Bigfoot vs. Paul Bunyan t-shirt

 Men Images 2009 02 Bunyan-V-Bigfoot Uncrate offers spotted this "Bigfoot vs. Bunyan" t-shirt for $10. It's cute, but of course Sasquatch would win.
Bigfoot vs. Bunyan t-shirt (Thanks, Gabe "TuneUp" Adiv!)


  1. Well, Paul Bunyan isn’t shown anywhere near to scale here…Paul Bunyan for the win. Anyone who can create the Grand Canyon with his axe can take out Bigfoot.

  2. Even so, if Paul Bunyan was sixty three axe handles tall, and a lumberjack’s axe handle is about 3 feet long, that makes Paul Bunyan about 189 feet tall.

    Plus, if Bigfoot gets his posse, than Paul Bunyan gets Babe and his axe. ;)

  3. While this match is going on, Chuck Norris is having hot nasty ox sex with Babe over in those trees, and when it’s over he’ll take the winner.

  4. Are you freaking kidding me? Bigfoot would win? Paul Bunyan is a REAL AMERICAN HERO. And a REAL MAN. In FLANNEL. Bigfoot only seems tough because he’s hairy. Hell, I’m almost that hairy.

    And Bigfoot is probably Canadian anyhow. I’m sure he’d make a good UN peacekeeper or something, but Bunyan would kick his wooly ass back to Manitoba or Tibet or wherever before you could say ‘timber’.

    I’d like to see a tag-team grudge-match: The Yeti Twins vs. Bunyan and the Big Blue Ox. That would be worth shelling out for par-per-view.

  5. Sasquatch is a scared idiot stepchild of genus Homo who hides in the forest. Bunyan would take down the whole forest with a flick of his axe then be like, “Sup bitch??! Where you gonna hide now?”

  6. Bunyan eats Sasquatch like a hairy Tootsie Roll.
    Abe Lincoln would bitch-slap Chuck Norris. Norris has that one move; that round-house kick to the temple. Linclon hears Norris’ boots coming a mile away, grabs Norris’ foot and makes him hop around, then slaps him out of the theater box to the stage below.

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