ll call her Carmen, is a year older than I. On a nightly basis she would sleep walk and clean the house, I mean spic and span. She would sweep, mop even wash dishes. Washing dishes was one of her sleep walking specialties. Now having read about the woman that typed in her password etc. is no surprize to me. No different than my sister Carmen knowing to use dish soap. Or using a dust pan rather than sweeping under a carpet. At first we didn’t know what the heck she was doing up in the middle of the night washing dishes. My mother and the rest of the family would be awaken by running water and noise from dishes along with spoons and forks. We’d ask her what are you doing up at 3a.m. washing dishing. She’s reply, “I have to clean” is all she’d say. We were puzzled until we noticed her eyes were closed. That’s when we realized she was sleep walking. My younger brother and I would have a blast when we’d here her up, so we’d get up just to see her walk and clean with her eyes closed. Now you have to wonder hmmm my mother got smart and left the dishes after dinner knowing sister would wash them in her sleep. This went on like for ever til she grew out of it. We still tease her about it. I’ve even had stay overs in hopes she’d clean my kitchen. Not!
    My next short story is how i came up with Tonto. Well one Christmas we spent Christmas Eve at my auntie Tilly’s and my seven cousins. One of my cousins got a bow and arrow set. Which I thought was the coolest toy. A toy I didn’t get and wanted so very much. Needless to say we evenually went home fell asleep with the bow and arrow set on my mind…that night I slept walked went into my parents bedroom called out to them in the dark as my mother turned on the light I was standing along side there bed gestering as though I had a bow and arrow almost like playing an air guitar…I was with my eyes closed my arms stretched out pulling an arrow across a bow telling my mom and dad “I want one of these” as I played indian,,,i remember them saying you’re crazy go to sleep. The next day I clearly remembered my dream it was so clear I even told my parents I had a dream a woke you guys up wanting a bow and arrow set. They both looked at each other and started to laugh and said “You crazy kid! It wasn’t a dream you were sleep walking and you woke us up in the middle of the night. I couldn’t believe it until they actually gestered with stretched arms playing bows and arrows. And that’s my story and how I got the name Tonto…the sad part of these stories is that my sister out grew her sleep walking and no longer washed dishes and I never did get my Bow and Arrow set.
    Indian without an arrow
    AKA Tonto. Sweet Dreams, or is it really a dream?

  306. oh yeah after reading some of these…forgot all about the times I’ve moved furniture around, rearranged rooms. One night I moved a 7 foot, leather sofa up 12 stairs to the room over the garage by myself and didn’t feel anything. I’m only 5′ even (125 pounds). I was actually impressed with my sub-human strength…Ambien does tend to make you move things you normally shouldn’t do by yourself, but your thinking is “imbalanced” at the time so whatever you tell your SuperHero self you can do, you do it. Typically by the time you get to ‘sleep’ it might only be 2 or 3 hours but you do wake ready to start the day like you’ve been sleeping all night. It’s totally weird stuff. I’m also a nightowl mad-writer and miss Ambien sometimes but it’s just better this way. You never know when that one incident might be the night that the savage beast within is unleashed and…tradegy follows.

  307. correction (i feel like a fool)

    somnabulistic is sleepwalking, not insomnia

    but they feel very similar to me….

  308. I’ve been sleepwalking since I can remember – even though, I don’t remember why I saw fit to do so. It came from my father’s side of the family. He did it, his little brother and half sister did it. My oldest brother and I do it, and half our cousins on that side of the family, too.

    I didn’t understand why until my mid 20’s. Until a particularly bad stretch of it, that made me decided to research it on my own. There are generally three factors that cause the extra deep state of sleep in which the sub conscience decides it can jump in the driver’s seat (if you will)without anyone noticing, as it were; over stressed, over tired and over-medicated, combine those and its a recipe for disaster. It almost always leads to the sleep walking. The sub conscience mind sees that all that kept it from jumping in the drivers seat before is now passed out and it literally decides to take the body for a joy ride (“hey look, no one’s watching, hehehe). Picture a 3 year old taking mom’s car for a joy ride through the neighborhood. Hopefully, no one gets hurt. That is not always the case, and Ambien isn’t always to blame.

    The worst thing I ever did was break my now ex-husband’s hand in 3 places during one of my ‘episodes’. And no, Ambien had nothing to do with it. Nor did alcohol, for that matter. I went 3 or 4 nights without sleep (I was under a great deal of stress and it kept me pretty much awake), smoked a joint and went to bed. I then had this dream that I was running from someone who wanted to kill me and he grabbed me from behind. I fought him tooth and nail. Handed him his back side, even. 2 hours later, when the alarm went off, I awoke to him cradling his hand and staring at me like a bomb about to explode. I didn’t know why, and he didn’t want to say.

    Now I knew I had this problem, and I did make sure before we spent the night together, at all, that he knew to just let me go – or turn the lights on and ask me if I was awake, he forgot. And this did happen before we were married, over a year before…that’s not why we divorced, much to his credit! It scared us both, though. He really didn’t believe me until then, even though he had held several conversations with me (while I was asleep), and gotten all sorts of ‘answers’ out of me before this ‘episode’, he never would say what ‘answers’, but whatever…

    I still remember the dream, and the screams (his, unfortunately – though, I didn’t realize that was him screaming in pain). I have apologized profusely, fairly frequently, even after 20 years). Since then, he will be the first to tell you…DO NOT disturb a sleep walker. DO NOT try to stop them, not for ANY reason. If they insist on drawing you into their dream, just agree with them. FOLLOW, BUT DO NOT IMPEDE!!!! DOING SO MAY COST YOU DEARLY!

    I would never have hurt him, still couldn’t. I would have given my life for him. He could have been absolutely evil to me (which he wasn’t), and I would never have raised a hand to him in anger, yet I fought him to the point of breaking his hand in 3 places, I literally didn’t recongnize him. MY sub conscience was at the wheel, and it doesn’t see things the way our conscience mind does. Nope, it does things with our memories that will never actually make sense to our conscience minds and pays little attention to the difference between what’s happening right now and what happened or even may have happened at any time that our memories began collecting. Time has little meaning to our sub conscience minds, as does whether or not something happened, or not. Fantasies are as real to our sub conscience minds as reality is to our conscience minds.

  309. when i was in university, after a night of heavy drinking i had a habit of eating my girlfriends beauty products, especially the stuff that had food ingredients eg yogurt conditioner, facial cream with mango extract, etc. I usually woke up the next morning with a strange taste in my mouth & no recollection of my actions. My girlfriend wasn’t amused as some of that stuff was really expensive.

  310. I have been a sleep walker since I was 8 only several occourances a year as far as I know of .
    I do not take sleep meds or anti-depressants
    when I sleep walk I do things like eat whole jars of mayonaise, get the mail from mail box and far to many to discuss here . I have woke up on the hood of my car many times after going to bed in my bed. with no memory of ever getting up. the furthest I have gotten from my home is 2 blocks.and not really sure how far I got I stubbed my toe and that is what woke me up ( 2 blocks from home ) . I can believe that she emailed in her sleep. if that is all she is doing no biggie. I will tell you this it is very unsettling so wake up elsewhere when you go to bed in your bed at night.

  311. This is for all of you that seem to have trouble falling asleep. I have had a problem with this in the past and so has my 16 year old son. We’re both light sleepers and will stay awake all night sometimes. It’s like we can’t turn our brains off. I used to use an over the counter sleep aid but the next day you’re so groggy that you’re worthless.

    Anyway, my sister clued me in to something that works great. We both sleep all night and wake up not tired! Put Vick’s Vapo Rub (I use the cream) or any high strength analgesic cream or gel on the soles of your feet. I know it sounds weird. It works even better if you then cover your feet with loose socks. You can feel your feet gradually fall asleep and then the rest of you follows. I sleep all night. If I occasionally wake in the middle of the night I fall right back. I’ve even used it in the middle of the night and still wake up feeling great.

    This has been a real blessing for both of us. Ambien sounds incredibly scary, especially if you’re cooking or driving around. Try this instead. It’s also a lot cheaper.

  312. Once on Abmbien I awoke in the middle of the night walked out of the bedroom bucknaked and proceed to go to the kitchen and take out a cook roast and eat with my hands ripping it apart as if I was a cave woman. I was on a family holiday with my boyfriend and 8 other people.

  313. Ambien just knocks me out for 4 hours, and then I’m wide awake again.

    I do my best design work when I take Lunesta and then stay up all night. I create like a mad woman, and I do some really intricate, detailed stuff. Later on in the day I look back at my work and I’m amazed. It’s like there’s this deeper river of creativity in me, and I can only access it when my brain is in a certain state. I wish I could just flip it on like a switch!

  314. i have taken ambien several times and luckily all it’s ever done was give me a good nights rest…and my husband can attest to that…

  315. I can’t even begin to recount all the ridiculous things my friends and I have done on Ambien. Of course we’ve always taken in recreationally with every intention of doing crazy things. I never really got any visuals, just did crazy things (and by crazy I mean MEBARASSING). But I’m not going to list those here, I’ll just say, the first time I took it was at night when I was about 19 years old at a buddies house. Apparently I just got off the couch after about an hour, walked into his neighbors kitchen after midnight and just sat there then after I was bored or whatever I left and found a construction site up the rode and climbed into some huge piece of machinery and, well, I’ll stop there….
    Oh and also, our code name for tripping whilst on Ambien is “getting A-faced.”

    WAR prescription meds

  316. I once dated a girl who would have full conversations with me while asleep. She stayed in bed, thankfully, eyes closed, but could describe to me exactly where she was and who she was interacting with as if in a kind of hypnosis. She could lead me through her dreams as they happened. I would wake up when she would start talking in her sleep (I am a light sleeper) and get up and start jotting things down for us to discuss in the morning for the sheer entertainment value.

    Another girl I dated would make love to me while asleep in the middle of the night (she seemed fully awake) and would have no recollection of it in the morning. I had always thought she was just messing with me until I read all the instances in this thread.

  317. I can top most of these stories…imagine waking up in a pair of boxers on a dance floor in a crowded club! Yes, Ambien had been taken. Or walking out the front door and shutting it, then raising the garage door and shutting it followed by going back to bed. No recollection of the last story what so ever nor was Ambien taken.

  318. The first time I took Ambien, I tried to stay awake and ended up sending Loooong chatty emails that I didn’t remember doing. Now, I take it right as I get into bed. The only mystery recently is that I transferred money (without remembering doing it) from my bank account electronically into an out-of-state savings account, a shocking display of responsibility that I don’t normally demonstrate in my waking life. I hope tonight I open a mutual fund account…

  319. I am also a sleepwalker/talker. I have tried to (oh nice an Ambien CR commercial just came on the TV!):
    1. Jump out of my second story bedroom window as I believed there were raccoons surrounding my bed. Luckily my mom heard me opening the window and screen and woke me)
    2. Rearranged all the furniture in my bedroom. Flipped it, just like the other poster. My friends used to laugh that this was why I was so muscular, “She moves furniture in her sleep!”
    3. Thought my husband’s closet was the bathroom (again, luckily he woke me up before I did any damage)
    4. I frequently wake up in our guest bedroom, having gone to bed in my room.

    When you are awoken from sleepwalking you remember (and it makes perfect sense) what you were doing. When you are not woken up, you usually just notice the strange after effects of what you have done, or sometimes someone awake was there to tell you.

    I am terrified that I will wake up outside of my house naked, try to drive somewhere or hurt myself in some way. This all happens without Ambien or drinking.

    I am convinced that Anderson Cooper’s brother who supposedly committed suicide was actually sleepwalking: he was extremely stressed out and “awoke” from a nap, said something crazy, then ran at full sprint up several flights of stairs and jumped off his balcony. His mother said that when he jumped, he stretched out as if he was flying. People just don’t wake up from a nap and try to kill themselves, but they do believe they can fly when they are asleep.

    The best thing you can do if you see someone sleepwalking is to tell them to go back to bed. If they are about to injure themselves or someone else, yell STOP at the top of your lungs.

    The thing about the spiders is also true for me. About once a month as I am first waking and opening my eyes, I see millions of spiders crawling up the walls towards the ceiling. It takes several seconds of my eyes adjusting before they have all disappeared into the cracks and I am terrified every time!


  320. I have another story, this time from the perspective of a medical doctor who has taken Ambien prescribed by my doctor.

    I was on Ambien and attempted to purchase a WWII vintage submarine on line. It was $320,000.00!!! I have also found that I have gotten on to “questionable” websites while under the influence of this medication. Something I never would do in a fully awake state. One day I received an email thanking me for joining E-Harmony and letting me know I had several matches. (I have been married for 23 years and have 2 kids). I have always been a very controlled person and did not even remember these incidents.

    These experiences have in fact changed my prescribing practices dramatically. As a doctor who has experienced it, I now am much more careful about prescribing these medications.

    However, they should not be banned or taken off the market. Cars also kill but the proper use of these medications, like the careful driving of cars, is beneficial. Caution is, however, needed.

  321. #188 — I’ve never had any problems sleeping or with sleepwalking, but there were at least two times back in high school when I would stay up all night working on class projects. On one of these occasions, I went to school the next day and zoned the entire time, barely hearing a word that was said. Fortunately, I had finished the project for one of the classes. However, I’d completely forgotten about a math test that was coming up at the end of the day. While taking the test I started dozing off, leaning my head on the desk…then I woke up with a start, realized I had been writing sentences about cats (when I should have been writing out equations) and quickly erased it. Two minutes later, I found I’d written stuff about cats AGAIN. Odd how sleep deprivation can make you feel drugged…

  322. In Mexican cultures, they say you are not to call someone by their name when they are sleepwalking, because that person could die as a result. They say if you must wake them, then call them by another name.

  323. I would like to comment on this “magical drug” I use to take Ambien a few years ago. I was prescribed it when i was 17 I am 25 now. While taking this one night I decided at 3am I would take a walk I remember seeing my brother drive up and ask what I was doing I told him I’m taking a walk he said “at 3am”. After he parked and went inside i decided to go inside and open the garage door. I got a bike out that had flat tires and was determined to ride it. i don’t remember anything after that I did wake up in my bed though.The next night I took another Ambien and got the great idea to pierce my tongue with a fat sewing needle. I did and when i woke up in my bed i had no idea what happened. I woke lifted my head and i could barely talk. Another night on Ambien I remember numerous accounts of forcing myself to throw up. I NEVER did this before mind you. I went off Ambien eight years later I am put on Lunesta I didn’t sleep well I was awake but in a zombie state. However I noticed this little thing on my pinkie toe that hurt me a lot I was about to go to the doctor and have it removed but thanks to Lunesta I was a surgeon for one night and cut this thing off my toe with a pocket knife. I woke up and saw A LOT of blood but had not idea where it came from until i looked at my toe that now had a gaping hole in it. These Drugs are scary they need more warnings on them. I am not anti-medicine sleeping pills never worked for me I may try that vick’s vapor rub idea Thanks whoever posted that I may get more sleep hopefully

  324. I want to reiterate this woman wasn’t sleeping or sleepwalking. I use Ambien and it works great (it changed my life from me being a useless zombie to being fully functioning), but if I stay up for any reason I’ll wake up the next morning to clues of unusual and/or reckless behavior. I will not remember 70-100% of what happened.

    At the time, I know exactly what I’m doing, though I’ll have poor judgment. Ambien/zolpidem also causes anterograde amnesia (inhibits formation of new memories), just like drinking blackouts.

    I accidentally got one caught in my throat and the next morning must’ve swallowed it. At work, I called a branch in Italy and had a long business-orientated conversation I don’t remember. My coworker thought I was acting weird but not enough to bring it up.

    Funny thing about the Italian call–usually it’s awkward calling them with the language barrier, but the single thing I DO remember is it being very non-awkward. I just hope the person I called felt the same way…

  325. Having been a user of Ambien for many years I have had small instances of silly behaviours similar to those that have been described.

    Unfortuntaly it had a worse affect on my husband. I gave him his usual dose, I keep them put up because he had woken up and taken more in the past so they were hidden so he could not do that. He went to be and was sound asleep when I went to bed an hour later. About 4 hours after that I received a phone call from the police from a city about 45 miles from our house. My husband had been pulled over. He had gotten out of bed and got in the care and drove. He wasnt dressed to go outside, no shoes or anything. When we cleaned up the mess the police had made in our car searching because they thought he was on illegal drugs we found a ticket he had received from a different city about a half hour earlier in the night. He had no recollection of of the incident.

    Luckily no one was hurt. After months of battling with the courts, despite having a letter from his Dr. the charge was dropped from a DUI to careless driving. We have a fortune in fines we have to pay and my husband has to take court ordered random drug tests and pay for a probation officer for a year. All because he took medication as prescribed by his DR.

    Ambien should be pulled off the market. It is too risky, even when taken in low doses.

  326. I have recently discovered that while sleeping I have gotten up and written what looks like poetry.The poems are bizarre and unsettling. I dont write poems in my waking hours so whats going on? Has anyone ever heard of this kind of thing before? I would have to be using creativity and thought to write these poems. Any thoughts on this?

  327. My husband who is taking Ambien, sent a zzz mail to his former boss who fired him. He is NOT a vengeful person so that is why this is so crazy. There was an article in the Restaurant News that said the company was doing badly. This particular boss had fired 11 managers. He forwarded that email to her which said “You must be doing a bang up job”, is there anyone left to fire?. He had no clue why the very next day he received an email from her. My husband saw the email and said why did she email me? He then saw that he had sent an email to her.

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