Beslimed ancient Dalek head dredged from English pond


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  1. gATO says:

    Nosehat, dude, you nailed it! That would be an *awesome* Doctor Who story.

    And… “I got the shock of my life” must be British slang for “I shat my pants”. You know you would.

  2. Ian Holmes says:

    Surely the burning question when finding a “Dalek fossil” is: did the Dalek travel backwards in time using Dalek technology (albeit raided from the Time Lords), or did it hitch-hike in a Tardis or another civilization’s time vehicle?

  3. Keeper of the Lantern says:

    You are close to the truth!

    In the 22nd Century deranged Dr Who fanboys will utilize all of the available technology to create an actual Dalek.

    Of course, things rapidly get out of hand as the Daleks replicate and become an actual scourge to humanity. Eventually, someone figures out time travel…

  4. dculberson says:

    I seem to recall some of the Dalek props being destroyed / discarded. But I could be wrong.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh dear god no. I hate Daleks, even more than the Cybermen. You have no idea how bloody angry I get whenever The Doctor gets his chance to finish them off once and for all and lets them escape. One day they’re going kill us all, and for what? Because of his stupid thrill of the hunt (for more episodes.)

  6. ill lich says:

    I wonder if the BBC did some filming in that pond, and maybe that head is all that’s left of a demolition sequence.

  7. Hangie says:

    I’m having Dalek flashbacks, Joel reported this last week:

    Still, IT is a good story…

  8. planettom says:

    I think they should work this in to a future DOCTOR WHO episode.

    Current day, a Dalek corpse is pulled from a pond.

    The Doctor then has to go back in time and stop a Dalek invasion, by taking one out in a rowboat and disposing of it, Fredo-style.

  9. 13strong says:

    I’m wondering how the BBC failed to notice that one of their Dalek’s head was missing, or how they could just leave it in a pond?

    Bit odd.

  10. bellebouche says:

    Ex-ca-vate. Ex-caaa-vate!

  11. blitz says:

    Well from those eyestalk discs, it’s later than a Type V – the Colin Baker story would have been ‘Revelation Of The Daleks’, with the daleks being white and gold so it should be easy to figure out.

  12. dainel says:

    The head floated to the surface after he shifted a tree branch. So it didn’t just fell in the pond and sunk to the bottom. It was bouyant.

    Does this mean someone actually used the tree branch to keep it at the bottom of the pond? Why are they trying to hide it there?

  13. earbox says:

    @kyderdog: There are also Robert Dalleks, but they’re from another branch of the family that changed the spelling.

  14. Glyph says:

    @#8: “I’m wondering how the BBC failed to notice that one of their Dalek’s head was missing, or how they could just leave it in a pond?”

    From the pictures, I’d lay odds that this was a stolen or discarded fan-built replica, not an actual BBC prop. A number of things about the proportions are slightly off: the eyeball looks a bit too big and flat, the neck rings seem to stick out a bit too far, the dome lights are an unusual shape and slightly high on the dome. I’ve also not heard of any BBC props being unaccounted for, which I’d expect to have been reported somewhere if it was the case.

    I possibly shouldn’t admit to knowing this kind of stuff.

  15. semiotix says:

    Dammit, #9! I came in here specifically to say exactly that.

    Eh, I’m going to say it anyway. EX-CA-VATE! EX-CA-VATE!

  16. alisong76 says:

    Obviously the Dalek was just hovering its way home after getting “exterminated” at the pub and fell in the pond. Tragic.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I like how the guy in the picture looks like he is dressed as a Federation soldier from Blakes 7.

  18. alisong76 says:

    #21 – we have annual “Clean Up Australia” days here, where communities get together and literally clean up all the filth and garbage that lazy pigs leave behind in waterways, on beaches, in bushland areas, etc. Maybe he was involved in something like that?

  19. Enochrewt says:

    I asked it in the BBG post, I’ll ask it again….

    Why is that guy raking a pond?

  20. kyderdog says:

    >Dr Who Dalek found in pond
    Are there other types of Daleks?

  21. nanuq says:

    Does the BBC not have a proper procedure for the safe disposal of Daleks? It seems like an environmental disaster in the making!

  22. nosehat says:

    Holy cow, this is exactly how an old-school Dr. Who episode would start!

    They’d establish a couple of characters who dredge this out of the pond. The characters would spend some time talking about it, wondering what it was, etc. Then they’d lock it up in a supply room somewhere. That evening, the camera would slowly zoom in on the dalek’s head in the dim light. Suddenly, the lights on top would sputter on just as the ending theme music started up!

  23. edgeplot says:

    Exterminate! (Sorry, had to.)

  24. 13tales says:

    OMG! Final, clinching proof of the Dalek conspiracy!

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