Geeks go to New Zealand Parliament to protest new copyright law

Nat sez,

Day 4 of campaigning against a braindead copyright law in New Zealand saw a protest on the grounds of Parliament (photos). Around 200 people held black placards as the Creative Freedom Foundation gave politician Peter Dunne (leader of one of the ruling coalition parties) a petition to stay the implementation of the "guilt by accusation" Section 92. In accepting the petition, Dunne called Section 92 "a threat to free speech". All the major news outlets covered it, including TVNZ, TV3, and Radio New Zealand.

It's been a hell of an accomplishment to get copyright into the agenda of mainstream media and politicians. Creative Freedom Foundation now have over 12,000 signed-up artists and supporters. APRA, the Australasian Performing Rights Association and prime source of pro-guilt-on-accusation quotes, has only 6,000 members. Every day has seen a story on copyright on the TV, and we can expect more on Monday with a web-site blackout.

(Thanks, Gnat!)

(Image by Brenda)


  1. Show your solidarity to our Kiwi cousins by blacking out your twitter, facebook, myspace, or blog. Don’t forget to tweet #blackout, change your status, or otherwise stand up to be counted by the search engines.

    All the cool kids are doing it. Join the fun, fight oppression, show you care.

  2. Oh man, I was in the doctor’s office, and they’ve got this tv that plays the health channel all day, and has a scrolling news ticker down the bottom. I got a kick out of seeing two scrolling news items about the protest :D

    I’m hoping to head into town and join in the Auckland protest today/tomorrow.

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