Superb ray-gun junk sculptures


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  1. Lauren O says:

    Oh man, that first one. Something about the picture made me not understand perspective. I thought it was taller than a human. It was like reverse tilt shifting. Tfihs-tlitting, if you will.

  2. bjacques says:

    That top one looks like something Octobriana would have used.

  3. DoppelFrog says:

    Wow. Is Cory feeling ok? He forgot to say “steampunk” :-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    hi: i am Daniel Fiorda, i just wanted to said hello to all the sculptors over here, some one posted about my work , my gun series , thanks i appreciated.i am working in a new direction now, as soon i have the digital images i will posted in my webs site or blog.

  5. Sethum says:

    If you like that stuff, check out the gallery of a metal sculptor I used to know, Daniel Fiorda.

    The guns are a little more abstract, but much more visceral. The other galleries are even more impressive, in my opinion.

  6. jfrancis says:

    Don’t forget this guy

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