Death Cab for Cutie Loves Boing Boing Video (and BB!) -- and we, in Turn, All Love Animator/Artist Bill Barminski.


26 Responses to “Death Cab for Cutie Loves Boing Boing Video (and BB!) -- and we, in Turn, All Love Animator/Artist Bill Barminski.”

  1. Blaven says:

    Last summer an entire subdivision nearby me went up in flames. It happened fast – I watched as one house became completely engulfed in flames in under a minute. Many people didn’t have time to save a single possession and were lucky to make it out alive.

    This song and video capture that experience perfectly. Well done guys.

  2. Pop Cesspool says:

    I’m still waiting for a chiptune version of “I Will Possess Your Heart”

  3. Anonymous says:

    if you are just getting into Death Cab please do not start with their newest effort (Narrow Stairs)

    Start with Transatlanticism or The Photo Album

  4. nehpetsE says:

    I admit it.
    I only posted the snarky comment because i resent being made to feel human emotions.

  5. cokemule says:

    We are in tears here… 200 people died in fires in and around the vineyard districts of Victoria (southern Australia) only a few weeks ago.

  6. DeWynken says:

    Amazing video on so many levels. I have to admit I turn a blind ear to a lot of new bands, but DCFC will be added to my playlist. Thanks!

  7. fantasygoat says:

    I do poster design for bands, and more often than not, the band wants all kinds of creative control over the final product. This usually results in a stifled finished product. Why even hire an artist if you don’t trust their vision?

    I’m glad to see DCFC has embraced the idea of letting the artists do what they do best without interference, and has discovered that the best work comes from this freedom!

    The poster I did for them is by far my most popular because of this!

  8. NorrinRazael says:

    As is so often the case, Joel’s got it right; I think this deserves an individual “yay!” from just about everyone with half an elated mind, or a single watery eye.


  9. nosehat says:

    Wow, what a tour de force! Great animation job. (Any guesses as to the software used to create the video?)

    Just like the band member in the initial post, I was initially put off by the floating words, but that’s mostly because I am unfamiliar with the song and I was trying to hear the lyrics as the video played. If I knew the song, I don’t think the floating words would bother me at all.

    “Where’s my keytar?” for the win!

  10. hohum says:

    That’s fantastic! I love it when all my favorite things come together at once, and love one another!

  11. tuckels says:

    Yay for Death Cab for Cutie! Great video. Made me tear up, though.

  12. Xeni Jardin says:

    @hohum, me too!

    And, truth squad here — I cried when I saw the rough cut of that video, too, it was so beautiful and sad, the music and the visual story together!!!

  13. nehpetsE says:

    That was one seriously flammable girlfriend. Though i guess it makes sense since they were all made of paper.

    My new girlfriend Chrysotile is completely fireproof, but now i’m suffering from mesothelioma.

  14. Joel Johnson says:


  15. cjp says:

    Could we perhaps all get together and give this animator some sort of “Most Awesome Animation of a Fantastic Death Cab for Cutie Song of All Time” award? And how am I supposed to go on with the rest of my day as normal with those images floating around in my head? Absolute genius.

  16. cjp says:

    Hey “fantasygoat” @18- we would love to see your DCFC poster- could you put up a link?

  17. Jeff says:

    I just saw this vid yesterday on LOGO. I thought it was really great.

  18. Patrick Dodds says:

    Mmm, wonderful. Off to Spotify to listen to some more. Thanks ever so much for posting this Xeni.

  19. Takuan says:

    why, I believe I’ll go purchase some of their music.

  20. KidDork says:

    That’s the third DCFC song that’s made me wipe my eyes. Gorgeous video, even through momentary visual blurriness.

  21. mdh says:

    Death Cab for Xeni!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful, engaging balance between song and visuals.

  23. Davevonnatick says:

    Absolutely wonderful. I’d type more, but I’m afraid I’d tear up – and I’m at work where that kind of thing isn’t cool.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Well, that gave me a case of the sads. Been a fan of death cab for a long time, glad they havent lost it in any of their albums. Consistently amazing and meaningful music. Thanks for that post Xeni. So Nick, whats your handle here?

  25. Itsumishi says:

    Amazing video, however very hard to watch after fires hit so close to home so recently.

    Hell some of these fires are still burning, one month tomorrow from when they started.

  26. loopGhost says:

    DCFC is constantly in my music rotation and the few videos I’ve seen (thanks to subterrainean) have all been really great. This one ABSOLUTELY takes the cake.

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