Naked Baby Plays a Synthesizer (video)

A (semi) naked, 9-month-old baby plays a synthesizer. Nuff said. (thanks, Alex Ringis)


  1. be careful- by most State laws, this picture now sent is considered sending child pornography!!!!!!
    I am NOT Joking

  2. Watching the baby once the rhythm started reminded me that I had seen something in the last few weeks about baby minds and their conception of beat/rhythm. But now I can’t find it!

  3. As cute as it is (my son does the same with his electronic drum set) I believe this post is ill-advised. Truly.

  4. I don’t know about any of you, but this is exactly how I play my synth. I like to take my pants of and just groove with it.

  5. Oh for cryin’ out loud. This whole planet has to grow up and stop worrying about naked people. I’m no naturist and lord knows I spend the bulk of my time on teh intertoobs half nekkid but there are far bigger things for us to be all twisted about.

    I love the natural propensity for movement and rhythm inherent in us all. I’d love to know more about why they think this is wired into us all. Is there a TED talk on it? Does it serve a purpose other than to just get down – and then get back up again?

    And I couldn’t NOT watch this because I was just waiting for the kid to take a whiz on the keyboard like my own son did when he was the same age. Remarkably that Radio Shack hunk of junk just kept right on playing. Never smelled the same though. Hmmm.

  6. be careful- by most State laws, this picture now sent is considered sending child pornography!!!!!!
    I am NOT Joking

    As cute as it is (my son does the same with his electronic drum set) I believe this post is ill-advised. Truly.

    I suddenly want to move to another planet.

    Well, okay; not so suddenly.

  7. You can see he’s really getting into it. I bet it’s hard to pry him away! He seems to know where some of the different buttons are… You have a budding musician on your hands :D

  8. My main concern is that the child would pee on the keyboard. Other than that, I don’t think this post is all that ill-advised or pornographic. Seriously people, how many of us have been in naked baby photos?

  9. I have a suspicion that some of the alarmists around here need to learn what, exactly, child pornography is. A little bit of Googling to non-porn sites will explain what it is.

    This video, by the way, isn’t child pornography for the simple fact that that this is not “pornographic material depicting sexually explicit activities involving a child” (from the Wikipedia page – go check it out as it is quite well researched).

    I mean, come on, folks! We see the same thing on daytime and prime time TV commercials for diapers!

    All of that said: The video’s cute. Viral? Not so sure about that. More like “Embarrass-the-kid-when-he’s-going-to-the-prom” cute and not much else.

  10. I feel like that dateline dude is about to break in to my house with Cameras and SWAT team..

    “but sir I was just on Boingboing”

    “ON THE GROUND”!!!

    {sounds a lot like a lame Aphex Twin track}

  11. #15 – I think it’s a Korg MS2000.

    As for all this fear of naked. Sheesh.

    On the topic of synth and babies, I think my 4 monther will be meeting my MicroKorg very soon, though less buttons = less fun. Yeah and peeing on it will be verboten. Drooling’s fair game though. He’s really good at that.

  12. @#8
    Thanks for the story link.

    @#1 & #4
    I think it’s a safe bet that the Boingboing crew would welcome such a retarded challenge from a legal authority.

  13. I guess those same cops should raid every major art museum in the country, too, to confiscate all those paintings of the naked Baby Jesus.

  14. I haven’t been able to watch the whole video despite having made five attempts so far, because I have this (usually subconscious and unnoticed) compulsion to click an empty spot on any given web page at least once… and with synthtube’s embedding method that closes the video.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

  15. Mark @22 – that is an excellent idea. If we let even Jesus be a victim of these perverted Renaissance creeps, nobody is save. Someone should alert child protective services.

  16. OMG settle down! Yes it is Baby/Music Porn!…. in Your Mind!
    And Yes, twenty years from now the kid will hate his Parents!
    It is just cute.
    I wish I had a keyboard on the floor when my baby was 30 years younger.
    If it offends you, Photoshop a tux in the kid, it would still be Sweet.
    Yeah, and guys looking for baby porn always check out BB first.

  17. Someone should get this kid a MicroKORG, it’s more intuitive for a child’s mind. Then he’d really be rocking.

    But seriously, I think every baby should be given a synthesizer upon being born.

  18. @#1 and #4
    Don’t be such fear-mongers. There’s nothing illegal about that video, no matter how much I wish someone would put some pants on that kid.

    US child pornography laws prohibit images of underage children (or simulated to appear as such) involved in “sexually explicit conduct.” While that does include “lascivious exhibition of the genitals,” a baby’s bum wouldn’t fall under that definition by most communities’ standards. (nothing obscene here, except for legal text…)

    I think it’s interesting that the kid’s natural reaction is to bounce to the rhythm. That baby’s born to dance.

    …Still, haven’t those parents ever heard of diapers??

  19. I’m not so concerned about the ‘pornography’ aspect so much as a naked baby standing above a piece of electronic equipment that’s plugged into a wall. That seems dangerous for the baby and for the keyboard. Other than that – cute video!

  20. awesome way to imprint love for music …note how baby appears to be reacting to off screen reaction/encouragement to what he’s doing …he gets the verbal & non-verbal go-aheads, & rocks out! …also seemed to be solidly making the connection that touching this thing here makes the sound come out (of the speaker) over there …cute baby chasers are better than unicorn chasers, & as #17 pointed out, this is only about as child porny as a pampers commercial

  21. It’s gratifying to see the indefatigable forces of synth nerdery take the perversely minded ZOMGItsChildPron contingent to school on what *really* matters with this video.

    Jolly good.

    Now, somebody get this kid a theremin. Stat.

  22. Anon@33

    Yeah, because a cotton babygro offers faraday-suit-like protection, and modern consumer electronics are well known for spontaneously losing all their insulation and turning into mass conductors, to unleash their sparky load at unwitting bystanders.

    /light snark

  23. God I wish more synth players played with their pants off and god I wish they were all as good as that kid.

  24. Naked Baby Theremin Meme – oh yes! That would be so cool to see.

    And now for a serious question – is peeing on a theremin like peeing on an electric fence? I’m not planning any kind of avante garde performance piece, I’m just irrationally curious.

  25. Soo cute!

    This is NOT child porn. Come ON, people. Get a grip. There’s real child porn out there that needs to be eradicated.

  26. Well, my 11 month old was entertained. That may make it child porn, but not quite in the sense the more paranoid among us might think.

    Pretty good going for a nine-month old too.

  27. @#38 anon:

    We’ve got a local act called The Happy Planets that does exactly that. Not my sort of thing, but FIY.

  28. My son has played a keyboard ever since he could make his hands go in the general direction he wanted them to go. This video brings back memories. He just turned five and can now play songs, but he usually does wear pants now.

  29. You know, it occurs to me that locking up people who consider this child pornography is probably a good plan, because there’s clearly something dangerously wrong with the way they think.

  30. c’mon, just because you catch a glimpse of his mini-Moog does not mean it is an intentional Beaver and Krause shot!

  31. He’s outrageous, knows his stuff, he’s got a baby mohican, AND he’s got the moves. The kid’s a rock star in the making, he’s got it all.

  32. @ Xeni

    and the reason you used ‘naked’ was…..?

    the story is the baby playing the synth

    ‘naked’ is irrelevant

  33. I’m already looking forward to Danny Choo blogging about Tokyo’s first Semi-Naked Babies Playing Synthesisers cafe.

  34. The day the default assumption/interpretation of a baby is sexual is the day I hope the videodrome signal invades brains of that sort and wipes them out. I’m sorry. I’m a freak, I’m enlightened, I’m a fool . . .but thinking a baby’s butt is something to freak out about is just wrong.

    I repeat . . .anyone that thinks life should be spent worrying about sexualizing babies needs to move on to the next life and start over again.

  35. @ #27 Scatterbrane: I do that too! I think it’s to make sure the window I’m looking at has focus, so I can scroll. Didn’t have any trouble watching this video, though.

  36. Ãœber-reclusive, secretive third member of Autechre revealed!

    And it’s a baby’s bottom – really? If you’ve got a problem with it, then seek help. Your latent paedo is trying to escape.

  37. To those interested in how music plays and progresses with the mind, I recently found a book (while scouring the shelves at Borders) that was recommended to me by a woman in a music store a couple months ago. It is called This Is Your Brain On Music by Daniel J. Levitin (a neuroscientist and former session musician, sound engineer, and record producer). I’ve only been able to get through the preface and a few pages of the first chapter entitled “What is music?” I have a pretty decent understanding of the music terminology he identifies in this chapter, so I’m still looking forward to what will be said. The guy breaks things down and explains them well with nice examples. What I’ve read has been really intriguing. Highly recommended read!


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