Font made of stacked books

Amandine Alessandra's "Books as Type" is a lovely little typeface made out of cleverly stacked books. Book as Type (Thanks, Denis!)


  1. I used to do fliers to invite friends to parties. I once wrote the host’s name in hairy clams. I thought that was pretty cool, but unfortunately I promised Oliver that I wouldn’t write in hairy clams any more, so he would have an exclusive. Too bad; I wish I hadn’t promised that.

  2. Incomprehensible, even for a single-use attention grabbing font. -Shudder-

    Pretty idea and execution, though. Maybe if the colored book spines were wider?

  3. If they weren’t displayed here in alphabetical order, would I be able to decipher what letter each one was?

  4. I kind of like it, but as a hidden-text sort of thing. A sentence or two in this font will fill a whole page, and just look like a random scramble of books to the uninitiated.

  5. I’m sorry, this is too book-punk design over function. I like the army men alphabet way better, but even that is not legible. F for eFFort!

  6. The books should have been more thoroughly shuffled from letter to letter. I like that strings of letters look relatively continuous, but the recurring pattern of similarly stacked books kills the effect.

    Overall unsuccessful on all counts practical and aesthetic.

  7. I’m not sure I’d call this a font — an interesting little exercise though.

  8. Rather incohesive, and pretty tough to read as a “font”. What about all those punctuation marks and “funny” accents, for another thing? Nice try, however.

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