Man camouflaged as pile of paper at Ikea

Marilyn sez, "Urban Camouflage: imaginative use of military ghillie suit where you look like a tree, local vegetation etc. Funny videos! Another guy disguised to look lie a pile of boxes that has tumbled from shelves in the warehouse area. When he starts to shuffle away it's funny!" Shown here: "person disguised as pile of colored paper at Ikea, next to display of same."

URBAN CAMOUFLAGE (Thanks, Marilyn!)


  1. Okay so I’m in Ikea to get some iron-on transfer sheets so I can make some Free The Octopi tee shirts for a protest rally.

    This creep dressed as a paper pile keeps bugging me about how cheap their reams of saffron paper are. So I chase him out of the store with my Bic lighter.
    He can’t see very well, I guess, ’cause he runs into a re-cycling bin just as the Shred-It truck arrives.

    If you should open a ream of paper and there’s a fingernail or a bit of cillia imbedded in a few sheets, say a few words for the paper boy.

  2. Actually it’s a guy camouflaged as a pile of dishcloths at “City Gross” a Swedish supermarket.

    The other pics are IKEA though.

  3. With the prevalence of CCTV, I’m guessing we “see” runway-camouflaged runway offerings at next year’s Fashion Week.

  4. And then there was the time I camoflaged myself as a blanket and hid in my bed so my brother couldn’t find me. Dare I say, what’s the point?

  5. Are you sure this isn’t just an occupational safety video warning of the dangers of working in a office supply warehouse?

  6. This is not too dissimilar to the stuff we used to do in a warehouse I once worked in– when business is slow, employees improvise entertainment in great ways. Or at least they used to until the internets provided hours of silly videos to watch.

  7. It may come in handy at times, notably IKEA, being able to get out of an IKEA warehouse unspotted by customer service staff, can be really helpful.


  8. I did some statistical analysis on the ships of the Italian Navy in WWII. This was the only one with a large proportion of camoflaged ships (known to be camoflaged at the time of loss), with the rest as a control, about which details of their fate were known. The difference was not statistically significant.

  9. “see the pretty well camouflage effect in a real situation.”

    yeah, this’ll come in great if i am ever attacked in an ikea.

    funny, but stupid and pointless.

  10. #22 cattermole, perhaps thats because the Italian Navy during WW2 did not employ Swedish camoflaged artists.

  11. I’d never go to Ikea to buy anything. But I would go to Ikea to see these guys. Ikea ought to hire them.

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