Papercraft short-short stories to print and fold

Pablo sez, "Idiots' Books and are happy to bring you One Page Wonders, an exciting new way of hiding a dozen different stories -- all of which can be unlocked with a pair of scissors and a few deft folds --in a single sheet of paper. This week's installment is called 'Captain A-OK Fights Blug-Glub-Glub.'"

One Page Wonders: Captain A-OK Fights Blug-Glub-Glub (Thanks, Pablo!)


  1. Hello there –
    Just wanted to say thanks so much for posting – we are mondo excited to be in any way affiliated with boingboing.

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the fun is not just in folding it into a book, but in the fact that there are 10 different ways the book recombines to make different stories (and pictures!). So if you haven’t gotten out your scissors and bone folder, give it a shot.

    Because – it’s fun!

    Matthew and Robbi

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