BB Video: (This is an ad) Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, pt. 5 of 6 / Cheetos Boredom Busters.

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A disclaimer for the capitalist entertainment pellet above: This Boing Boing Video episode is a paid ad for Cheetos. This is also the 5th in a 6-part series (only one more left!) of security bulletins from the long-lost Communist enclave of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf.


Analysis completed. Agents realize they've been duped. Destruction commences.

(Archival footage note: footage in this episode includes a brief clip from 'Cartoon Control Room," an '80s public access show created by a guy named Tim Arnold. This footage is public domain, via )


  1. Rrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooodents!
    Getting better and better. I can’t believe Cheetos is actually paying for it.

  2. HEY! The video at the begining of this ad is pirated from my friend Sloucho!
    I’m tellin’!!!
    And I’m emailing the Yeti Chick right now!

    Whoever made the video should fess up to their violation!

  3. @Lyle — nobody “pirated” anything. The video we remixed in as “found footage” was public domain footage found on, but it looks like we screwed up — the credit for the video is missing. We’ll fix that right away, there was no malicious intent here. We’ll also amend the blog post. our apologies for the credit / via screwup.

  4. @ Lyle

    Whoa, that’s absolutely crazy that you knew the show. It was part of public access in East Lansing, MI about twenty years ago. That’s a hell of a memory! then again, when we found this footage- it’s pretty priceless.

    The creator’s name (AKA Sloucho) is Tim Arnold. Let him know I thoroughly enjoyed watching the segment of the show that we found.

    And yes, it’s all public domain. Can’t pirate what’s free.

    Fun Fact: Apparently, the full show lasted 6 hours every friday! Wow

  5. Holy crap, I’m so much younger! And thinner! What a blast from the past. That doesn’t look like Roger Ramjet though. Don’t eat the orange snow kids!

    You’re in this? Wow, totally random and awesome!

    And no, it is not Roger Ramjet

  7. @derek
    Yep, that’s me! I’m the one who’s the female of the species, slightly poofy hair, gray t-shirt. That’s rare footage there, usually it was just my feet propped up on the control panel! It’s so weird to just randomly find other people who remember Cartoon Control Room! Now the question is – why is the name Derek Bledsoe familiar? Are you still around Beast Lansing?

  8. hmm…. well I was actually never around Lansing…

    Not sure how you’d know me…I produce the content here. Uh…lived in MD and PA if that helps

  9. Whoa. How strange that this would show up after all these years.

    I was there, I tell you! But never on “Cartoon Control Room”. “Media Meanderings” and a couple of goes at the “Long Show”. (Also awesome offerings of Public Access from East Lansing.)

    According to the note at they’re still showing them in Fort Wayne.

    Who went there? Sloucho went to Vegas. Did one of his former co-horts end up in Indiana?

  10. Maybe, soon, all art will be subsidized commercials… and then the world will have to create a NEW art devoted to ferreting out the endorsements in art… “no wait, he’s washing his clothes there, but the detergent bottle seems… blank!”….

  11. Wow!
    Sorry I didn’t think about the P word touching so many sore spots.

    Really I was just funnin’ ya’.

    Just to be sure I checked with Sloucho and he makes no copyright claim at all on the material.
    He figures that since the cartoons were all Public domain he’d be a little shabby to try and capitalize on them (unlike many shameless commercial distributers)

    If anyone is interested we’re hoping to bring a bucket full of Sloucho to YouTube later this spring.
    We’ll be bringing all your favorite guest stars from the show: Totie Fields Leg; Ron Reagans discarded body parts; Jaws the Shark; The Super Flyin’ Nun and best of all “The Crisco Ball!” with Swami Sloucho.

  12. Hey Eurosid,
    What, are you one of Albin’s friends? Seeing that the Long Show was My show I should remember you, unless you were only there after April 82 when I left.

    At one time there were a least half a dozen Access channels showing Sloucho in various forms. He shipped tapes all over the place!

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