Unusual custom guitars

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Musicradar.com posted a fun gallery of the "14 Most Outrageous Guitar on the Internet." It includes axes in the form of a satellite dishe, Real Doll, toilet seat, and a Sega Genesis (previously seen on BB). Above is my favorite ('natch), the George Marlin Bigfoot. Unfortunately, they didn't provide credit info on most of the picks. "14 Most Outrageous Guitars on the Internet" (Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)


  1. silly. it’s not even plugged in!

    nothing beats my Fender Voodoo Strat. period! :-)

  2. I can’t decide what’s more interesting: the guitars or the incredibly lame puns describing them.

  3. Not a surprise that most of the pics weren’t credited. The ‘-radar’ websites (musicradar, techradar, bikeradar and gamesradar) published by Future mostly contain a mixture of infrequent, derivative blog drivel, rehashed press releases and lukewarm material torn from its news-stand publications by unnder-trained, over-worked and badly paid first-jobbers in their twenties. The bastardisation of its content from its existing quality brands across the board is a textbook example of old media companies ‘not getting’ the web – especially ironic as Future’s founding titles were computer magazines.

    Disclaimer: I am no longer an employee of Future Publishing. Among many other reasons for leaving, they are even too skinflint to pay for their staff to occupy single rooms on press trips – being forced to share a double room with someone I’ve never met before is an indignity I’ll save for incarceration; thanks all the same, Stevie.

    Cool guitars, though. Me like.

  4. Most of these came from the Bunny Bass archives, although bunnybass.com seems to be gone now – guess I haven’t been there in awhile!

  5. I suggested a link to Fred Mangan’s site a while ago. He’s the guy who built the satellite dish guitar. I think they left his best work off the list, however. The Christocaster is one of the best sounding guitars I’ve ever heard, a cross-shaped guitar built from the wooden pipes of an 1880s church organ. Also, near the bottom of his gallery page is a picture of a bass made from an aluminum clock face and a functioning .38 revolver.


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