JG Ballard and David Cronenberg interviewed by Mark Dery


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  1. gretagretchen says:

    The art direction looks like subpar Raygun to me.

  2. M. Dery says:

    “What was Rage?”

    From my blog post:

    “…the almost indescribable Rage, a mind-clenching blend of Adbusters-style anti-consumerist polemics; X-rated cartoons of eye-gouging awfulness (both in humor and execution), calculated to set the functionally illiterate aroar; political journalism; and, incalculably, softcore porn—accompanied, in some ill-conceived attempt at “culture jamming,” by captions that sneered at the silicone-injected models in the photos and snarked at the reader for oggling them (a strategy sure to increase the magazine’s market share). Did I mention that the magazine’s design was so groaningly amateurish it would have given Tibor Kalman an irritable bowel?

    Of course Rage was published by Larry Flynt.”

  3. teufelsdroch says:

    Did no one else celebrate when they found these interviews? Hooray!

    What was Rage? By this issue–Cronenberg, Ballard, original fiction, soft S&M cover–it looks like something I’d subscribe to.

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