Geeks go to New Zealand Parliament to protest new copyright law


4 Responses to “Geeks go to New Zealand Parliament to protest new copyright law”

  1. Francesco Fondi says:

    NZ is not alone: take a look to what is happening in the Italian “liberist” parlament:

  2. CarlMalamud says:

    Show your solidarity to our Kiwi cousins by blacking out your twitter, facebook, myspace, or blog. Don’t forget to tweet #blackout, change your status, or otherwise stand up to be counted by the search engines.

    All the cool kids are doing it. Join the fun, fight oppression, show you care.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Peter Dunne voted for the legislation last year. Typical politician who doesn’t have a clue.

  4. FLG says:

    Oh man, I was in the doctor’s office, and they’ve got this tv that plays the health channel all day, and has a scrolling news ticker down the bottom. I got a kick out of seeing two scrolling news items about the protest :D

    I’m hoping to head into town and join in the Auckland protest today/tomorrow.

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