Slow motion video of grid of magnets lining up after being disturbed


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  1. wangleberry says:

    needs Transformers sound effect *vrm vrut vret vrit*

  2. rechnen says:

    This video is mesmerizing! I can’t stop watching. Although I just stop at 3s and start over. I don’t understand why he kept filming.

  3. Bavi_H says:

    It was recorded at 600 frames per second, but what speed is it played back at? 30 frames per second. In other words, 20 seconds in the video represents 1 second of real life speed.

    Following the link at the bottom of that blog post yeilds two other videos and the source mov files.

  4. Carrie says:

    Cool video, but the ad at the end sucks!
    Couldn’t stop or pause and it was loud.

  5. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I didn’t get an ad at the end.

  6. jwb says:

    Super-obnoxious advert at the end, and the video can’t be paused/stopped while the ad is playing. Particularly annoying after silent content!

  7. Chrs says:

    It’s 60fps for high definition, but it also has progressively lower-resolution high-speed modes of 300, 600 and 1200 fps, which makes it basically unique on the current camera market. We actually bought one for the lab I’m currently working in, because it’s about ten times less expensive than professional high speed cameras. It’s surprisingly little sacrifice of resolution, considering. The 300fps is 512×384, if I recall correctly.

  8. EH says:

    link is boingdotted.

  9. thebonze says:

    That’s actually pretty boring…

  10. jimjambandit says:

    Isn’t the Exlim ‘only’ 60fps, not 600?

  11. mikefinch says:

    Your video sucks dude…

  12. bobhughes says:

    it’s still too fast to learn anything

  13. nosehat says:

    The 1200 fps video after the jump is more interesting.

    I’m guessing you need a pretty expensive camera to shoot 1200+ fps at home. :/

  14. ablestmage says:

    That video blew some wicked fat goat, Mark. I liked the first five seconds, and was waiting for the replay after about 10 seconds, but instead we just get 15 more seconds of some high-speed teetering. Whoever edited it should be fired. Yesterday.

  15. dequeued says:

    After this video was finished I was assaulted with $300 Diapers!
    And some annoying sounds.

    I hate flash.

  16. arkizzle says:

    Internet + AdBlock

    I Love Flash.

  17. devophill says:

    I’m guessing you need a pretty expensive camera to shoot 1200+ fps at home.

    Not really.

  18. Grisly says:

    I appreciated the Zen-like anticipation of waiting for something else to happen…

  19. Grisly says:

    …but then it never did.

  20. Banksynergy says:

    Pretty cool to see… although the last 25 seconds of the video are kinda unnecessary…

  21. Ian Holmes says:

    yeah, the first 2s are the only interesting ones, should have been 6000fps…

  22. wiskinator says:

    Now do you think that the flickering light is actually the 60hz mains sine wave or an artifact caused by the camera auto-metering?

  23. jfranchino says:

    Wow!!!! That’s amazingly bad editing!

  24. SeamusAndrewMurphy says:

    I wished it was even slower motion.

    As a whole, it was kind of like watching the last minute of a open water marlin catch, then watching the guy stand next to his fish for five hours.

  25. Chrs says:

    Casio Exilim EX-F1 for life.

  26. jeffbell says:

    If you follow the link, there is a video at 1200hz as well.

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