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dannychoo_dsi.jpg As you may already know from yesterdays announcement over at BoingBoing Gadgets, the Nintendo DSi is set for a US release on April 5th. Got mine back on the day of release on Nov 1st and can tell you that its a bit more than just a few upgrades. It comes with an SD card slot where you can save photos taken from the two cameras mounted on the DSi - one on the cover and one facing the player. You can also save bootable ISO images of Windows 95 and OSX on the SD card too which will be ignored by the DSi. Both screens are bigger too - not a whole lot bigger but now big enough to rest your coffee cup on. The DSi also comes with a new matte casing which will only break if ran over by a stampeding heard of wild baboons. The stylus is now a little bit longer too for those who have deep nostrils. The best bit about the new DSi is that its now longer in size than the original DS meaning that you will be able to see further when standing on it during those bird watching evenings. Full review and photos in my previous DSi review plucked from the gadgets section. The latest Japanese DSi commercial below. Anybody plan on getting the DSi when its out in your region?


  1. “Anybody plan on getting the DSi when its out in your region?”

    Nah. I got the DSLite for homebrew purposes and light gaming and I was disappointed with both. This upgrade was long overdue in my opinion but I don’t think it’s a significant boost in technology to make it worthwhile. I’ll be getting an OpenPandora.

  2. Depends on how much I feel I need the Art Style games. Orbient on WiiWare is pretty neat.

    Rhythm Heaven is coming here the same day, and that has me a bit more excited.

  3. You gain a crappy camera no better than the one on your cell phone and a software package that allows you to distort your face. This, personally, had me entertained for about an hour, but maybe you’d get a little more. You also gain a screen about 0.001% larger than the old DSLite

    In exchange, you lose the Slot-2 and the ability to play the enormous pile of really good GBA games.

    We all know the real reason Nintendo is putting this thing out — it starts with the letter R and ends with the number 4.

  4. I’ve been holding off getting my kid a DS in favour of one of these (I like the idea of the camera, as we travel a bit and I want to encourage some creative engagement (sorry for hippy parent talk) with the places we go. Don’t want him with his nose in the games ALL the time).

    Anyhow, my question is, is there a UK release date for this yet? Can’t find one online (except “spring 2009”) and he’s totally Jonesing for it. I may yet crack and just get him a DS lite and cheap digicam.

    Patrick H

  5. “The stylus is now a little bit longer too for those who have deep nostrils.”

    You have been my favorite guest blogger so far.

  6. I’m not gonna bite. lack of GBA compatibility is a deal breaker for me.

    That said, I hope it comes out here – then I can get a DS Lite cheaper, because the shoulder buttons on mine don’t work anymore.

  7. Probably gonna end up with one eventually. I definitely need a slot-1 card for it, though, so I’ll wait for reviews of those.

  8. “which will be ignored by the DSi.” ha!

    I think that’s possibly one of the best hard-sell I’ve seen yet on the DSi’s new featureset.

  9. I wonder how long before Nintendo offers the GBA games for download to the DSi memory card or someone else writes a hack that allows the game images to be saved to the memory card and played? That would be the obvious fix, given the number of people complaining about the lack (including my son.)

    I like my DSLite. This one would need to add more functionality than it does to get me to upgrade. But that is probably just the right piece of software away.

  10. Oooh, really feelin’ the gearlust. The lack of backwards compatibility with GBA games does hurt it a bit… but I haven’t played GBA games in over two years now.

    Given the increased use of DSes during conventions, having camera accessibility and SD card slots Really Bloody Helps. Or at least adds to the amusement. Looking forward to its stateside release.

  11. I want to get a DS to use Colors! -a homebrew painting app that is currently available on the DS and DSLite.

    Obviously, painting on a brighter and larger screen would be optimal, however Colors! needs a Flashcart in order to work.

    Anyone know if this latest upgrade to the DS makes all Flashcarts obsolete?

    Basically, if I just want a DS to run Colors!, should I wait for the larger screen or go for it now considering the current Flashcarts are proven to work?


  12. I’m interested in it. I’ll probably stay away until they have homebrew working on it again, though. The addition of a download store is exactly what the DS needs; the “piracy” and homebrew market is all about quick access to fun and interesting little apps. It’s good to see that Nintendo recognizes this market and is providing an outlet for it.

    It’s not cool in my eye that they’re artificially closing out competition in this market by locking out homebrew devices. But then again, it’ll just be a temporary setback for homebrew. I have faith that they’ll get workarounds working pretty quick. It would be awesome if it were just new firmware I could put on my M3 Simply, but I don’t think it’ll be that easy.

    I’m interested in the camera, ever since I got a replacement phone that doesn’t include one.

  13. There is already a DSi flashcart out there. Your existing slot-1 flashcarts that you have in your current DS or DS Lite will not work on DSi – but just google DSi flashcart and you’ll find links for the new one. I think Acekard did it first…

  14. I’ll most likely be getting one. I need a new DS anyway since the touchscreen on my DS lite is screwed, and the prospect of 17% larger screens is too tempting to resist.

  15. @jtegnell- We all know the real reason Nintendo is putting this thing out — it starts with the letter R and ends with the number 4.

    R5-D4? I don’t know, I think that one’s got a bad motivator.

  16. most definatley! ill be geting one this coming up fall or ds lite power button is cracked so its kind of hard to turn glad the people from nintendo put the power button on the inside.yay!!! :)

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