Uncensored Interview Releases 1000+ Creative Commons Theora Videos

Fred sez, "Today, Uncensored Interview, a video producer and licensor of musician interviews, is releasing thousands of videos from its interview footage archive under the most permissive CC license Attribution. All of the videos are available via download in Ogg Theora, the free and open video compression format. Under CC-BY, users of the content are only required to give attribution to Uncensored Interview as the content source. The site is also creatively using our CC+ protocol to help users purchase permissions outside the scope of the Attribution license, such as the right to use the video unaccredited or for endorsement of a commercial product. Check the link for more info and check out a cool interview with Matthew Dear discussing file sharing."

Uncensored Interview Releases 1000+ Creative Commons Theora Videos (Thanks, Fred!)


  1. Shame their site isn’t more user-friendly. If I want to see who they’ve got it seems I can a) guess at who they might have and search or b) browse through 99 pages.

  2. Literally tens of uncensored interviews of people you’ve never heard of sliced into hundreds of free pieces.

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