Graffiti of Koshi's Songbird ninja

My friend Jonathan Koshi was a co-creator of Songbird, the open source media player. Koshi designed the original Songbird and now it's turned up as graffiti in Italy! Even better is that neither Koshi nor the Songbird team had anything to do with it. Songbird Ninja Graffiti


  1. If you want to plug your friends projects, just go ahead and do it. No need to shroud it in a non-story.

  2. SUPERDUPER27 @1, Fortunately, the only filter I need to use when determining if something is worth posting or not is if it’s interesting to me. This is. And if you think I’m posting it because I’m trying to promote Koshi’s project, Songbird, you’re mistaken. He hasn’t been involved in it for quite some time.

  3. I see lots of things like this in graff around hee, someone did a Grim in one of their murals.. they seem to like well done graphic design.

  4. And I see the ubiquitous Songbird “fart” is present in the graffiti.(What that about?) Attention to detail props.

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