Skinless skin-tight cycling outfit

Tomek Pietek created this anatomical cycling gear -- not sure if it ever went into production or just existed as a portfolio piece, but it's sure striking. Finally, a good use for elasticated athletic wear!

Muscle - Skin suit (via Street Anatomy)


  1. Mario cippolinini did this about twelve years ago, with a lot more style. Actually his best moment was when he dropped out of the Tour de France to go to get his hair done.

  2. I’m not seeing the appeal here. I can appreciate that it’s probably one of a kind. What will they think of next?

  3. Not sure if shorts have been done before but Primal Wear (mass market bike jerseys) used to sell a jersey pretty much exactly like this. You can find them on ebay occasionally for about 50 bucks. I ride with a guy who wheres one and it’s always a head turner.

  4. Definitely no relation to Cippo’s skinsuit because this one doesn’t make my eyes bleed when I look directly at it.

    All I want is a jersey that is black with a green skeleton on it.

  5. Foska and Northwave both do skeletons (Foska’s is jokey, Northwave more anatomical)… Northwave also do a cardiovascular system jersey – heart lungs veins and arteries – which is my current fave.

  6. This raises the natural creepiness of the skintight cycling suits to a whole new level. I understand the need for improved performance, but really, his crotch-bulge is covered with a picture of the muscles beneath his penis.

    Unicorn chaser!

  7. I still get the creeps from Slim Goodbody’s show. No child should have to see a grown man’s colon.

  8. @#17:

    I don’t understand the need for performance. Specifically, I don’t understand it when these things are being worn by mildly pudgy 50+ guys commuting to work, but who think they’re Lance Armstrong. There’s some things I shouldn’t have to see riding by my house 40-50 times a day, and they’re not riding at a level where shaving a few seconds off their time matters anyway.

    If you’re racing, fantastic. Put on your skin-tight stuff. If not, I don’t need to see your ass, or know that you have bushy back hair. Put on a T-shirt.

  9. This is nice, but the biker is in really good shape.

    I want one for me: it has to show rolls of fat under the skin, and somewhat less muscle development.

  10. #19 proper cycling clothing isn’t all about aerodynamics – it’s also about muscle compression, proper seat comfort, ease and range of motion, easy access to food (rear pockets and most importantly, the ability to regulate body temperature and move sweat away from the skin.

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