iPod Killer - Lego MP3 Player

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dannychoo_mp3.jpg Why is the iPod in grave danger? Because you cant stick Lego men on top of it.
During the Nuremberg Toy Fair I spotted the new version of the uber geek Lego Mindstorms NXT22 and some danish bricks gadgets like the Lego Camcorder, a colorful photo camera and this MP3 player. The cam and the photo camera seems ready to be marketed but seem that the Lego designers still got a lot of work to do on the MP3 player and its speakers…
Via Modellismo Hobby Media


  1. And may Nuremberg always be remembered for its toy fair. Something about the phrase “Nuremberg Toy Fair” that is just a little bit uplifting.

  2. Concept – I was hoping that someone woud invent a way that audio-visual components could interface this way. Just snap together the components, or have just touching, and the components would be connected and could communicate.

  3. This reminds me of something my cousin, Lora Lea Binaley made with duplos when she was little for her cassette player! Cute!

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