Bento Boxes That Will Starve You


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  1. Halloween Jack says:

    A collection of Japanese Bento boxes that will starve you – because they are just too scary to eat


  2. Darren Garrison says:

    Ran into a nice bento story a couple of days ago, while searching Google News about the “Totoro House” burning:

  3. Lea Hernandez says:

    Isn’t her stuff fantastic?!

    My daughter decided to start carrying lunches so her money would go farther. We broke out the bento box and started packing her lunches. Today, she sold off parts of her lunch and made $4.

    I highly recommend bento as a hobby, because you can safely eat both your successes and your learning experiences.

  4. Manooshi says:

    So cute! Yay, Japan!

  5. davido says:

    I checked out the site, pretty neat Bento Boxes. Perhaps this could be part of a new see food diet :)

  6. awwhoneybear says:

    this is a great link, thanks for posting!

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