Idiot stuffs cat into bong

An Omaha, Nebraska gentleman has been cited on suspicion of animal cruelty and other charges after police discovered he had put a cat inside this homemade bong. According to the humane society, the cat appears to be OK but will be tested for lung damage. From the San Diego Union Tribune: From the Associated Press:
 Img Photos 2009 03 02 55A1628F-E10F-4332-8Cc3-Fa258Ba0B911News.Ap.Org T350 The (20-year-old) man told sheriff's deputies the 6-month-old female named Shadow had been hyper and that he was trying to calm her down...

Deputies discovered the cat trapped in the device after responding to a domestic disturbance call at a residence the suspect shares with his grandfather, Sgt. Andy Stebbing said.

Deputies resolved the dispute and left the house, but they returned minutes later after discovering there was an arrest warrant on the suspect for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Upon re-entering the house, Stebbing said, deputies saw the suspect smoking marijuana through a piece of garden hose attached to the duct-taped, plastic glass box, in which the cat had been stuffed.
"Neb. deputies say man stuffed cat inside 'bong'" (Thanks, Jess Hemerly!)