Plush model of artist's femur

Becky Stern sez, "I made this large-scale model of my femur in plush. I used pictures from inside my knee during surgery and looked at anatomy pictures to get the shape. I had a flap of cartilage that had to be removed, then the doc drilled little holes in the underlying bone to stimulate scar tissue growth for padding in the area."

Plush Femur (Thanks, Becky!)


  1. #22 Takuan
    And it’s being done in just about every hospital in the world. Approaching children through play, often using dolls or toys to calm and assure. That plush femur wouldn’t calm many children though, but I reckon it’s good fun for when in a pillow fight!

  2. #2 Takuan

    My 5 year old son with leukemia has a plush red and white cell from His white cell (and sometimes a team of Starwars figures) regularly fight the “bad cells” in battles.

    I wish they had platlets too.

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