Ted Chiang's story Exhalation -- free podcast


4 Responses to “Ted Chiang's story Exhalation -- free podcast”

  1. Kytsune says:

    Rigorous. No kidding. I really loved listening to that.

  2. teapot7 says:

    Ted Chiang is a brilliant writer, no two ways about it – but I’m not much of a fan of story readings.

    Where did/will the print version appear?

  3. bililoquy says:


    This is in Jonathan Strahan’s anthology ECLIPSE 2. It’s a great book, well worth the purchase.

    “Exhalation” isn’t a story, exactly, but it’s a beautiful tear-jerker of a thought experiment. BoingBoingers in particular owe it to themselves to have a look or listen. “Hard SF” is a meaningless phrase these days, but this is thoughtful, rigorous SCIENCE fiction.

  4. danturner says:

    Oooh oooh new-to-me Ted Chiang! Anyone know where I can read this myself, as opposed to having it read to me? I googled but no joy so far.

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