Saturday Morning Watchmen

Happy Harry made a terrific "reanimation" of The Watchmen as if it was a Saturday morning cartoon. (Follow the link and click "Watch This Movie!") Saturday Morning Watchmen (Thanks, Joel Johnson!)


  1. “If I could only get that kiss” – perfect saturday morningacation of a violent rape scene!

  2. @2:
    Nah, I think he’d be more amused by this. In the book there’s even a bit of back matter about Ozymandius making toys out of the masked heroes.

  3. I do need to start by saying this is a very awesome clip! But digging a little deeper.

    I was first thinking this was under the premise that it was a Veidt industries cartoon and a vehicle to sell buy all their playsets and toys. So the meta story of the segment would be “in-story”.

    This piece seemed to be more about the selling off our existence of reality by being a exploitation of the graphic novel, rather than the exploitation of vigilantes who are outlawed by the Keen act and therefor can’t hold copyright. While the exploitation theme is still similar, being “in-story” packs a better punch.

    Just being a media critic. It was very enjoyable!

  4. “WOW!! Someone has to send this to Alan Moore so he can have a conniption!”

    After seeing what Hollywood did with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I think Alan Moore is pretty much connipition-free.

  5. I am precisely in the target audience for this. Bravo.

    After watching once I spot references to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jem and the Holograms, Scooby Doo and Captain Planet. What am I missing?

  6. Hahaha, #9, I’d love to see the V/Muppet babies mashup … as for this one, while it was cute and certainly fun to see all the various 80s cartoon references (and in answer to your question, #8, I thought there was something rather Snarf-ish about Bubastis in that very first scene, so maybe add ‘Thundercats’ to the list of references?), am I the only one that felt like it was trying just a tad too hard? I chuckled, but felt it was a little unnecessarily strident/forced at the same time … ah well, I suppose it’s hard to complain -too- much when someone gives you a dose of cartoons and Watchmen all in one go …

  7. For those of you that think this parody was somewhat “over the top”, I submit a clip from the godawful “Swamp Thing the animated series” to prove that, YES, animated adaptations of “mature” comics WERE exactly this misguided and cheesy 15 years ago:

    You have to remember that this was created well after that Alan More had reimaigined Swamp Thing in the graphic novels; HIS version of the caracter was the one that people were interested in at the time. And still the animation department churned out this. If a Watchmen series had happened in the 1990s it is very probable it would have looked exactly like Happy Harrys parody, with talking animals and all.

  8. Please destroy this before some Hollywood hack sees it and decides it would be a good thing to produce!

    Hitler’s rant will pale in comparison to mine if that happens!

  9. Happy Harry Partridge is the son of XTC’s Andy Partridge. Hence, the scathing wittiness quotient.

  10. I really loved this! I’d love to see PSAs on Bullying and Nosebleeds ala GI Joe from Rorschach.

  11. #7 posted by nanuq , March 5, 2009 4:04 PM

    After seeing what Hollywood did with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I think Alan Moore is pretty much connipition-free.

    He still claims he never saw it, which means he actually has less of a right to complain about what they did to his story it than most of his fans.

  12. @8: You missed Turbo Teen. However, after checking Wikipedia I see that TT only had 12 episodes. So I guess most people missed it.

  13. Well that was terrible. but then so were most saturday morning cartoons. I recall hating the X-Men cartoons because they got a good 70% of the characters dead wrong (or only the most superficial elements right)

    side note: in the film they aren’t ever actually referred to as The Watchmen are they? They sure as hell weren’t in the novel.

  14. @21: I believe they were, but it wasn’t overt. I do remember seeing “Who watches the Watchmen graffitied a couple of times though.”

  15. Absolutely freaking BRILLIANT, and just what I would expect from a Partridge progeny. :)

    I can’t decide if my favorite part is the Bubastis-as-Scooby dig or Nite Owl as fearless leader. :) Rorschach juggling pies and hugging doggies is just too cool to even MAKE a “favorite part.”

  16. This is sweet…

    My son produced Watchmen…he sent this to me last night….

    good times….

  17. @21 Baldhead

    For some inexplicable reason, Ozzy does propose the ‘Watchmen’. So now more people will be calling them Watchmen instead of Minutemen, and damnit, according to the film they are ‘right’. Stupid thing to change in my opinion.

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