Super Mario vs NYC -- street art

Some street artist in NYC is using tile-mosaics to turn the street-level water hookups into a giant Super Mario reenactment!

Seen On The Steets Of New York (via Wonderland)


  1. Ah the commercial aspect of Nintendo or commercial products replace inspirational and imaginative ingenuity. Funny theme but come on, comsumer verbiage is everywhere. Does the general public really lack innovation?

    Dont answer that is you dont have too. :)

  2. So, your question is, “Does culture consist of images and ideas that are widely shared and know?”

    I suspect the answer is, “Duh.”

  3. #1: If this were Digg, I would bury this comment for being grammatically incorrect. Also, avoid trying to sound academic and use 50 cent words if you can’t spell correctly.


  4. Space Invader did a lot of work with tile mosaics several years ago, but this one seems nicely integrated into the existing pipework. Great Job!

  5. Those little mosaic grafittis have been appearing all over. And they’re not just mario themed.

  6. i was going to say the same thing, Tikal2k (#5) — my first thought was that space invader did it. but he sticks to, uh, space invader imagery.

    either way, i love this kind of stuff. MOAR STREET ARTZ PLZ!

  7. #1 must not have played… that’s a part of my pixelated childhood right there. I saw that and the pipe-pop sound resounded in my head. “Consumer verbiage?” PSSH.

  8. @9: Maybe you’ve never lived in NYC. Perception is relative after all. Against a backdrop of rat traps; concomitant dead rats and pigeons; feces; and rust, a pixellated Mario is like the Mona Lisa.

  9. I saw that and the pipe-pop sound resounded in my head.

    Oh, good! It wasn’t just me and my tinnitus ;)

    I sure hope its easily removed.

    That’s too bad. I know if I walked upon this unsuspectingly, I’d smile.

  10. Awesome! See also the Mega Man tile art around the Boston/Cambridge. I don’t know if things like this are appearing all over, as PURLY #6 says, but I’m with TIKAL2k #5 and FRANKO #7: great work, and I’d like to see more of it, please!

    And Kevitivity: there are a lot fewer of them still up in Boston than you can find pictures of on the internet; since they’re just little ceramic tiles they’re probably pretty easy to bust off the wall they’re stuck on unless the artist used a really good adhesive.


  11. I can see what kind of point #1 would have, with the whole “evils of consumerism” and whatnot. But as a ‘gamer’, a free-thinker (I would like to believe my thoughts are uninhibited at least? Lol), and an advocate for freedoms on all kinds of things being restricted to the general public around the world, I say very respectfully, sod off. I’m sorry, but to look at something like that and relate to something like consumer propaganda, and go so far as to call it “unimaginative”, just shows how low on life your meter is running. And as a bomber I say, go out there and bomb yer damn self before speaking on someones piece. LOL!

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