Unusual custom guitars


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  1. unfocused says:

    Wait a minute. Completely creative custom guitars and not ONE mention of a Rhinehart guitar?

    Tell me if these don’t put all those (except the bigfoot) to shame…


  2. Anonymous says:

    I can’t decide what’s more interesting: the guitars or the incredibly lame puns describing them.

  3. saint_al says:

    Deep surf:


    ~40 years old, possibly the coolest customs ever

  4. Satan Ate My Ears says:

    Jason Kocol from the death metal band Impaled has possibly one of the greatest modded guitars ever. Saying “metal as fuck” doesn’t even begin to describing it.


  5. banjofreak says:

    Most of these came from the Bunny Bass archives, although bunnybass.com seems to be gone now – guess I haven’t been there in awhile!

  6. stevew says:

    The Escopterra: An escopetarra is a guitar made from a modified gun, used as a peace symbo (Wikipedia)

    Nelson Mandella holding one http://www.virginmedia.com/images/ak47-guitar.jpg

  7. Oscar_Littlelad says:

    Not a surprise that most of the pics weren’t credited. The ‘-radar’ websites (musicradar, techradar, bikeradar and gamesradar) published by Future mostly contain a mixture of infrequent, derivative blog drivel, rehashed press releases and lukewarm material torn from its news-stand publications by unnder-trained, over-worked and badly paid first-jobbers in their twenties. The bastardisation of its content from its existing quality brands across the board is a textbook example of old media companies ‘not getting’ the web – especially ironic as Future’s founding titles were computer magazines.

    Disclaimer: I am no longer an employee of Future Publishing. Among many other reasons for leaving, they are even too skinflint to pay for their staff to occupy single rooms on press trips – being forced to share a double room with someone I’ve never met before is an indignity I’ll save for incarceration; thanks all the same, Stevie.

    Cool guitars, though. Me like.

  8. takeshi says:

    I suggested a link to Fred Mangan’s site a while ago. He’s the guy who built the satellite dish guitar. I think they left his best work off the list, however. The Christocaster is one of the best sounding guitars I’ve ever heard, a cross-shaped guitar built from the wooden pipes of an 1880s church organ. Also, near the bottom of his gallery page is a picture of a bass made from an aluminum clock face and a functioning .38 revolver.


  9. Sparky005 says:

    The link for this article also has a link for the 10 best steampunk guitars. i could not believe they had no guitars from James Trussart in there, or Zemaitis. Both offer fantastic instruments that fall in the steampunk category. Check this out: http://www.jamestrussart.com/Steeltop/Gallery%20Steeltop/DSC01124.JPG and this one: http://www.jamestrussart.com/Steeltop/Gallery%20Steeltop/DSC01187.JPG

  10. Anonymous says:

    Betty Boop vintage guitar, found at Real Guitars SF…


  11. Daemon says:

    Wait a second… you posted the list of wierd guitars, but not the attached list of steampunk ones?

    Avoidance of steampunk on BB… Must be one of the signs of the apocalypse.


  12. dbarak says:

    Anybody up for a little toe jam session?

  13. Marco Raaphorst says:

    silly. it’s not even plugged in!

    nothing beats my Fender Voodoo Strat. period! :-)

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