Jin Young Yu's bottle sculptures


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  1. tartar says:


  2. Auto Parts for Brains says:

    Undeniably creepy. I see a horror movie plot brewing somewhere over these.

  3. TroofSeeker says:

    Beautiful artwork, but kind of a sad, pigeon-toed family. Even the older daughter with a happy mask isn’t really happy. But at least the dog got a set of slippers and glasses. My dog ain’t got no slippers. He should, tho. He hates walking on wet grass. What’s up with dogs these days? Sheesh!

  4. Snowpea says:

    Bottle woman in Evan Dahm’s Order of Tales comes to mind!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Source, with more works, shots, and closeups:

    Depressing to pick up on the meaning in the work. Got an appropriate captcha for it, too: “but confine”.

  6. Maxi Malone says:

    Totally love the bottle family; now, if there could be some happy neighbors next door it would be great.

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