Superb ray-gun junk sculptures

Flickr user Tinkerbots creates and photographs beautiful raygun and robot assemblage sculptures made from techno-junk. I am SUCH a sucker for raygun sculptures. Tinkerbots's blasters drive a fishhook straight into my desiderata gland.

REDIVIVUS Rayguns (via Make)


  1. Oh man, that first one. Something about the picture made me not understand perspective. I thought it was taller than a human. It was like reverse tilt shifting. Tfihs-tlitting, if you will.

  2. hi: i am Daniel Fiorda, i just wanted to said hello to all the sculptors over here, some one posted about my work , my gun series , thanks i appreciated.i am working in a new direction now, as soon i have the digital images i will posted in my webs site or blog.

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