Strange new fish: H. psychedelica

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This trippy fish that has been confirmed as a new species and named, appropriately enough, Histiophryne psychedelica. Scuba divers discovered it off Indonesia and University of Washington researcher Ted Pietsch tested its DNA. From the Associated Press:
Like other frogfish – a subset of anglerfish – H. psychedelica has leglike fins on both sides of its body.

But it has several traits not previously known among frogfish, wrote Pietsch, of the University of Washington.

Each time the fish strike the seabed, for instance, they push off with their fins and expel water from tiny gill openings to jet themselves forward. That and an off-centered tail cause them to bounce around in a bizarre, chaotic manner.

The fish, which has a gelatinous, fist-size body covered with thick folds of skin that protect it from sharp-edged corals, also has a flat face with eyes directed forward, like humans, and a huge, yawning mouth.
"PSYCHEDELIC" FISH PICTURE: New Species Bounces on Reef


  1. the “”PSYCHEDELIC” FISH PICTURE: New Species Bounces on Reef” link directs right back to :(

  2. Obviously another fake from the people that brought us the 100-foot snake. No creature could possibly exist if I didn’t know it exists.

    I’m sorry. That was sarcastic. I feel terrible now.

  3. i wonder how much acid god was on when he made this one. also its good to see that he is still out there dropping little gems like this.

  4. H. Psych: “D’y’ever think maybe our whole world is just a speck of dirt under the fin of some giant fi…whoa! Look at that light.”

  5. Safe to say this comes as an eye-opening surprise to everyone here but Takuan, who probably eats these for lunch…

  6. prolly not a ‘new’ fish. glad to have a glimpse of the remaining 10% of the oceanic bio-diversity. again, do we need to plow the ocean floors for seaweed to feed cows?

  7. Anon asked me: “…again, do we need to plow the ocean floors for seaweed to feed cows?”

    If we could grow and harvest delicious and nutricious food from sub-sea farms, would you be opposed to it? There’s a lot of acreage down there…

  8. you’re telling us about a new fish that bounces along in a chaotic fashion but you dont give a vid?!?

    see it in action:

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