Shepard, Lessig, Steven Johnson in NYC Feb 26 - Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy


A reminder of an event I mentioned here on the blog last week -- LIVE from the NYPL and WIRED Magazine are hosting a roundtable discussion with Lessig, Shepard Fairey, and Steven Berlin Johnson this Thursday Feb. 26 in NYC. The event is titled "Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy" which is also the title of Lessig's book. I'm told the discussion will be about the big picture ideas and issues in Lessig's book, and was actually organized long before the AP/Obama poster/who-took-that-photo "shitstorm" -- so they won't be covering Shepard's legal issues, per se, but rather the meta cloud from which that conflict, and related conflicts and opportunities, have emerged. Tickets here, $25 general admission and $15 library donors/seniors/students. Completely inappropriate side-note: all the fellas in the promo image above add up to an awfully handsome lot, no? (thanks, Brad Grossman and Melanie Cornwell)

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Update: Glen E. Friedman, who appeared in the aforementioned Boing Boing Video miniseries we shot with Shepard Fairey, points us to an interview the embattled remix artist did today on CBS News. Glen says, "Once again proves he's got it together more than most." Agreed. Completely inappropriate side-note: Dude with the bowtie crackin' me up.


  1. Wait, if we define a douche purely on terms of function, then I am quite an effective and enjoyable douche, I’m told. ;D

  2. Art? Commerce? Thrive?
    How’s about that YSL auction, eh?
    Kinda puts the Warhol auction to shame.
    300 million Euros worth of Art!
    What a collection!

  3. Ah, if art is to thrive, the artists must make beautiful things.
    IIRC Yoko once said that her and John’s “investment strategy” was simply to buy beautiful things: that they increased in value over time faster than other things did was a bonus.
    Again, I say this with half an eye on the YSL and Warhol auctions.
    It would seem that beautiful objects increase in value over time.
    The bonus is that, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if you purchase based upon what you think is beautiful, that “beauty-value” will never be denied you, regardless of the realizable value of the object in monetary terms.

  4. Instead of “The bonus is”, perhaps I should have stated, “The beauty of it is”, in the above.

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