Mystery medical history photos

Weirdheadmystttt Can you identify this? The Stanford UNiversity School of Medicine posted a "Medical Mysteries" set to Flickr. These are photos that the Lane Medical Archive has no information about: what/who is seen in the photos, what exactly they're doing, etc. Can you help?
"Medical Mysteries"


  1. It seems to be a model to demonstrate the placement and branchings of the superficial cranial nerves, the muscles innervated by those nerves and major superficial vasculature.

  2. I work at Stanford’s main campus library, and I’m always sending and receiving books from the Lane Medical Library. It’s so weird to suddenly see that name up on BoingBoing.

  3. It’s the head of George Custer. Most of the skin has been removed, and he seems to be staring at a quantity of Native Americans that far exceeds what he had expected.

  4. @Ultan: I think the Stanford University School of Medicine might be looking for a different kind of answer ;)

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