For sale: One French Internet, slightly sarkoed

Irene sez, "A user nicknamed 'hadopi' put up the whole French Internet for sale on eBay (starting price: 0.01 Euro), in a humorous stunt against the new Internet legislation project debated in the French parliament. This project is named by its acronym, HADOPI, and it contains the same kind of provisions as the one defeated recently in New Zealand." Réseau internet français contrôlé, idéal pour industrie, Mirror (Thanks, Irene!)


  1. If I bought it, would I be able to charge a commission on its use? At the very least, it should entitle me to a free croissant every time I go to an internet cafe in Paris.

  2. For the french around here:

    What to do:

    – contact your MP, preferably by phone, list of contacts here:
    – tell them to consider the voting recommendations from laquadrature:
    – tell them a lot of people will be watching them during the debate.

    more informations on the La Quadrature website:

    For the European citizens, you can help us fight the “three-strikes and you’re out” thing, and protect net neutrality:
    some instructions can be found here:

  3. Would it be too much to ask for some description of the proposed legislation? All I get from this is that it’s about the Internet and it’s similar to something in New Zealand.

  4. What’s with the recent fad of using eBay as a protest venue? Can’t we continue with naked demonstrations instead? Those are more fun to read about.

  5. A slight correction: the New Zealand “guilty on accusation” copyright bill hasn’t been defeated at all. It’s merely been delayed for a month while the government seeks further input. There’s still a strong chance that this deeply flawed bill may be passed into law.

  6. I just like how the french internet appears represented by what seems like “The Simpsons” font!

  7. A correction on the correction in comment #6… The bill has already been passed into law (by the previous government). What has been delayed is when it will come into effect.

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