High-resolution Tetris


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  1. joelfreeman says:

    Somebody on offworld posted this link of his 39 minute tetris:


  2. Spikeles says:

    If you press enter instead of space, the blocks fall quicker.

  3. nobodyman says:

    Here’s an interesting challenge: how quickly can you fail? I tried stacking them up the middle but still it took over 15 mins.

  4. mistersquid says:

    Thank you for this!!! I can’t stop playing.

  5. iamcantaloupe says:

    I have to say I more enjoyed playing the polar opposite of this: Burning Man’s four story tall Tetris game which you play on one huge cock-piece.

    One of my proudest moments was getting the high score for the evening while people heckled me from below. I guess I could have kept my mouth shut while I wasn’t playing, but it still baffles me that some people still don’t know about the hard drop.

  6. MikeS says:

    I only got 20 points for clearing a line….. i was expecting at least a million……

  7. sirk says:

    22 minutes for one level and I almost went insane and felt the carpal tunnel starting…


  8. InsertFingerHere says:

    This is like S&M for gamers.

    I honestly think someone could be driven mad by playing this version.

  9. a random John says:

    Many years ago I created a Pac-Man style game in which the levels became progressively larger and the characters smaller. It is still on the web at:

  10. Anonymous says:

    At the 1 hr mark it gives you a super long strait piece. I did not have the fortitude to see if it was given each hour.

  11. GeekMan says:

    I got one line: 20 minutes.

  12. Trevel says:

    Make this 8+ player and suddenly it could actually be fun.

  13. duncan says:

    I failed in 5:45… lol… greatest use of my time. EVER!

  14. Elvis Pelt says:

    I must agree: it did suck every smidgen of joy out of the cursed, time-sucking thing.

  15. Arrakiv says:

    Endurance Tetris.

  16. Jesse M. says:

    I actually had a slight amount of obsessive-compulsive fun trying to build a giant tree so I could get to the top and end the game (there was no special message unfortunately).

  17. Brother Provisional says:

    This is wrong. WRONG!!!

  18. Spikeles says:

    And once you have been driven mad by that, try the The Petaminx

  19. reginald says:

    definately not enough hours in the day for this

  20. knowles says:

    quick someone make this massively multiplayer.

  21. Anonymous says:

    it took 2 hours and 28 minutes of just letting them fall before it got to the top, and that was with holding down space. (they continued to fall fast when you switched tabs while holding down space, i didn’t sit there holding space for 2 hours, just so you know!)

  22. Lukstr says:

    Looks like Brandon beat you to it: http://www.offworld.com/2009/03/tiny-tetris-in-a-whole-wide-we.html

    I do, however, find it pretty funny that you guys tend to cross-post stuff between the sub-blogs quite often.

  23. reginald says:

    who cares?
    you looked

  24. Lukstr says:


    Just saying, seeing as I read all them anyways it would be nice if they just made a mode to read them all in one blog.

  25. Ratdog says:

    #5 Spikeles
    “And once you have been driven mad by that, try the The Petaminx”

    My god, it’s the Rubik’s Cube from Hell!!

  26. icepick method says:

    Your organization has chosen to limit viewing of this site (http://sovietrussia.org/f/src/tetoris.swf), due to the rating of its content (pornography,nudity).

  27. Jon Adair says:

    Still looks like more fun than Desert Bus.

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