Norway's public broadcaster sets up its own torrent tracker using same code as The Pirate Bay


7 Responses to “Norway's public broadcaster sets up its own torrent tracker using same code as The Pirate Bay”

  1. failix says:

    This is incredible!

  2. AirPillo says:

    I love seeing new large-scale legitimate uses for bittorrent.

    If more organizations worldwide begin taking advantages of bittorrent it will go a long way towards customers mounting a reasonable defense against the protocol being blocked or throttled by ISP fiat.

  3. Joe in Australia says:

    A Møøse once bit my sister …

  4. Alys says:

    Now’s a good time to start improving on my Norwegian! I’d love it if other organisations started doing this too.

  5. starfish and coffee says:

    just started downloading one now :-)
    thanks for the tip.

  6. Satan Ate My Ears says:

    I would be tickled pink if the CBC did such a thing, including their entire back catalog of their most popular shows. I could keep my ears busy for a lifetime if every episode of Quirks & Quarks was at my disposal.

  7. Shrdlu says:

    Satan @ #4:

    You can get most of the past ten years here:

    It is more work than downloading a single BitTorrent file, but probably faster.

    And be glad you are not dealing with French CBC (Société Radio-Canada). I went to the site a few weeks ago and all their media is only accessible with Microsoft Silverlight for on-line listening.

    I really think there should be a law that all public broadcasters distribute content using open-standard platforms. Seems to me that any taxpayer-funded radio or television station should not be concerned with DRM or in any way restrict access to content.

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