Sophie Madeleine plays "The Beard Song" on ukulele

Sophie Madeleine plays "The Beard Song" on ukulele.


  1. Her voice is… old-timey? There is something black-and-white about it, but I can’t tell what it is.

    Also, I’m feeling pretty good about my beard right now.

  2. Uke Girlies in the zeitgeist…

    Girl Zeitgeist: What a cute performance!

    Boy Zeitgeist: I want to have sex with her!

  3. I like the uke girls…

    Why would they not fit between tearful cops, perceptual illusions, some book-fetish that won’t do so good now the economy is down, and Chinese bluegrass?

  4. I feel terrible now. I shaved my beard just hours ago at the demand of my boss. As long as the trash man hasn’t come, my beard will live again with tape and glue once I get home.

  5. #6 Thank you. I am not without an appreciation for cuteness (ask my hamster, Hammy Davis Jr.!). But the uke girl fetish is like someone trying to convince you they really liked Lisa Loeb’s music more than her glasses.

  6. Mark, thanks for posting all the great ukulele videos… but I can’t believe you haven’t shared any Ukulele Ike! There are some amazing videos of him on the internet… check out this one…

  7. If only a Japanese girl could be convinced to glue random gears and pipes to a uke and sing a song somehow combining outrage about DMR and CCTV, Boingboing would spontaneously combust.

  8. Actually I think its a good example of the medium determining the message (which is very Boingboing). The tinny sound of a ukulele comes across well on the imperfect sound of Utube and the little video box you can any see enough of the player to end up hopelessly smitten.

  9. Even though I love all those ukelele posts, I’m starting to feel like maybe it’s time for a new Boing Boing spinoff site:

    bbu: Boing Boing Ukelele!

    Now, someone design the pixel art for this new sub-site’s mascot!

  10. @#12 RATMONKEY

    “I shaved my beard just hours ago at the demand of my boss.”

    Dude. Not cool.

    I wouldn’t shave my beard, even for poon-tang. Maybe some poonanny or some pinocha, but not regular old ‘tang.

  11. Girl, ukulele, beards…now if only you could incorporate a tiki bar into this, everything I truly love would be wrapped up into one single Boing Boing post.

  12. Well, as of this morning, I’ve got 1 week of beard on me… which is about 6 days more than I’ve had in the last few years. It’s been fun, but off it goes tomorrow!

    I feel like I must remind everyone that previously-featured Danielle is playing Saturday in Ft. Collins, CO & she has her new album out!

    I’m still loving her version of Rich Girl:

  13. I’m ready to grow my beard back. It was a goof for the holidays, but now that my wife has said it looked good this time, there is nothing stopping me. Other than the desire to make money, that is. I don’t think beards are in vogue on investment bankers. Then again, investment bankers aren’t in vogue, period, so a little facial hair probably won’t matter.

  14. Mara Carlyle

    Has been on Plaid and Jamie Lidell albums

    She’s a friend of mine, when she performs this song live in front of you it is just spine tingling.

  15. @#6

    I’m sure that more girls than just me are on the boys side with regards to this one.

    I’d with I could grow a beard myself if she hadn’t specifically said that ladies beards aren’t beautiful…..


  16. I’m starting to feel that in some sort of MST3K-esque experiment, where the evil BoingBoing overlords want to determine just how many ukulele videos a person can take before they go totally insane.

  17. laserone had quite an illustrious streak going yesterday; must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.

  18. I was sick and tired of the cute girl uke videos (whoa! who knew cute girls could play instruments and sing?) but this one has changed my mind. MOAR

    but maybe diversify

  19. This in mono.

    I spent a half hour trying to fix my sound.


    She is both whimsical and lovely.

    Me big Skin head with gigantic mutton chop sideburns.

  20. whoa!

    she’s so nice.

    it’s my Korean student who introduced me about Sophie’s song.
    I love it, we both love it..

    and i am practicing on it..


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