Idiot stuffs cat into bong

An Omaha, Nebraska gentleman has been cited on suspicion of animal cruelty and other charges after police discovered he had put a cat inside this homemade bong. According to the humane society, the cat appears to be OK but will be tested for lung damage. From the San Diego Union Tribune: From the Associated Press:
 Img Photos 2009 03 02 55A1628F-E10F-4332-8Cc3-Fa258Ba0B911News.Ap.Org T350 The (20-year-old) man told sheriff's deputies the 6-month-old female named Shadow had been hyper and that he was trying to calm her down...

Deputies discovered the cat trapped in the device after responding to a domestic disturbance call at a residence the suspect shares with his grandfather, Sgt. Andy Stebbing said.

Deputies resolved the dispute and left the house, but they returned minutes later after discovering there was an arrest warrant on the suspect for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Upon re-entering the house, Stebbing said, deputies saw the suspect smoking marijuana through a piece of garden hose attached to the duct-taped, plastic glass box, in which the cat had been stuffed.
"Neb. deputies say man stuffed cat inside 'bong'" (Thanks, Jess Hemerly!)


  1. Oh, no! A kitten being hyper?! Who would have thought??

    This suspect definitely has the capacity to be a human abuser.

  2. According to the humane society, the cat appears to be OK but will be tested for lung damage.

    Cats are fine and all, but aren’t there humans with higher priority for that kind of medical testing?

  3. Truly sad. Up there with NEVER SHAKE A BABY!!! should be NEVER GET YOUR PETS HIGH ON YOUR DRUGS!!! (And kitties have their own special blend anyway. It’s called Catnip!) You can’t blame pot for this idiot. Can haz new home?

  4. Zuzu, I’m sure that the cat would be tested with a cat-specific device, by a veterinarian, rather than an MD with a human-sized lung testing apparatus.

  5. Isn’t it kind of obvious that this device was constructed with the express intent of putting the kitten into it?
    There’s not a book big enough to throw at these idiots.
    And potheads continue to tell me that it doesn’t cause brain damage. Game. Set. Match. They lose.

  6. I keep looking at that Bong-box in the photo and thinking that the cat inside is both Stoned & Not-Stoned.

    But seriously, who would do that to a kitten?

  7. “deputies saw the suspect smoking marijuana through a piece of garden hose attached to the duct-taped, plastic glass box, in which the cat had been stuffed.”

    Come onnnn guys… we all know Cats make the Pot work better. I mean who hasn’t used a kitten as a roach clip? They’re also good for flavoring hookah

  8. A jackass neighbor “kid”* and his stoner friends did something similar to his cat. Circa late 70s or early 80s.

    * Kid = early 20s at that point.

  9. Wil9000@8: That’s some scientific study you’ve got going on there. I’m sure people have done evil sadistic shit involving shampoo too. I don’t hear you clamoring to have it removed from the shelves.

    Moriarty@11: Yeah, that justifies MILLIONS of human lives ruined needlessly.

    If there were no war on drugs, this guy would have been doing this openly, and been busted by the cops even sooner, the first time they dropped by, for the act of animal endangering being committed.

  10. Obviously this guys is a horrendous bozo, but this is the frightening part “Deputies resolved the dispute and left the house, but they returned minutes later after discovering there was an arrest warrant on the suspect for possession of drug paraphernalia.” Drug paraphernalia? A pipe or bong is in itself illegal to own? If I screw two pieces of metal tubing together would I be a felon in the united states?

  11. Phikus@16 – So shampoo causes brain damage? I’m just making the point that pot isn’t harmless. I’ve had people tell me that today’s pot is much weaker than in the 70’s, and it is essentially harmless. Tell that to the cat. By the way, I saw an article that said that today’s pot is much, much stronger than it was even just a few years ago. Fire away.

  12. Gareth@18: Technically, only if it has been used in imbibing illegal drugs and therefore has a residue in it. You can buy a “water pipe” (can’t call it a bong at the shops that sell them foe some stupid reason) in states where this is not prohibited specifically, as it could be used for legal tobacco products, just like rolling papers, and therefore is not illegal as such.

  13. Gareth: in many jurisdictions, yes. It’s an unenforceably vague law that’s somehow been allowed to stand. It’s a “could be used” law, like the UK one about photographing police.

  14. What did he do to the cat that was so terrible? It seems to me like he was just getting the cat high, and most likely going to release the cat when the bowl was finished, with no intent of torturing the cat.

  15. #18 Gareth, in some states pipes are illegal, period. Even if they are genuinely only used for tobacco. There are even one or two states where ROLLING PAPERS are illegal.

    But, even in the states where pipes are legal, if it has weed resin on it, it becomes illegal, except in the case of medical use (and that’s only in the states where medical use is legal).

    On the subject of the cat, great job guy, for making stoners everywhere look bad. On a side note, great job Micheal Phelps, for making stoners everywhere look good!

    Just goes to show that stupid is as stupid does, whether there is weed involved or not.

  16. #18: yes, in some parts of the US you could be charged with a crime (likley a misdemeanor rather than a felony though) for something as simple as 2 pieces of metal tubing stuck together in some fashion. In Chicago, you can be charged with possession of paraphernalia for having small plastic baggies under 2″

  17. Phikus 22: I think that depends on the jurisdiction. There are places that outlaw devices intended to be used for smoking pot, even if they’ve never been used.

  18. I love cats and would beat the tar out of someone abusing one, but this episode says nothing at all about pot usage one way or the other.

    If not for the cat-in-bong hilarity this is an entirely non-notable instance of animal abuse and pales in comparison to the harm done to animals involving alcohol.

  19. @ 18: A bong is illegal to own per se, but if you have a home-made ‘water pipe’ or even a commercial ‘water pipe’, it only becomes illegal when there is marijuana residue in it. Of course, this varies by jurisdiction, with some states outlawing certain devices entirely (like hookahs).

  20. Wil9000: Your hearsay about brain damage is just as wrong as your hearsay about today’s cannabis. Glad to see you corrected the latter. Citation please, for the former. The strength of the THC has nothing to do with whether it can cause brain damage. While you’re at it, look into the literally thousands of medicinal properties that marijuana has been proven to have.

    The only negative impact I have seen in a scientific study has been a link to testicular cancer. But guess what? Scratching your balls has also been linked to the same. I support your right to scratch your balls if you want to.

    You want to know what really can cause brain cancer? Look into medical studies done on the use of alcohol, and all the the anecdotal evidence of stupid, abusive, and deadly things done while drinking alcohol, before you start preaching to me about the ills of marijuana, please.

    And don’t even get me started on tobacco…

  21. #24 – you have no idea what THC or the other chemicals in pot do to cats. Neither do I. Neither does this idiot.

    LSD kills elephants in mg-per-lb levels that wouldn’t get a human tripping. 80% dark chocolate is toxic to dogs, but for humans it’s bittersweet heaven. Two examples of drugs that are fairly safe for humans, but dangerous for animals.

    Cats get high on catnip, I don’t. That, right there, suggests that cats have different brains (surprise!) and handle psychoactive drugs differently.

    Hotboxing your cat = ductaping your cat in a small box and filling it full of smoke. The cat will hate you for point a) and possibly suffocate on point b), as well as possibly getting some primalfear on for thinking it’s going to burn to death. Concentrated smoke sets off some pretty deep survival instincts.

  22. I’m not really a cat person, but if the dumbass actually lit the thing up with the kitty in there then he obviously belongs in jail.

    Now can we have a discussion about why it’s OK to get your cat stoned off catnip, but everyone gets all puritan on you when you give a margarita to a monkey?

  23. Xopher: Yeah, that’s why I said: “in states where this is not prohibited specifically” as many have echoed since.

    Wil9000: Btw, you can cause brain damage with a hairbrush.

    Bennessy@24: What’s wrong with it? THC is wrong for kitties. It’s just a matter of scale. I have known idiots who blew pot smoke on their kittens and they grew up stupid (-the cats. The humans started out that way.) Catnip is actually a sister plant to cannabis, scaled by nature just for them. They eat it in the wild when left to their own devices, hence the name we’ve given it. I put some out and my kitties get very excited and eat it of their own volition very quickly. No cat elects to smoke marijuana. Clear enough for ya?

  24. Multiple interlocking levels of FAIL on display there. Not the least of which are law enforcement officers who don’t check for outstanding warrants until after leaving a call.

  25. “What did he do to the cat that was so terrible? ”

    Trapping an animal in a small space and forcing it to take drugs is not so terrible? Being trapped and gassed with anything sounds pretty terrible to me.

    Secondly, cats do not have the same ability to process drugs as humans, even more so considering that this was a kitten. Just because you enjoy smoking pot doesn’t mean your cat does.

    Really, trapping it in a bong just seems more like a cruel type of torture than anything. I don’t condone giving any cat drugs, but wouldn’t it be simpler just to put some in its food?

  26. This guy should never be allowed to own a pet again, even after serving time. His mistreatment of the animal is most likely to be the cause of it being riled up anyway. Respect animals and they will respect you!

  27. This guy’s a criminally deranged moron, end of story. The fact that marijuana was involved is incidental.

    Guns don’t kill people, spoons didn’t make Rosie O’Donnell fat, and pot didn’t make this jackass torture his cat.

    Gods, when will people learn to take (and assign) personal responsibility for idiotic and evil actions?

  28. license to breed.

    How about to breathe? On your twelfth birthday, you take a small common sense test. If you choose C) put a cat in a bong, you FAIL and are summarily executed.

    I was at a party a while back. Fumes in the house were so thick the dogs were a wee bit stoned. It was far different from shoving a cat in a box that would make Schroedinger wince. Those dogs are happy, healthy animals, well fed, well kept, friendly. I still wasn’t too comfortable with it.

    When I saw this title I was really expecting a bong shaped more like this and had a horrible flashback to this.

  29. The whole suffocation angle is distressing.

    But i’ve always heard anecdotaly that cats do respond to pot in an identical manner as they do to catnip (ie they love it and it makes them mellow)

    Anyone out there have the science to back this up?

  30. I cannot be alone in having known many a stoner cat. Living in Canada, where you won’t get arrested for owning a BONG, I was known to have occasionally frequented abodes of copius stonage with one or several cats cohabittating. Cats will come to enjoy weed once they become accustomed to it. Giving it to a kitten is, however, probably not advisable due to their age and development, but once a cat becomes accustomed to marijuana smoke in their environs, they will eventually seek it out and come join you in your sessions of their own accord (and desire to get baked). There are also many stories of cats stealing baggies of weed to ingest because they enjoy it.

    This has little to do with the war on drugs. This person was obviously of little social value to begin with, but if he lived in a humane society (get it) he could have purchased a quality bong not made of potentially toxic PVC pipes and smoked with comfort and relative health and NOT been able to fit a cat inside it! Find a glass bong and see if you can manage to squeeze a cat inside, highly unlikely.

    Human waste is human waste, regardless of the substances they choose to ingest (he could have just as easily been huffing gas), animals can come to enjoy human intoxicants (we are animals that came to adopt a plethora of drugs not found in our natural evolutionary habitats), but they should not be used to torture them (although many scientific research institutions do just that on a regular, government funded basis), and access to a rudimentary level of smoking utensils would provide him with a safer device that could not have possibly accommodated a kitty.

  31. According to the article, this happened in Lincoln, NE (Lancaster county), not Omaha (Douglas county).

  32. Putting a kitten in a tiny box (barely big enough to fit) is cruel. Running smoke through the box is mega-cruel. The drug effects are almost trivial compared to these two cruelties.

  33. as a former resident of Omaha, i can safely say that no one is that stupid.

    This took place in Lincoln. Says so in the article.

    Omaha is the only bastion of civilization in Nebraska. Believe me. I’ve seen just about everything else.

    Thank you.

  34. blowing some in the face of an old, mellow cat: fine.

    trapping a kitten in a hot box: not cool.

    people who claim this story is decent evidence that pot ought to be illegal: morons.

  35. @ Jerril #33

    “LSD kills elephants in mg-per-lb levels that wouldn’t get a human tripping. ”

    Some quick googling suggests that an incident in 1962 involving LSD resulted in an elephants death, however a dose of LSD is 100ug for most humans, so about 8ug/lb. It’s non toxic, and you can’t even see TEN doses of pure crystaline LSD with the naked eye.

    Please elaborate.

  36. @ Jerril #33

    ok it says here they shot it up with 297mg of LSD. that’s 297,000ug, or 2,970 doses of LSD.

    SO an elephant would have to weigh 2,970 TIMES what a human does – assuming a 150lb human, 445,500lbs.

    No elephant weighs even close to that. statistic fail.

  37. elephants do occasionally deliberately get drunk on spoiled fruit. It ferments on the tree. As for kitties, I’m with Bubbles.

  38. @ nutbastard

    wait… inverse math fail? apologies to jerril?

    my coffee must be broken or something…

  39. In my jurisdiction they will fine you for smoking tobacco in your car if there are people under the age of 16 in there with you.
    So it’s not just bongs and cats: the principle has a wider application: do not subject those who cannot meaningfully consent to things that may be bad for them.
    “Those” = any and/or all sentient beings.
    Although I’m not big on gassing insects/mammalian vermin either, sometimes you have to do what must be done.
    But this instance of personal misbehavior has nothing to do with the cannabis itself: nor does it argue for the prohibition thereof.
    Like blaming the weed, for an act of violence or rapine: res ipsa non loquitor, so to speak.

  40. I seem to recall William S. Burroughs writing that this was an incredibly cruel thing to do to pets. Well, I don’t think he was thinking of THIS exactly.

  41. How exactly does one stuff a hyper cat into a small container without sustaining injuries?

  42. “What happens if you give an elephant LSD? On Friday August 3, 1962, a group of Oklahoma City researchers decided to find out.

    Warren Thomas, Director of the City Zoo, fired a cartridge-syringe containing 297 milligrams of LSD into Tusko the Elephant’s rump. With Thomas were two scientific colleagues from the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine, Louis Jolyon West and Chester M. Pierce.

    297 milligrams is a lot of LSD — about 3000 times the level of a typical human dose. In fact, it remains the largest dose of LSD ever given to a living creature. The researchers figured that, if they were going to give an elephant LSD, they better not give him too little.

    Thomas, West, and Pierce later explained that the experiment was designed to find out if LSD would induce musth in an elephant — musth being a kind of temporary madness male elephants sometimes experience during which they become highly aggressive and secrete a sticky fluid from their temporal glands. But one suspects a small element of ghoulish curiosity might also have been involved.

    Whatever the reason for the experiment, it almost immediately went awry. Tusko reacted to the shot as if a bee had stung him. He trumpeted around his pen for a few minutes, and then keeled over on his side. Horrified, the researchers tried to revive him, but about an hour later he was dead. The three scientists sheepishly concluded that, “It appears that the elephant is highly sensitive to the effects of LSD.”

    In the years that followed controversy lingered over whether it was the LSD that killed Tusko, or the drugs used to revive him. So twenty years later, Ronald Siegel of UCLA decided to settle the debate by giving two elephants a dose similar to what Tusko received. Reportedly he had to sign an agreement promising to replace the animals in the event of their deaths.

    Instead of injecting the elephants with LSD, Siegel mixed the drug into their water, and when it was administered in this way, the elephants not only survived but didn’t seem too upset at all. They acted sluggish, rocked back and forth, and made some strange vocalizations such as chirping and squeaking, but within a few hours they were back to normal. However, Siegel noted that the dosage Tusko received may have exceeded some threshold of toxicity, so he couldn’t rule out that LSD was the cause of his death. The controversy continues.”

    Humans are cruel to animals. It doesn’t matter if you are a pothead or an esteemed academic in a white coat. Regarding these scientists – they were not high on pot, nor were they brain damaged, so what would you blame this one on?

    If only Nebraska dude had been hotboxing kitty in a laboratory, while wearing a white coat and twisting knobs on an oscilloscope, trying to show that pot is a deadly killer. That would be so much more legitimate, wouldn’t it?

  43. Or, if you would, it is like ascribing to the use of cannabis the talents of someone like Sir Paul McCartney, or Louis Armstrong; it just does not follow.
    Although I find it interesting that in contrast, Americans will blame the shooter and never the gun: but, it seems that if the shooter was high, they then blame it partly (or if you’re Mom and Dad to the shooter, entirely) on the marijuana.
    And you know, guns cause brain damage for sure. And in the USA it’s distressingly common. As I write this someone in the USA is getting shot in the brain. And usually (but not always in such cases) the brain of somebody other than the shooter.

  44. “How exactly does one stuff a hyper cat into a small container without sustaining injuries?”

    you give it a ‘lude first.

  45. maybe his buddies smoke methcathinone, and he got the wrooooong idea..

    and yeah this should be added to “cats in ur stuff”, it can’t get much less funny than it already is..

    “im in ur bong,
    gettin all ur hits lol”

  46. bob hughes: lol. As another poster above testified, some cats get to liking reefer without being “boxed” into it.

  47. Hmmmm…. Notice that I did not say that booze makes people do stupid things. It does. Smoking tobacco in itself IS a stupid thing. It is. If this guy decided to make a cat torture device and stuff his cat into it, maybe he was drunk, maybe he was all hopped up on the Nicotine, but more likely than not, he was stoned out of his gourd when he decided upon this particularly moronic plan. Please don’t try to defend pot with all the wonderful defenses you have, as they are the same kind of arguments traditionally used by the alcohol and tobacco industries. I have seen people do stupid things while drunk, but I have seen people do remarkably stupid things while stoned. Flame me, please.

  48. I’ve been around about 4 different cats that were pretty much forced to grow up as stoners.

    Firstly there was a kid I know who later turned out to be a complete nut-case (in the aggressive, highly unfriendly sort of way, not the crazy but still friendly kind of way) who got a kitten and got it stoned regularly.

    That cat ran away and was later found about a year later living happily down the road. Some would conclude this means it hated the stoner life, which is probably partly true but I think it probably had more to do with the nut case burning the cats whiskers off all the time to watch it fall over.

    Then a friend of mine got a cat and whilst he would protest people blowing smoke in it’s face, the house was always full of random stoners who often were dick heads and it was hard to prevent.

    This cat is still one of the most skittish cats I’ve ever been around despite being well past the age where it would usually start to calm down a bit.

    Then there was my cat, this cat was never exposed to weed (at least no one blew it in its face) until I moved into a new home where a bucket bong was set up outside on the veranda. I still made sure that no one would blow smoke in the cats face however after a while we noticed that the only place the cat would drink from was the bucket bong water.

    This made me uncomfortable and I then insisted if people wanted to smoke buckets they had to empty the water at the end of their session.

    This cat didn’t seem to have any permanent reaction. It was however probably about 10 by the time the bucket came into it’s life.

  49. Wil9000: you do have an argument for making marijuana illegal, do you not?
    We are waiting.

  50. Wil9000: And some people are idiots without a substance excuse at all. If you are going to make a baseless claim like “pot causes brain damage” here, you’d better be prepared to back that shit up. I see by your lack of citation it is: Game. Set. Match. ‘Natch.

  51. I’ve seen people do remarkably stupid things while stone cold sober.
    What’s yer point, Wil9000?

  52. Wil9000: I’m not defending the reefer: I am attacking the reefer laws.
    There is a difference: subtle, I know.

  53. @26 – that’s idiotic. I mean, it’s not like people use those little baggies for beads or buttons – heck, a lot of my clothing that came with spare buttons used those same tiny plastic bags.

    As idiotic as the marijuana laws are, and as idiotic as the cops were for not checking for outstanding warrants until after they left, I’m really glad they caught this guy. Cause that’s cruelty to animals – even if your cat does decide it’s into sharing your pot, it’s not ok to trap it in a tiny box full of smoke (pot smoke or otherwise).

    Also, even if something is safe for adult humans, that’s no guarantee it’s safe for kittens. Chocolate, coffee/tea/cola (i.e. caffeine), onions, macadamia nuts, avocados, and grapes/raisins are all perfectly good things for humans but toxic to cats, dogs, or both. And with kittens being so small and not fully developed, it doesn’t take very much of a toxin to do permanent damage.

  54. burroughs says not to do it, and that should be enough for most of you.

    but what i’m really worried about is the suffocation/asphyxiation aspect. let kitty breathe plz.

  55. That guy is SO getting pwnd by Anonymous when he gets out of jail. I mean, they basically destroyed the life of that kid who messed with his cat and posted it on youtube, remember ?

    Poor stupid slob.

  56. Heh. IIRC Hitler’s regime was really really tough on animal-cruelty too.
    Why jail time?
    Is prison time now the American solution to every single problem?
    Will jail make this guy a better man, or are you all just being vindictive?
    Who’ll feed his cat while he’s in stir? Or will it just be euthanized, like the thousands of other cats being euthanized today in the USA, as I write this?

  57. You are all correct. I do not have proof that pot causes brain damage. Nor do you have proof that it does not. I’ve spent my time drunk, and I’ve spent my time around stoners, and I’ve seen many lives ruined. I just think we are an over drugged society in so many ways, and I get tired of the NORML crowd and all of their arguments about it not harming anyone. Sure, lots of people do stupid things without any chemical enhancements, but that doesn’t mean that we should encourage the chemical enhancements that lower peoples inhibitions to doing remarkably stupid things. For the record, maybe we should legalize pot, and regulate the living shit out of it. This would make it much much less attractive, taking away all of its rebel cred. And yes, there are great uses for marijuana as a medicine, but using that as a back door to making it available for casual use is kind of despicable. Singed but not burned yet, flame away, bakers.

  58. Wil9000@90: There you go making all kinds of unfounded assumptions again. You’re not very good at this are you? When “bakers” run logistical rings around you, what does this say about your undamaged brain?

    Assumption#1: “I do not have proof that pot causes brain damage. Nor do you have proof that it does not.” Actually, extensive studies have been done on this subject and conclusively proven there is absolutely NO causal link between chronic (yes, I couldn’t resist the pun) marijuana use and brain damage. A cursory google search revealed the findings of such studies here here and here.

    Assumption#2: The idiot subject of this post wouldn’t have done something equally harmful to his animal if pot didn’t exist. There is no way to prove this possibility or its inverse, so there is no use for such conjecture in a constructive argument.

    Assumption#3: “…that doesn’t mean that we should encourage the chemical enhancements that lower peoples inhibitions to doing remarkably stupid things.” Who was encouraging it? I was merely pointing out the fallacy of your assertions.

    Assumption#4: “For the record, maybe we should legalize pot, and regulate the living shit out of it. This would make it much much less attractive, taking away all of its rebel cred.” I totally agree with your first sentence, but you run into trouble with the 2nd. I don’t see legalization and regulation of alcohol and tobacco products taking away ALL of their “rebel cred.” Seen any Jack Daniels billboards recently? Advertisers are still hiding subliminal skulls in the ice cubes of liquor ads. Ever heard of Death Brand Cigarettes?

    There will always be forbidden fruit that is made more attractive for being so, and humans will always find ways of altering their consciousness. It is common to every human society on the planet, no matter how isolated, which is why the argument that these substances are somehow corrupting us is baseless BS designed in a futile attempt to corral human behavior and whitewash it into something more wholesome that simply doesn’t exist in the real world. Stop it, please!

    Assumption#5: Those of us who disagree with you must be on drugs. This is as ugly as it is without merit or fact. Please try to speak to what you know. You’ll do better in life that way.

    And just because you are tired of facts coming out of the NORML camp doesn’t make you right, dude.

    Now, all that said, if you were here, I’d offer you the peace pipe (or a beer, or whatever), guaranteed to be feline free.

  59. Being confined in a small box and forcibly stoned is about the least calming thing I can imagine. I haven’t found marijuana to be calming at all and think it would be much less so under these circumstances.

  60. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

    -abs would be perfectly content if someone points him to a news article in which it is related that this guy was murdered, but barring that he hopes the cat goes to a better home

  61. I don’t know about cats, and forcing any animal to take drugs is definitely bad peer pressure, but when I smoke my dog gets excited and comes over to sniff at the bong ( I think he just likes the smell, I don’t think he gets high from it), and then he curls up next to me on the couch. That said, no one should confine an animal like that, not cool. Someone should stick him in a box he can’t move around in. Be nice to animals. (and other people)

  62. Not to defend this idiot’s actions, but I have known a few stoner cats in my lifetime as well. These cats were never, ever, -ever- forced or coerced into it. Over the years they just developed a desire for it and would either:

    1) Paw and meow at the door incessantly when smoking was occurring.
    2) Eat your shit if you left it out.
    3) Walk around the circle as each person took a hit, getting up in their faces to get some of the second hand smoke.

    Awww, kitties.

    But this guy is an idiot and deserves whatever he gets. He sounds pretty maladjusted and, frankly, psychotic.

  63. Thanks for the fun, Phikus. It’s been way too easy. Love ya, dude. Enjoy the Kool-Ade. See you in 2024.

  64. I’m glad it only took 10 posts for someone to make the Schrodinger’s cat joke.

    Thanks BoingBoing! You make the world funny for me!

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