LAist visits Barbie's full-size Malibu house


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  1. ral8158 says:

    Ian70: You must have missed Project Runway. The person who made the Barbie hair chandeliers, Chris March, had made an entire collection that used human hair as a trim, like fur or feathers. After seeing him combing a skirt (which definitely made me gag), the chandeliers don’t bother me at all. They’re even really cute, IMO. :)

  2. Architexas says:

    Wow, Barbie lives in a po-mo pop art brothel! I always suspected Ken wasn’t her “boyfriend”, but…

    And I agree, LB, that there isn’t nearly enough pink… the red is just not Barbie at all!

  3. caddyjeanne says:

    Speaking of the birthday girl…

    Did anyone catch the great op-ed on Barbie by Sarah Haskins in the Washington Post on Sunday?

    In case you missed it…

  4. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    In these tough economic times, it’s good to know that Barbie is still having fun!

  5. Svenski says:

    Hideous & Wasteful

  6. ral8158 says:

    Fabulous & Wonderful

  7. ral8158 says:

    The Chris March hair-chandeliers are kooky and fun. The Barbie printed fabric is just not well done and looks like a dumpy Lisa Frank fabric. it could be more fabulous.
    the rest of the space is cute, despite half of it being from Jonathan Adler’s store. I guess he thinks of himself as the ideal Barbie girl.

  8. mdh says:

    The chandeliers look like puppy-dog tails, and that is not what little girls are made of.

  9. Takuan says:

    a costume theme party setting with the appropriate recreational pharmaceuticals? And the band?

  10. LB says:

    Cool, but I feel like he missed the point a bit. Everything in a Barbie world is pink, but different shades of it; and you rarely ever ever see red.

    Also, why doesn’t the new swimsuit Barbie come in brunette? The original Barbie did!

  11. mdh says:

    It really looks like a Unicorn vomited in there.

  12. Falcon_Seven says:

    I’ve always found ‘Malibu Stacey‘ slightly more attractive than ‘Barbie’. But, there was that thing with ‘Joe’ and his ‘kung-fu’ grip…

  13. nanuq says:

    “I guess he thinks of himself as the ideal Barbie girl.”

    I thought that was Waylon Smithers.

  14. Teapunk says:

    I think it’s very “American Psycho Barbie”, all the blond hair on the chandeliers and the many pairs of identical pink shoes give off a weird serial killer vibe.

  15. Ian70 says:

    “chandelier made of Barbie hair” = amazingly creepy. What’s that Japanese Hair Fetish called again? It’s THAT. That’s what it is.

    and amazingly creepy.

  16. Anonymous says:

    when the revolution comes this place is going burn, and barbie is going to loose her head.

  17. Auto Parts for Brains says:

    The designer is clearly not a Barbie fan. This does not in any way look like a Malibu Barbie house. Colors are so over the top and wtf is up with a chandelier made up of Barbie hair?

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