I Survived the Bush Administration (t-shirt)

I survived the bush administration t-shirt, $16 from Print Liberation (via Constant Siege).


  1. Noen, beat me to it. Yes, what havoc they wreaked, stole everything that was not tied down and made it out without any evident consequence. What’s to keep it from happening again?

  2. Should read:

    “I survived the Bush administration, and all I got was:
    (tick all that apply)
    crippling national debt
    diminished civil liberties
    illegally wiretapped
    my shoes stolen at the airport
    cavity searched
    imprisoned without charge
    abducted, then tortured
    an economy in crisis

    AND this lousy T-Shirt.”

  3. I’m with noen, etc., I think. It takes chutzpah AND balls to wear that shirt right now.

    After all, there’s little argument that the current debt and crisis are part of that administration’s effects. Like so many of the readers here, I’m trying to support a family on one income now, and if that number drops to zero, I’d be eating the shirt, if I had it.

    Ask me again in a few years, and we’ll see if I starved to death. Until then, wearin’ it with pride is the worst kind of hubris. And you know what they say pride goeth before.

    After all, if you die from nuclear fallout a year after the bomb has dropped, the bomb still killed you.

  4. It’s in incredibly poor taste.

    Not all of us made it, and some of us still hurt from the loss of our friends.

    You wouldn’t sell “I survived the Blitz” t-shirts in London in 1945, would you?

  5. I get the attempt at the funny, but it certainly hits a certain nerve – I think taste is debatable, so if some folk find it funny, great – but for me, I still struggle to look at anything Bush related.

    On the other hand, how about a “I survived commenting on a BoingBoing post” shirt?

  6. Yeah, mine would have to have additional text:

    I survived…

    (But without a job for 7 of the 8 years, and without my 401k intact, and without my credit rating destroyed, and without being able to internationally travel due to fear of being kidnapped and decapitated as a hated American, and…)

    Ah, forget it- all of the stuff would take too much material to fit on one shirt.

  7. It ought to be written in blood-red letters.
    Others above have mentioned the many thousands who did not survive.

  8. i think some of you are taking a shirt a bit to seriously. i bought one cause i thought it was funny.. ya know cause its better than wearing a 60 dollar t-shirt from the mall

  9. On election night 2000 I remember saying to my wife, “Really, how bad could it get?” I had no fucking idea.

  10. If the Bush administration had not been as terrible and murderous as it was, the satirical / poor taste message would be meaningless. Sure, it’s cheap humor, but please don’t over analyze everything.

    I do think the back could be used to good purpose with some of the suggestions given above. Make it more of a joke with some significance as well.

  11. @ stu
    a “I survived commenting on a BoingBoing post” shirt?

    boingboing is just like any blog and like IRC and USNET and forums. People say stupid things, me especially. (I have patents pending)

    @ Takuan
    Nuremberg was once just the name of a town. What name will their’s be?

    I really do think the name of Bush will burrow it’s way into the nation’s psyche. More than Hoover did that’s for sure. Bush has earned his place in the pantheon of American scum for all time. No small achievement that. Bravo Dubya!

  12. Right, we didn’t all make it. That’s the point of the shirt. If you’re wearing it, you survived.

    That said, the right is already starting to blame the Obama administration for the financial problems. In a few years, they’ll all be convinced that it all started happening right after Obama took office.

  13. I like the shirt. It seems like fairly dark humor to me, but that’s why I like it. The very fact that the shirt has any meaning, underlines the existence of the many who didn’t survive.

    Be a different matter if it were an “I survived Pinochet” or “I survived the hol… Pol Pot” (whew, godwin’s bullet dodge) shirt, but I don’t think this crosses any lines.

  14. Depending on the context, I reckon tons of lines are crossed. I’m rather sensitive about Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler and their ilk, for example. Likes, consensual mismanagement doesn’t me bother me quite so much as majority consensual massacre. But I could care less about what words and images are worn on a piece of clothing. Well posted and fuck the haters, xj!

  15. Yes, but you are unlikely to survive the Obama administration.

    Communism 2.0 will probably be about as much fun as version 1.0.

  16. Anyone gotten a Print Liberation shirt before? I see “Water based black ink” and I think the image won’t survive a single washing, but I don’t know nothin’ ’bout silkscreenin’ no shirts.

    re #28, please don’t feed the troll, people. The existing conversation is more interesting than the hijack would be.

  17. Just in case you didn’t notice, this is posted without any comments. Learn to know Xeni Jardin before you make foolish assumptions about her intents: she balances between pure provocation and posts so sweet that they must have put more than one diabetic into coma, with a center of technology (a girl has to rest).

    I think that the comment on the T should read: “Trying to survive the Bush administration” as this is an ongoing process. Only fools would believe that this gang isn’t still extremely powerful and hard at work promoting their ideology.

    Tak, let’s face it, the town cannot be anything else than Washington.

  18. Hey, its neat and funny, specially from a non-USA point of view, but i can’t hep thinking it could be a little…. er… embarrasing if you happen to meet someone of the thousands of families in USA who have one of his members really DIDNT survive Bush administration…
    Just a thought.

  19. Cowicide: that’s great: the brochure says “We will defend the homeland”….2 years before 9/11 and the creation of “Homeland Security” = domestic secret political police…
    As time goes on, 9/11 looks stranger & stranger….

  20. I sent this to a friend, and he thought it was in poor taste too. I think he is right. It was not only Americans who died, he pointed out, but many others.

    But Xeni posted it without comment, as pointed out in #30.

  21. @ Cowicide — Karl Rove knows his base, the wet pants brigade. One of the characteristics of authoritarians is high fear levels. They are afraid of their own shadows, not terribly bright, even though trumpeting their “genius” levels, and easily stampeded in any direction. I was raised on a farm and they really do remind me of cattle.

  22. I’m torn between ordering one and putting it off for about 50 years until we see if the US and the world as a whole actually have survived the Bush administration. I’m still not convinced that Bush didn’t leave us with problems we won’t be able to fix.

    That said, I don’t think it’s in poor taste. It’s funny, and it does set a hopeful tone for the future.

    I think I still have a t-shirt somewhere that says “I survived the Wichita Falls tornado.” 45 people died in that storm, 800 or so were injured, and 20 percent of the people in town lost their homes, but local people still loved the shirts. “I survived” is a common theme after disaster. And God knows the Bush years were a disaster that makes even the great tsunami of a few years back seem routine.

  23. I’ll add couple of comments about the shirt:

    The year 2001 looks too much like 2007, which makes the tragedy appear less awful than it really was.

    The participants’ eyes should have been left unconcealed, so that they may be recognized in the future.

  24. Re: “Communism 2.0 will probably be about as much fun as version 1.0.”

    You know, just CALLING something communism without backing it up says more about where you stand than where your opponent stands.

    Psssst, I’m with “the enemy”.

  25. Don’t mean to feed the troll, but Communism 1.0 took place in the Paris commune , 19th C.
    I think we’re up to 4.1 or something, now: the comment is behind the times.

  26. Not directly related, but this is a good a time as any, the following struck me last night:
    Search youtube for any Charles Manson interview (preferably the longer ones). Don’t look at the video, just listen to him, don’t focus the words, more the tone, the rhythm… remind you of anyone?

  27. Now, let’s just see if we survive the Obama administration. Or whatever bozo comes after that.

    “I survived the Federal Government.”

  28. i guess i must be one of the only few who thought it was clever.

    i come from a working class family where my dad hasn’t even been able to find a steady job for a year +, my sister’s in the army so its been a rough ride, but i think the message to be grasped here is that with the bush admin being over, there is something to look forward to (at least in my eyes). would this shirt even be SLIGHTLY funny or relevant if we had mccain? no way.

  29. Right. The stock market has dropped 25% SINCE election day and that’s all Bush’s fault.

    Every time Obama or one of his crew opens their mouths the market drops another 200 points.

  30. Note, my friends, what Vich11 has done for you at #48: provided an example (in hir first post!) of the post hoc, ergo propter hoc fallacy.

    Is Vich short for Vichy, I wonder? It would be irresponsible NOT to speculate.

  31. JimH 46, from your lips to the gods’ ears!

    Or…um…from your keyboard to the gods’ monitors. Or something. Not as catchy, somehow.

  32. #11 Surely it should be “srvvd cmmntng n BngBng pst”.

    And #46, “I Survived Capitalism, and Made My Own Damn Shirt.”

  33. Vich11 strikes me as a fair and balanced type. I have no doubt that if Al Gore hadn’t been smoking pot with his godless journalism buddies over in Vietnam and invented the intrawebz several years earlier, Vich11 would have then remarked, “Right. The stock market has dropped over 37% SINCE election day and that’s all Carter’s fault.

    Every time Reagan or one of his crew opens their mouths the market drops another [inflation-adjusted number of] points.”

  34. Except, Teller, that Obama didn’t fuck up the economy. He didn’t ignore the advice of the best-informed experts and just bull forward his own way. He didn’t lie, in public and on the record, about what was going on that justified his actions. And so far, actual deaths directly traceable to his stimulus package have been minimal!

    And WM8, at this point Vich11 seems to have been a drive-by. We’ll see if s/he bothers to come back.

  35. Hey, X, no argument there. Those fuckers pressed bets until they lost our money. Believe me, I’m pissed. But Obama owns the problem now. You prefer albatross, ball-and-chain, lead weight? I’m not tied to “Iraq.” I used it because it’s packed with meaning.

  36. Actually, I don’t think I could wear this shirt in good conscience yet. I’m not completely sure I HAVE survived the Bush Administration. Their mismanagement is going to haunt us long after most of them are gone, much less out of office.

  37. @dee2thadoubletee
    From one of my company’s distributors:
    “water-based ink screenprinting. Water-based ink is non-toxic, and doesn’t contain PVC or pthalates, which makes it superior in terms of its environmental footprint.

    Water-based inks soak into and become part of the T-shirt itself. The result is a breathable, durable print that will not crack or wash away. Water-based inks also have excellent color-fastness and washability, keeping their color wash after wash.”

    That said, it won’t crack as quickly as your typical tee, but it will fade. Tends to develop that dingy, grungy look that’s trendy to imitate right now. Lots of cold washes and TLC.

  38. To be fair, my response to Vich11 was nothing more than a drive-by sniping… unless this second response establishes my claim to legitimacy?

  39. Moreover, I agree with Teller that the Obama administration now owns the problem and solutions.

    I think the comparison to the Carter-Reagan transition is, however, an apt counter-argument to “feh! It’s been a MONTH! You can’t still fault Bush!!!”

  40. It seems to me that the Bush adminstration was titanically successful, achieving every goal that they wished to achieve. They certainly kept the price of Texas Oil high, spilled a lot of blood, and moved us closer to a biblical apocalypse, which is that I think their goals were.

    Destroying capitalism was icing on the cake. “Mission accomplished”.

  41. Xopher, I think it was a drive-by. They’re like SBDs: technically ephemeral, but they foul the atmosphere while they last.

    Senna1 @10, Uknowbetter @28: I’m sorry, but it’s too late. I can’t help you.

    Dee2thadoubletee @29:

    re #28, please don’t feed the troll, people. The existing conversation is more interesting than the hijack would be.

    Hmm. That’s actually a functional definition of a troll: someone who tries to hijack the conversation in a boring and/or self-centered direction.

    Ugly Canuck @40:

    Don’t mean to feed the troll, but Communism 1.0 took place in the Paris commune, 19th C.

    I think we’re up to 4.1 or something, now: the comment is behind the times.

    Version 4.1? Would that be the Trotskyist Reunified Fourth International, or something else?

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